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Dr. Robert Schoch: The REAL Age of The Sphinx Revealed

21st Century Wire says…

This research means there is a huge segment of human history that is entirely absent from the textbooks. What else has been forgotten along the way?

In this discussion, geologist Dr. Robert Schoch explores his analytical findings after examining the world-famous Egyptian Sphinx. Traditional Egyptologists considered the Sphinx to have been constructed around 2500BC, and that it was carved from scratch into the form we see today.

Schoch found that the weathering on the body of the Sphinx did not match up with that date, and the current head was carved much later on than the body. By looking at the statue, you can easily see that the head is far too small for the body and is out of proportion, which Schoch confirmed scientifically. Amazingly, he also found that the body has suffered weathering from rain, weather that did also not coincide with the date of 2500BC. That would’ve been at least 6000BC, or perhaps 12,000BC!

Schoch’s work has proved to be paradigm shattering, much like Robert Bauval’s work showing the alignment of the Pyramids with the Belt of Orion, and, Graham Hancock’s work with other ancient structures around the world.

The work on the Sphinx proved to be an explosive revelation, questioning the very origins of our civilisation…

Watch the discussion here:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue