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The Internet of Things: New ‘E-Rifle’ Connects AK-47 to the Web

21st Century Wire says…

Undoubtedly, this is a very interesting development. 

This latest ‘E-Rifle’ development out of Russia (see full report below) allows firearm to become part of the global GPS location grid – transmitting data (presumably both ways, over a mobile data or internet network). Yes, guns too will be included in the internet of things.

Is it possible that these same ‘networked’ firearms could one day be accessed, controlled, or immobilized remotely? What about biometric ID access for firearms and how will this be affected by networking the item to the internet?

Add to this, other recently announced capabilities involving cameras and video live streaming on firarms and the picture becomes more interesting. Back in January at CES expo, an Austin, TX startup known called TrackingPoint unveiled its precision-guided firearms which links with Google Glass, wich allows the user to fire accurately from behind cover. The Verge reported:

“ShotView, an iOS and Google Play app that lets a hunter stream video from his or her gun to anyone in the world. And the press release is very clear about its place in the tech world:

“Hunting and shooting sports are now part of the Web fabric. With this new technology, friends and family are virtually transported and immersed in exotic and exciting hunts,” says Danielle Hambleton, TrackingPoint’s vice president of marketing. “Hunters can now share the thrill of the stalk and the excitement of victory in real-time.”

More from RT…


New device connects AK-47 to internet, GPS, GLONASS


The legendary Russian AK-47 rifle can now be now equipped with a special module to monitor the status and movement of military personnel or receive useful information during training and transmit the encrypted data via internet.

This device is the first of its kind for the rifle according its developer Red Heat, and StarNet Alliance, a company which specializes in the Internet of Things.

The technology was presented Tuesday at the Army-2015 expo outside of Moscow, which displays the newest cutting edge weapons and military equipment.

AK-47 rifle has received “new functionality due to integration of special sensors working via Internet of Things technology in the handguard of the weapons,” StarNet Alliance wrote in press release.


The sensor “is powered by a common battery, and transmits all the necessary information” to the networks, which are maintained both in Russia and abroad, the company says, adding that the online module can also be maintained by GPS and GLONASS systems.

The module helps monitor the status and movement of military personnel and receives recommendations on how to improve the techniques of warfare or training.

The price of handguard with the module will be about 25,000 rubles, or 465 USD…

Read Full Article at RT.com

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