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MOCKINGBIRD MEDIA: ISIS ‘Nuclear Threat’ Echoed by ‘Hostage’ John Cantlie

21st Century Wire says…

British journalist John Cantlie, is said to have been held captive by ISIS since 2012. Once again, he turns up pushing ISIS propaganda – this time as a published writer for the group’s stylized online terror magazine Dabiq…

Back in February, 21WIRE reported how Cantlie’s video message ‘From Inside Aleppo‘ was part of an elaborate PR effort to ‘humanize’ ISIS and its future generation of fighters. The decidedly pro-ISIS video was heavily promoted by the intelligence group SITE as well as the ISIS media arm, Al Hayat Media Center.

Mainstream pundits and broadcast journalists still maintain that ‘Cantlie’ is under duress and has been forced into operating as a crack reporter for ISIS. The narrative borders on the ridiculous, yet it is accepted without question.

However, Cantlie’s prominent role in the YouTube video series “Lend Me Your Ears,” has prompted some in alternative media to question the British journo, along with his links to USAID connected reporter, James Foley – one of the as of yet, forensically unproven deaths at the hands of the estranged terror persona cum actor, ‘Jihadi John.

‘The Happy Captive’ – John Cantlie reports from inside Aleppo while being held hostage. ( Photo link news.com)

The Videodrome of Terror

Although Cantile is said to be in captivity for nearly 3 years now, in recent interviews with apparent ISIS militants, he appears extremely well-groomed, calm, collected and clearly focused, in a slick documentary style war report. The video seemed to polarize the public with its conflicting perspectives, giving you the feeling it was a daring look inside an ongoing war-zone. However, as Cantlie interviews apparent ISIS militants, you notice the cleanliness of their uniforms, as they hold firearms that very well could be stage props, along with their very relaxed demeanor.

Nothing in the video itself appears to be authentic, as Cantlie fails to disclose the true nature of the West’s role in inciting terror in the region, through its various training facilities and arms trafficking to so-called “moderate” rebels.

The highly deceptive propaganda video entitled, “From Inside Aleppo,” cast the rise of ISIS as a paramilitary anti-government, anti-Western uprising, similar to what we were first told during the Arab Spring back in 2011. Of course, we’ve known for some time that both the Arab Spring and the growth of ISIS were brought to fruition through disastrous Western foreign policy objectives.

Like with alleged ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller’s video, Cantlie deceptively lays blame on Syria’s Assad (a stance which perfectly supports US, UK and Israeli foreign policy directives) and also blames “Western aggressors” – while subliminally trying to push a sympathetic viewpoint of ISIS linked rebel fighters. 

‘Slick Terror’ – ISIS has a glossy ‘Western-like’ media operation. ( Photo link zerohedge.com)

Casting a Cloud

In Cantlie’s latest piece entitled “The Perfect Storm,” he appears as a writer for the terror group ISIS, outlining a hypothetical scenario that the United States is in danger of a major attack within a year, claiming militants could smuggle in catastrophic nuclear material via the Mexican border. Amazingly, this propaganda line conveniently reinforces recent fake planted news stories circulating through the US media about a mythological ‘ISIS training camp’ south of the Texas-Mexico border.

The UK’s Telegraph released some of Cantlie’s latest ISIS report for Dabiq and here is an excerpt of the propaganda piece below:

“Perhaps such a scenario is far-fetched but it’s the sum of all fears for Western intelligence agencies and it’s infinitely more possible today than it was just one year ago,” writes Cantlie.

“And if not a nuke, what about a few thousand tons of ammonium nitrate explosive? That’s easy enough to make.”

As this new threat is being built up by media engineers linked to ISIS, we should also consider that policy planners inside the Pentagon would also benefit from an ‘invisible’ threat creeping over the United States Southern borders – as it would validate future undeclared conflicts waged in the Middle East and Africa.

Media outlet Zerohedge recently weighed in on the ISIS agitprop following the deceptive report from Cantlie:

“One can, of course, debate just how much the West “failed to spot the emergence of ISIS” considering it was not only the CIA which initially trained the terrorist organization in Jordan in 2012, but according to recently declassified Pentagon documents, the US was well aware the outcome its attempt to overthrow Syria’s Assad would have on the region, in the process “creating” ISIS, aka al Qaeda 2.0.”

As previously mentioned here at 21WIRE in late April, a nameless and highly suspicious ‘news story’ appeared on the “Corruption Chronicles Blog” section of the website Judicial Watch, which claimed “ISIS Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm.” The website claims that ‘an ISIS base’ exists approximately 8 miles from the US-Texas border in an area known as ‘Anapra’ just west of Ciudad Juárez in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

As it turned out, the story was a fraud, as there was no evidence to prove the bold claims from Judicial Watch. Mainstream news agencies quickly backed away from the report as authorities revealed that their was no verifiable ISIS threat, denying the allegations of an terror base over the border.

And just like that the story disappeared – until Cantlie’s new report breathed life into the hyped threat…

‘Pro-War Message?’ – Contradictions are abound in this nuke-scare documentary. (Photo link participantmedia.com)

The twisted plot laid out by Cantlie recalls the fear inducing documentary Countdown to Zero.

Here’s an excerpt from an article featured on Global Research from August of 2010, that dissects the clever power-play of propaganda at work regarding the threat of nuclear war worldwide:

“The film relies on conventional geopolitics to whip up conventional audiences into another conventional state of panic.”

“Some of the film’s talking heads promoted, engaged in and/or profit from the “War on Terror,” which critics deem a euphemism for Western resource wars in the Middle East.”

Although, Cantlie’s latest media stunt has a much smaller budget than the film Countdown to Zero, one could argue the geopolitical ramifications are the same.

Additionally, its important to keep in mind that Cantlie’s most recent new release for ISIS is also timed in the aftermath of the false ISIS threat out of Garland, Texas and the likely provocateured rally set to take place in Phoenix, Arizona today.

‘Royal Benefits’ – John Cantlie on a 2008 South African excursion with Prince William and Prince Harry. (Photo link dailymail.co.uk)

Last September, the Daily Mail disclosed that Cantlie had participated in a charity bike run in 2008 for the organization Sentebale. The charitable group was founded by Prince Harry, which appears to have funding ties to USAID, through its Letsema program located in Lesotho, South Africa.

Given John Cantlie’s uncanny ability to stay alive “inside ISIS” and his close affiliation to those in the highest positions of power – nearly all of whom completely support the West and GCC’s fraudulent proxy war against Syria one might pose the question of whether or not he’s a stage-managed media persona, or possibly a British intelligence operative – who is ultimately pushing a Western narrative and policy objectives?

Cantlie’s new message to the West comes, just as ISIS releases its knew Russian language version of disinformation, with the magazine dubbed Origin‘, while the Al-Qaeda affiliate group Al-Nusra Front calls for renewed attacks against the Syrian regime and its allies – and not Western or Israeli targets.

Now isn’t that just a little strange…?

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