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О нет! ISIS issues propaganda magazine – in Russian!

21st Century Wire says…

In an attempt to broaden their international appeal, the ISIS media machine, Al Hayat, has launched a new “magazine” in Russian.

Consider the geopolitical and foreign policy overtones of this story. If there was any doubt that either Western or Israeli (or both) intelligence agencies are driving the ISIS public relations zeitgeist – those doubts should be put at rest now…


Islamic State has issued the first edition of a propaganda magazine in the Russian language.

Appealing to the would-be terrorists, the publication features a “brief history” of the militant group and calls for readers to support it.

Titled “Istok” which can be translated both as “outflow” or “origin,” the magazine has been allegedly issued by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) media wing Al Hayat, Vocativ reported.

Proclaiming itself to be an “information and analytical magazine of Islamic State,” the two-dozen page publication features stories on Russian jihadis in Syria and Iraq. Saying that the magazine’s contributors “have been fighting in the Caucasus against Russian tyrants,” the story adds that the militants experienced difficulties at that time, but then were “very happy” to find out IS had been proclaimed.

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Featuring verses from the Quran, the “brief history” of Islamic State (which according to the publication dates back to 2003), and a list of “ill-founded statements from caliphate opponents,” the magazine also has a number of photographs of heavily armed bearded men with IS black flags, not all of whom are hiding their faces.

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The first publication finishes with calls for its readers to travel to Iraq and Syria to establish an IS caliphate, and “help and support” the militant group’s leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi [LOL!]…

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