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VIDEO: Ex-CIA Agent Expains How Alternative Media Can Defeat The Ruling Elite

21st Century Wire says…

Every once in a while you find a former intelligence agent willing to tell it like it is, and this is no exception…

Ex-CIA agent Robert Steele outlines how citizen journalism and blogging along with other like minded people will be the best way to defeat the ruling elite. That is the way towards freedom according to the former intelligence insider.

The following is from Brasscheck TV

Highlights from this talk:

“We need structured citizen journalism that lets no evil go unreported…”
“The price of buying back the Federal government is $500 million a year.”
“It may be time to literally dump Congress on its ass.”
“It’s time to tax the Federal reserve – and put them out of business.”
“The United Sates no longer represents we the people.”
“The reality is the federal government is broken in every possible way.”

Robert Steele, former CIA

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