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Britain Gives £280 MILLION to Military Industrial Complex to Boost Falklands Islands Defences

21st Century Wire says…

While mainland Britain is under devastating austerity measures, the British government is spending £280 million on boosting its defences… in the Falklands Islands.

This should not be seen as a response to any particular threat to the contested British territory, but instead as a payoff to the Military Industrial Complex – through an expansion of the UK defence budget. This thesis stems back to the British government’s refusal to go to war with Syria.

Find a detailed explanation and look at the Falklands conflict in this video report from Stuart J. Hooper:


Britain to boost Falklands Islands defences


Britain will spend £280m over the next 10 years on renewing and beefing up its defences of the Falkland Islands.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon told the BBC “any future and possible threats” to the islands had to be taken into account.

The long-running dispute over the British overseas territory has been heightened in recent years.

Mr Fallon said the government was committed to protecting the islanders’ “right to remain British”.

Britain is to deploy two RAF Chinook transport helicopters to help the islands’ garrison to help mount a “swift and decisive response” to any “emerging incidents,” Mr Fallon told MPs…

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