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Corporate Fascism: Sanitation Worker Jailed for ‘Starting Work Too Early’ in Wealthy Suburb

21st Century Wire says…

This is what fascism in America looks like.

Sandy Springs is a wealthy suburb or Atlanta, Georgia, whose residents include professional athletes, airline executives, CNN top brass, and also  former Republican presidential candidate and African-American multimillionaire Herman Cain and even rap star Akon.

The only problem is that the city is completely privatized. In other worlds, this is a beta test for the new corporate state in America, where there is no more rule of law, or civil accountability, and thus, no more civil rights – only corporate policy.

Corporate officers have now jailed sanitation worker Kevin McGill (photo below) for ‘starting work too early’. He did not break any laws, but he was in violation of corporate policy. Does McGill have any genuine rights within this unforgiving corporate hierarchy disguised as a town? Is this then a defacto ‘constitution-free zone’?

In this way, the word ‘corporate’ can easily be interchanged for fascist, according to Benito Mussolini who famously defined the dark system of governance, “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.”

In Sandy Springs you have a bevy of ‘officials’, and even ‘court prosecutors’ – all masquerading as civil government when in fact they are nothing of the sort – they are only cogs and wheels in the new corporate state.

Welcome to the future…


Jamie Campbell
The Independent

A bin man has been sentenced to 30 days in prison for collecting rubbish too early.

Kevin McGill, who works for Waste Management Inc, pleaded guilty to violating an ordinance in Sandy Springs, a famously wealthy suburb 15 miles north of Atlanta, which bans collections prior to 7am.

Mr McGill reported to a local prison at 6pm yesterday after opting to serve his time on weekends so that he is still able to work and support his wife and two children.

Chief court prosecutor Bill Reilly said that early garbage collections are nuisance to residents who want to sleep and that his office had met with Waste Management,  a company with a revenue of just under $14 billion in 2014, after previously punishing its employees for violating the ordinance.

The prosecutor said that the fines, which have been handed to the company before, “don’t seem to work” and that it was the right decision to punish McGill, who had only been on the route for three months, with jail time…

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