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American ‘Researchers’ Say Climate Change Caused Syria’s Conflict

21st Century Wire says…

In what might be surprising for some, it is not always possible to apply theories and facts from extremely disparate fields and come to credible conclusions.

Researchers have said that an extreme drought in Syria, occurring between 2006-2009, was ‘most likely‘ caused by climate change and contributed to 2011’s violent uprising. A trend of rising temperatures in the region supposedly ‘matched computer simulations of how the region responds to increases in greenhouse-gas emissions’.

There are a number of problems with this analysis, obviously, but before attacking the geopolitical aspects let’s look at the scientific and epistemological problems. Just because something is ‘most likely’, does not mean that it is the cause of the problem. Furthermore, it is not possible to quantify the extent to which this drought supposedly contributed the uprising. So, to what extent should we take it seriously as a potential cause?

Moreover, ‘computer simulations’ are known to be inaccurate because they lack the capacity to take into account all possible variables and situations that can occur in the real world. How would the simulation have looked if a different variable was applied; perhaps an increase in solar activity? How can we determine which variable is providing the correct answer if they all point in a similar direction? How do we weigh one in comparison to another?

Now, onto the geopolitical front. Here’s a list of issues which are far away the epistemological nightmare of the ‘climate change’ argument:

1) The West’s training of ‘moderate’ rebels in Jordan.
2) The so-called moderates turned into ISIS.
3) Material supplies have been air-dropped and intercepted by ISIS.
4) Israel and others have been directly supporting ISIS.
5) Chemical weapons used by rebels have only heightened the conflict.

We would argue that such material, and at least somewhat quantifiable, contributions to the conflict have had a much larger affect than ‘climate change’.

This latest nutty study was led by academic Colin P. Kelley, who maintains that there is some link between ‘climate change’ aka a “severe drought” in the region.

More from Al Gore’s Dept. of War…

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