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Clearer Picture: Terrorists used chemical weapons in Syria

21st Century Wire says…

As the picture in Syria becomes clearer regarding the alleged chemical weapons attack in Damascus on August 21st, why are the American, British and French governments still parroting their own version of events?

We will continue to draw a bold line under this event which our western leaders were so eager to use as a springboard to war in the Middle East…

Telegraph Blog/ Debatable Opinion

The U.S. with the help of its traditional allies and controlled mass media tries to convince the world that the Syrian governmental forces used chemical weapons.

Earlier the Americans based their arguments on dubious data from the Internet – uncertain witnesses’ evidence and faked videos. And it is no exaggeration, the French and the British special services directly admitted they had lack of serious information sources in Syria and based their information analysis on social media data.

However, the report on chemical use in Syria of the UN commission that had investigated incident in the Damascus suburbs presented new arguments to the western countries. The experts came to the conclusions as follows: 122 mm projectiles were used on August 21; flight trajectory and explosion crater testify the munitions were fired from the governmental forces positions; 350 liters of Sarin gas were used in the rockets. There were also Cyrillic signs on the rocket cruise engine. It’s worth mentioning that these facts can testify that some forces really used chemical weapons in Syria but nothing more.

But the U.S. and French authorities were the first to spread the sensational news about Assad’s responsibility for the chemical attack even before the official report was made public. Moreover the U.S. State Department specialists say that so called insurgents have neither means of chemical delivery nor war gases. So they make conclusion that the ruling regime is to blame. It’s worth mentioning that Washington seriously said there were no Al-Qaida terrorists among the Syrian opposition fighters and only intellectuals willing freedom from the tyranny fight for democracy.

Let’s look carefully into the details of the Damascus incident of August 21. According to Roman law, it’s necessary to find out a motive investigating any crime case. Then it would be easier to find a criminal.

So let’s find out who benefited from the chemical use in Guta.

By the middle of August Assad’s troops supported by Hezbollah had dislodged the terrorists from all their strongholds. Many opposition groups were disintegrated, fled to Turkey or surrendered to the winner. The Qatari new government suddenly stopped financing the Syrian Free Army and the West couldn’t grant it full support as it had no reason for a large-scale intervention. (http://mideast.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2013/08/28/the_qatar_problem).

Meanwhile, the Syrian president invited the UN experts to investigate the chemical attack in Aleppo killing dozens of Syrian army soldiers. Bashar Assad had firm conformation that the terrorists used chemical agents, so he waited for an impartial investigation. (http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/assad-govt-conduct-chemical-attack-20300123). There is no sense in using chemical weapons in a situation like that, especially against civilians on the day of the UN commission arrival! He isn’t a self-murderer, is he?

ANOTHER REBEL STASH: Western media and politicians ignore the rebel chemical weapons stashes seized by Assad’s forces.

What about the terrorists? That’s not a simple question… Reliable sources among the opposition informed me long ago that General Idris had just one way out of the inevitable defeat that was to provoke foreign intervention using the pretext of a chemical attack with a great number of victims. Well-informed American intelligence veterans write in the Internet that Langley officials had the same ideas.

Moreover, hackers exposed information in winter 2013 that Qatar was to hire a private military company to deliver chemical munitions from Libya to the conflict zone. In early summer the American opposition mass media referred to the Turkish intelligence as saying that the U.S., British and French Special Forces units were deployed in Syria ready to conduct sensitive operations.

After the chemical attack in the Eastern Guta hackers got access to an Army intelligence high-ranking officer’s e-mails. Several mails confirmed that the terrorists had staged the attack.

We can also mention CIA and Pentagon veterans’ letter to President Obama where they say that terrorists are responsible for the chemical attack in the Damascus suburbs, as well as information in American press about Turkish special services capturing terrorists with hundreds litres of chemical agents and shocking videos uploaded to Youtube on September 17.

Now we can see that the terrorists obtain artillery, launchers for homemade rockets and gas-masks of the U.S. origin… I surfed carefully the Internet and found a lot of evidence that Al-Qaida fought Assad’s troops with Russian howitzers, self-propelled artillery vehicles, multiple rocket launcher systems, large-calibre mortars and MANPADs:


They say they captured the weapons from the governmental forces. At the same time the West can supply their suspicious allies not only rations and means of communication.

Thus, it’s obvious that Assad had no sense of using chemical weapons, he was defeating the opposition. But it was the last chance for the terrorists. More than that they had all means for a provocation: chemical agents, means of delivery, political will to use Sarin gas, and media support from the western countries.

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