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TWIST OF FATE: Lie Detector Confirms Ukrainian War Plane ‘Deployed’ On Day MH17 Was Downed

21st Century Wire says…

According to reports, Russia’s Investigative Committee has confirmed an eyewitness account of a Ukrainian warplane being deployed on the day of MH17’s subsequent downing.

In July of 2014, 21WIRE compiled a special MH17 report with the help of many contributors. The intent of that report and an earlier report about the downed Malaysian Airliner was to provide as much information as possible regarding the tragic event.

If you remember, Western media outlets failed to explain how a commercial airliner would be travelling though a well-known war zone within Ukrainian air space, an area – that became host to a number of downed military craft during that period of time. The Kiev ATC moved the plane approximately 200 miles north prior to the plane’s catastrophic end. This was something we noted in the 21 WIRE special report linked above:

“Robert Mark, a commercial pilot and editor of Aviation International News Safety magazine, confirmed that most Malaysia Airlines flights from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur would normally travel along a route significantly further south than the route MH17 was diverted onto. Data on all airline flight records can be found here.”

Investigators have explained that the anonymous Ukrainian witness was able to identify the pilot and that the plane was armed with air to air missiles:

“According to his account, he personally saw the plane piloted by [Ukrainian military pilot] Voloshin armed with R-60 air-to-air missiles,” Markin said. “He added there was no need for such weapons during regular air missions of the Ukrainian Air Forces because the rebel forces had no military aircraft.”

Immediately following the incident, Independent investigators noted that ATC audio records of the MH17 flight had been confiscated by the Kiev government. Those in Washington chose not to acknowledge this crucial detail at the time.

It should also be mentioned that during that time, Putin condemned the plane attack when it was first announced, calling for a ceasefire between what Washington refers to as ‘pro-Russian separatist’ rebels and Kiev’s Western-backed Ukrainian armed forces in the wake of MH17′s downing – the third such ceasefire proposal which Washington worked hard to undermine, preferring to politically and financially fuel the Ukrainian civil war from the outside.

Although there was much media propaganda about who held MH17’s black box, the box was handed to Dutch and the British authorities after the Malaysian authorities had acquired it in the aftermath of the crash.

Why have authorities not been transparent about MH17’s communication with Kiev ATC prior to the plane’s downing?

The recent unearthing of MH17, comes on the heels of former French airline CEO Marc Dugain claiming that the United States may have ‘stopped’ (shot down) missing airliner MH370, as it traveled through airspace near Diego Garcia.

More from RT below…

IMAGE:  ‘Rest in Peace’ – The sudden tragic end to MH17, provided fiery backdrop to the manufactured unrest in the Ukraine over the last year. ( Photo link ibtimes.com)

Witness account of Ukraine MH17 takedown confirmed by lie detector – investigators

RT news

Russia’s Investigative Committee has confirmed the claims by a Ukrainian, who said he witnessed the deployment of a Ukrainian warplane armed with air-to-air missiles on the day the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot down.

The interview was conducted on Tuesday, spokesman for the committee Vladimir Markin told the media on Wednesday.

This followed a report in a Russian newspaper, in which the Ukrainian citizen, who preferred to remain anonymous, voiced his allegations.

The investigators used a polygraph during the interview, which showed no evidence of the witness lying, he added.

“The facts were reported by the witness clearly and with no inconsistencies. The investigators lean towards considering them truthful. A polygraph examination confirmed them too,” the official said.

“According to his account, he personally saw the plane piloted by [Ukrainian military pilot] Voloshin armed with R-60 air-to-air missiles,” Markin said. “He added there was no need for such weapons during regular air missions of the Ukrainian Air Forces because the rebel forces had no military aircraft.” 

Markin said that the Investigative Committee will continue gathering and analyzing evidence perpetrating to the downing of MH17 and will share the information with the Netherlands-led international probe into the incident, “if they really interested in establishing the truth and send an inquiry.”

The witness is likely to be taken into protective custody in Russia because his life may be threatened, Markin said.

The Ukrainian Security Service confirmed on Wednesday that a Captain Voloshin does serve as a military pilot in the country’s armed services. But it said he didn’t fly any missions on the day the Malaysian Airlines flight was shot down.

The Russian Investigative Committee invited the Dutch or Malaysian experts to check Voloshin using a polygraph, and Ukraine’s Security Service to provide the military log to the official investigation, Markin said.

“The fact that Ukraine’s Security Service has acknowledged Voloshin’s existence is already an accomplishment,” he said.

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