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Canadian Shooter Hoax: Gov’t and Media Claim – ‘It’s Terrorism, It’s ISIS’

21st Century Wire

Uncanny timing in Ottawa. Just as the book on Ebola is closed, suddenly, a new chapter on ISIS is open. Have intelligence agencies finally dragged Canada into their ‘War on Terror’?

This morning, the Canadian Parliament building located in the capitol of Ottawa, was reported to have been besieged by a Canadian citizen – a ‘lone wolf gunman’ named Michael Zehaf-Bibeau (pictured below).

According to FOX News, this is a shooter “with possible connections to ISIS” (Islamic State terrorist organization). Really?

Rest assured, ‘John Kerry has been briefed’…

FOX News reported, “In Washington, the State Department said the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa is on lock-down, and Secretary of State John Kerry has been briefed. President Obama also has spoken with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.”

We’re told how the Canuck shooter was dressed in black, wearing “an Arab scarf” covering his face, before he fatally shot a security guard at a war memorial, before “storming” Canada’s Parliament building.

Shooter Zehaf-Bibeau was then shot and killed by a ceremonial Seargent-at-Arms.

Canadian police say the downtown Ottawa “safety perimeter” has now been lifted. Crisis over. Another radical Islamic terror event. Case closed, or so we’re told…

Bizarrely, at least one hundred Canadian armed police wearing various outfits, and some wearing ski masks, could be seen all Wednesday during international news coverage, running in various directions, groups of 20 officers running 2×2 in single file, drawing and pointing weapons in various directions, etc. All very impressive for the cameras.

STAGED: The scene across the street include officers posing, pretending to aim their weapons, wearing ski masks for dramatic effect.

A number of armed officers outside the building could also be seen laughing and joking even as they drew their weapons. Others appeared to be posing for the news crew cameras. In one shot, two officers pointed their guns in unison up at the building across the street – then taking cover behind a police vehicle – while the officer behind them is casually leaning up against a wall. These scenes could be an indicator that the Ottawa shooting was staged and part of a major terror drill gone live – apparently.

To see police play-acting for cameras, go straight to the 11 minute mark of this video:


More laughing by Canadian police – was it a drill? Watch beginning at 1 min 50 sec mark…

As expected, US media are pushing hard to try and connect this bizarre shooting event to ISIS. Right-wing news outlets like FOX and The Blaze are claiming that, “according to multiple reports” (we’re not sure which reports they mean as there are no links to these reports) the shooter was a “recent convert to Islam”, according to multiple reports.

Other loose reports claim that security services had been watching Bibeau “for some time”, and feared he had “terrorist ambitions”.

As the shooter is not alive to tell his tale, you can expect the media will fill in the blanks with the usual litany of hyperbolic and cliched statements:

“A loner”
“A disturbed individual”
“Friends say he became more radicalized”
“Influenced by ISIS”
“His manifesto was posted on Facebook”
“Radical thoughts, posted on Twitter”
“Security services had previously flagged him as a person of interest” (but stood by and did nothing)
“He was taking SSRI medication for depression”
“Neighbors say he was a loner and kept to himself”
“Family, friends are shocked, but not surprised”

Shooter Zehaf-Bibeau has the perfect modus operandi for typical directionless loser turned informant – where government agencies like the FBI or intelligence services will take control of their mentally ill, repeat offender asset, hoping he can radicalize other male youths at his local mosque in order to create a new domestic terror cell that the agency can observe and report on. Amazingly, this Canadian shooter fits the bill perfectly.

Montreal reporter Domenic Fazioli (below) confirmed that Zehaf-Bibeau has already been arrested five times for drug possession and violating parole.


As far as informant patsies go, so far it’s reading like a fairytale story.

Pressured By Canadian Security Services

According to the Globe and Mail, Zehaf-Bibeau was already designated as a “high risk traveller” by the Canadian government’s security services – who had also seized his passport. Could this be the reason why the shooter had snapped? Was he being targeted or being pressured into becoming an informant – just like dozens of similar FBI-entrapment cases in the US (read about similar cases in detail, further below in this article)?

Read more about how the FBI and other government agencies recruit, train, and deploy their terror patsies to create the public perception that there are terrorists constantly running amok among the populace in North America and Europe (see the ‘Informant Game’ below).

FOX News has led the charge today, wasting no time tying the Canadian Shooter to ISIS.

FOX NEWS SPOKESMODEL: Overly flippant Guilfoyle takes on a nasty Neoconservative, warmongering veneer.

FOX’s latest addition to its news team, a Victoria Secrets lingerie model named Kimberly Guilfoyle, was flippant as usual, seeming to be over doing it in her attempt to nail the shooting as an Islamic terrorist attack, with her and her guest claiming that, “ISIS chatter spiked just before the shooting”.

Guilfoyle underlined her segment by concluding, “this is terrorist attack right across our border… in Canada!“. (Yes, it’s true, Canada really is located along the north US border)

Spokesmodel Guilfoyle was also quick to remind her viewers that personal sacrifices will be required in the War on Terror, and reminded viewers that they must focus on, “the bigger theme here, we have to be hyper-vigilant about terrorism”, and added that we all may have to sacrifice some privacy to maintain that security. She might as well be a spokesmodel for the NSA.

FOX goes on, dutifully  filling in all the relevant terror blanks in the story they would like you to remember:

“A counter-terrorism source tells Fox News that there was a spike in Islamic State-related online chatter focusing on Canada in the days leading up to the shooting Wednesday in the capital of Ottawa.”

A counter-terrorism source tells Fox News? Of course, there is no way to validate that claim… because it’s a secret.

TERROR EXPERT: FOX’s Agent Gilliam blames political correctness for the Ottawa shooting.

One of the FOX ‘experts’, a former FBI officer, Jonathan Gilliam, went straight for the midterm election Obama jugular, creatively trying to tie the Canadian shooting with US immigration policies.  “We’re making it very easy for them (Muslims) to come in, because we’re not screening them properly – and this is because of very ‘liberal immigration policies’.

Incredibly, Gilliam also blames the Canadian shooting on political correctness”, because politicians and activists don’t want to infringe on religious rights (of Muslims)”.

‘The Informant Game’

Of course, Agent Gilliam would also know that the majority (if not all) of the major ‘terror busts’ in the US since the first World Trade Center bombing – have all been cooked up through the FBI’s opaque entrapment/informant program. In other words, the FBI has profiled, targeted, recruited, trained and deployed countless “Muslim radicals” – all groomed by the agency to carry out contrived terror attacks in the US and beyond.

Human Rights Watch explains, “The 214-page report, “Illusion of Justice: Human Rights Abuses in US Terrorism Prosecutions,”examines 27 federal terrorism cases from initiation of the investigations to sentencing and post-conviction conditions of confinement. It documents the significant human cost of certain counter-terrorism practices, such as overly aggressive sting operations and unnecessarily restrictive conditions of confinement.”

The list of terror informants and puppet is as long as it is colurful, starting with the infamous ‘Underwear Bomber’, who was allowed to travel to the US without a passport and was accompanied by an intelligence agent on his flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.

Who can forget the FBI’s ill-fated 1993 World Trade Center bombing attempt, where FBI handlers trained the driver and gave them explosives – and worst of all – stood by and watched as their sting subjects went ahead and detonated their concoction underneath the world’s tallest building in New York City.

Other recent FBI terror stooge/informant nightmares include:

Tamerlan Tsarnaev (see his informant story here)
Buford Rogers
(see his informant story here)
Jerad Miller (see his informant story here)
Naji Mansour (see his informant story here)
Quazi Mohammad Nafis (see his informant story here)
Mohamed Osman Mohamud (see his informant story here)
Timothy McVeigh (see his informant story here)

… plus many others, and along with their European counterparts like the curious case of mass shooter, Anders Breivik aka “Andrew Berwick” in Norway.

And it’s not just the FBI running these ‘terror cells’. New York City’s Police Department (NYPD) have also been caught doing their own version of this type of operation.

Another classic case of a young ‘convert to Islam’ who was being targeted, or pressured, by British government security services to become an informant – the case of the ‘Woolwich Slasher’, Michael Adebolajo. It was later revealed during a BBC interview with his childhood friend, Abu Nusaybah, that Adebolajo was in Kenya and was being recruited or ‘groomed’ in some way – by British intelligence service MI5, and was also arrested and tortured ‘anti-terror’ police in Nairobi. 

Watch as the BBC carefully smooth over the allegations regarding MI5, as “perfectly normal procedure”…


Other ‘Recent Converts’ to Islam

1-FBI-Alton-NolenThis Canadian shooter – a ‘recent convert to Islam’ (that’s the story line), is very similar in profile to another ‘recent convert’ who made big headlines in the US last month, Alton Nolen (photo, left), 30 years old, who was “very angry” after losing his job and violently beheaded his co-worker at Vaughn Foods in Moore, Oklahoma.

Right-wing media outlets like FOX were insisting with non-stop coverage – that this was “ISIS in America”. FOX and other sensational news outlets quickly spun the story into an Islamic terror event, claiming it was “linked to ISIS in our Homeland”.

It’s important to note that Nolen was yet another mentally ill ex-con, and like this week’s Lenfant terrible of terror, Canadian shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the Oklahoman had a perfect M.O.for any FBI or CIA handler worth his hummus.

The Ottawa shooting looks more like an informant who has snapped under pressure, and rather conveniently (for authorities anyway), did not live to testify.

A more likely explanation for the Ottawa Shooter and a number of other lone gunman events, is that these individuals had taken part in well-documented government-run psychiatric projects like MK ULTRA, which combine trauma and stress based techniques with pychiatric drugs to produce a type of mind control where a handler is able to ‘manage’ the subject.

Aside from coaxing the general public into more military intervention in Syria and Iraq, the end result of this crisis will be that western government buildings will eventually be sealed off from the public – for ‘security reasons’, to protect us against terrorism – but also to keep dissenters away from corrupt and self-serving politicians.

It will be interesting to see if the media eventually retract their ISIS claims surrounding the Canadian shooter, or if the story fades away quickly.

Watch this space…

Contributors to this report were 21WIRE senior researcher Peter Sterry, sub editor Jason Smith and writer Patrick Henningsen.

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