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SICK HYPE: Ebola Fear Goes Viral Over ‘Patient Zero’ in Dallas

Ebola may have been contained, but the campaign of fear has gone viral

21st Century Wire says…

What’s behind the propagandized rise of the deadly virus Ebola? 

In early August, it was reported that an American doctor had arrived in Atlanta along with another aid worker, following an apparent humanitarian effort in West Africa. The pair entered the Unites States after supposedly contracting the deadly virus Ebola.

Dr. Kent Brantly of the Christian aid organization Samaritan’s Purse and Nancy Writebol of Serving in Mission (SIM), were flown in to the United States, following aid work in Foya, Liberia.

IMAGE: ‘Covert Aid’ Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol ‘alleged survivors’ of Ebola. (Photo newswirengr.com)

An outbreak of big pharma and covert aid

There is no cure for the Ebola virus, as it has reportedly killed between 50- 90% of those infected. We’ve been told that both Brantly and Writebol, have made a ‘miraculous’ recovery due to an experimental drug called ZMapp. The new drug from MAPP Biopharmaceutical, has not been approved for clinical testing, but that hasn’t stopped it from being thrust into the public sphere due rising concerns of a global pandemic involving Ebola. On August 12th, an unprecedented intervention by  a panel from the World Health Organization (WHO) approved its use internationally, without any clear evidence of the drug working.

As Ebola hysteria has swept through the United States like a viral version of ISIS, one wonders about the uncanny timing of Mapp pharmaceutical’s ability to readily produce ZMapp antibodies – just in time for an apparent international crisis

It should also be noted that the aid organization Samaritan’s Purse, has had a working relationship with CIA front organization U.S. Agency for International Development or USAID for sometime, calling into question the true nature of the West Africa Ebola outbreak and how it came about in the region.

In May of 2014, we ran a news release entitled, “CIA Vaccine Plot in Pakistan Reveals A History Of Abuse,” during the course of our investigation, we learned about the multipurpose operations that are often setup in other parts of the world under the guise of humanitarian aid:

“The clandestine intelligence agency was allegedly trying to obtain DNA samples from those related to the well-known CIA asset (Bin Laden) supposedly to prove his family was present in the area. This provided a convenient narrative that appears to have been cover for a polio vaccine campaign in the region that seemingly had all the hallmarks of a ‘neo-eugenics’-based spy operation.”

Mainstream media dubbed the vaccine plot ‘fake’ and stated that it was being used as a spy operation. However, there was a very real outbreak of polio specifically in the region of Pakistan where many were administered vaccines. At the time worldwide, there were  77 documented cases of polio  and according to WHO, Pakistan was listed as having 61 of the cases logged. This is further clarified in the 21WIRE article quoted above:

“The real problem here is that the vaccine plot hatched by the CIA was never fake in the sense of the product that was being administered. It no doubt has had dire consequences for so many unsuspecting young children. It also acted as a guise for other covert activities the agency has been responsible for. There has been a history of worldwide sterilization programs linked to the Rockefeller foundation and Bill Gates and over the years, both entities have abused the public’s trust in the same manner.” 

Take a look at what the First Amendment Center had to say about the connection of Samaritan’s Purse and USAID:

The agency intends “to work with Samaritan’s Purse to ensure that they maintain adequate and sufficient separation between its prayer sessions and its USAID-funded activities.” 

“USAID officials say they have a history of working with religious groups, but the agency’s policy requires that such organizations keep separate accounts for government funds that are used for humanitarian aid and private funds used for religious activities.”

Ebola fear goes viral

Concerns have grown  dramatically after accounts of a man traveling from Liberia to Dallas, as he apparently made his way on several connecting flights into the United States on September 19th.
A news release by International Business Times, is even more perplexing, as Brussel Arilines, has been named by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and United Airlines as one of the connecting flight carriers in Duncan’s itinerary on his way to Dallas. However the airliner had a different story to tell:

“Concerning your question, Brussels Airlines has not been contacted by the US Centre of Disease Control about this and we don’t have more information related to this case as we are not even aware about the identity of the person. This person had a choice between several transport solutions and airlines. We note that in its official statement the Centre of Disease Control highlights that there is no risk that this person contaminated other passengers as he only developed illness symptoms days after he arrived in the US. For your information: as long as a person has not developed any symptoms, this person is not contagious.”

There seems to be a strange narrative developing between CDC and United Airlines regarding the Ebola infected Liberian man, Thomas Eric Duncan. Here is what both entities had to say about the man’s alleged flight path:

United Airlines stated that the CDC: “has informed us that the patient said he flew part of his trip on United’; ‘While the CDC states it is unnecessary for it or the airline to contact others who were on the patient’s flights, United is providing information about the flights United believes the patient took, based on information provided by the CDC.”

Why would an airliner be consulting the CDC on the whereabouts of a passenger’s flight path, it should be relatively easy for law enforcement to gain access to different passenger manifests, would it not?

Below I obtained a screenshot of Duncan’s Facebook page, the previously unnamed Liberian, who is said to be infected with Ebola. There appears to be a wave of confusion over Duncan’s flight path into Dallas. Little is known about his background and his profile was very barren with just a few posts since 2011 along with just 26 friends. While this doesn’t prove anything, it does seem strange, considering the only posts are photos from the same event in July of 2011.

Ebola-Thomas Eric Duncan
IMAGE: ‘Strange infection’ Thomas Eric Duncan arrived in Dallas, the hometown of  Dr. Kent Brantly (Photo Facebook)

Here’s a shocking YouTube report from Christopher Greene of AMTV, disclosing that the CDC has a patent on Ebola. As this crisis hits a meteoric rise, we have to ask, is there a collusion between big pharma and the CDC over Ebola?

More from No More Fake News below…

IMAGE: ‘Death Awaits’ – An apparent close-up image of the Ebola strain (photo link interakyson.com)

Is “1st US Ebola patient” a hoax?

By Jon Rappoport

No More Fake News

Trumpeted headline news:

An unnamed Ebola patient is isolated at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, after arriving from Liberia.

First of all, we have the highly dubious marketing aspect of the whole event, in order to achieve an explosive effect.

Media outlets, taking their cue from the CDC, are using the term, “1st US Ebola patient,” when that is obviously false.

Several other Ebola patients have been treated in the US, most notably Dr. Kent Brantly.

IMAGE: The apparent transport of Dr. Kent Brantly in Atlanta following his subsequent diagnosis of Ebola.  

It turns out the CDC technically means: first Ebola patient diagnosed here in the US. The others were apparently diagnosed in West Africa.

The difference is hardly significant. It certainly doesn’t rate banner headlines. So why is the CDC, and therefore the US government making such a big deal out of this patient?

The CDC wants every American to know the agency is hunting down—and will quarantine—every person they find who had recent contact with the Dallas patient—beginning a new phase in the Ebola scare-campaign.

Not only that, any of those contacts who turn out to be positive for Ebola will, in turn, trigger a yet-wider search for his/her contacts…and so on.

This hunt-and-search dragnet sets the stage for quarantines in designated sectors across the US.—and travel bans.

The dragnet comes at a moment when announcements about releasing a new Ebola vaccine are accelerating—and of course the CDC wants to make sure Americans accept the vaccine, even though tests for its safety have barely begun.

Ramp up the fear of Ebola; release the vaccine; urge, insist, and demand the population take the shot.

On a scientific level, as CDC chief Tom Frieden mentioned in his press conference yesterday, the diagnosis of Ebola in the Dallas patient was done by the use of the PCR test.

Frieden assured the press the test is highly accurate.

Actually, the very sensitive test is prone to a number of errors, the first of which is mistaking the tiny amount of cellular material taken from the patient for an element of the Ebola virus.

More important, since the PCR is based on the idea of amplifying, millions of times, this sample, in order to be able to observe it, it throws into doubt the premise that the patient has enough virus in his body to cause disease.

A person who is purportedly ill as a result of a virus has millions and millions of the active virus in his body. There is no need to run the PCR test in that case.

It is therefore legitimate to ask: why was the PCR done on the Dallas patient?

Instead, why weren’t other tests run?

And: why wasn’t a test done which directly isolated the Ebola virus in the patient and then measured the quantity and concentration (titer) of it in his body?

Following their own paradigm of disease, that’s what researchers and doctors would want: information about how much virus is present in the patient.

The PCR test does not yield reliable data in that regard.

No scientist who owes his job and reputation to the CDC or any other conventional medical organization will press these questions, but there are plenty of independent scientists who can step forward.

Now is the time. The Dallas patient is being used to forward a fear/quarantine/vaccine agenda.

Notice—absolutely nothing is being said about the most important fact in this equation: the strength of a person’s immune system and its superior ability to throw off a virus on its own.

Of course not. That would undercut the fact that selling drugs and vaccines is the number-one ambition of the medical industry.

READ MORE USAID NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire USAID Files



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