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CIA Vaccine Plot In Pakistan Reveals A History Of Abuse

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

Back in July of  2011, the Obama Administration admitted that the CIA was operating vaccine programs in Pakistan prior to the celebrated Hollywood-style Bin Laden raid in Abbottabad.

Was this just another disingenuous program operated by US intelligence, one that operated with impunity and one that has recklessly caused harm to many unknowing victims?

How this wasn’t flagged-up in the media as a completely ridiculous facade of an operation – is incredible in itself. The clandestine intelligence agency was allegedly trying to obtain ‘DNA samples’ from those related to the well-known CIA asset (Bin Laden) supposedly to prove his family was present in the area. This provided a convenient narrative that appears to have been cover for a polio vaccine campaign in the region that seemingly had all the hallmarks of a ‘neo-eugenics’-based spy operation.

Was the fabled Bin Laden raid and DNA scheme another way for mainstream news to spin what happened in Pakistan, covering up vaccine programs that many fear have potentially paralyzed as well as sterilized individuals in selected areas of the world?

In recent reports this week, the CIA has announced they will no longer run ‘fake’ vaccine programs according to a letter from the intelligence agency from May 16th. The White House’s anti-terrorism advisor Lisa Monaco stated that the CIA’s current policy under CIA chief John Brennan would no longer seek to gather genetic material from US and non-US persons, claiming:

The Agency will not seek to obtain or exploit DNA or other genetic material acquired through such programs,” Monaco, further qualified this statement by saying, “This CIA policy applies worldwide and to U.S. and non-U.S. persons alike.”

Sometime in the last year and a half, the deans of 12 schools of public health wrote a letter to Obama with concern over using humanitarian health campaigns in order to spy:

While political and security agendas may by necessity induce collateral damage, we as an open society set boundaries on these damages, and we believe this sham vaccination campaign exceeded those boundaries.”

The real problem here is that the vaccine plot hatched by the CIA was never fake in the sense of the product that was being administered. It no doubt has had dire consequences for so many unsuspecting young children. It also acted as a guise for other covert activities the agency has been responsible for. There has been a history of worldwide sterilization programs linked to the Rockefeller foundation and Bill Gates and over the years, both entities have abused the public’s trust in the same manner.

CIA spokesman Todd Ebitz has suggested this “big reveal” by the cloaked organization is really just in effort to protect health workers who have been targeted by apparent radical groups while  administering vaccines. He implies that now that the US has admitted and apparently ended such awful activity, health providers worldwide should no longer be targeted by militant groups – what he won’t say is that the West funds and aids many terror operations throughout the world in an ongoing basis:

By publicizing this policy, our objective is to dispel one canard that militant groups have used as justification for cowardly attacks against vaccination providers.”

This statement also suggests that the targeted attacks on healthcare operators have been because of ‘rumors’ over spy campaigns that look like humanitarian action – that was exactly what took place. We can all probably agree that there is no need for any such violent activity but to say that the CIA’s deliberate deception and harmful vaccine plot was an inconsequential excuse for retribution is pure nonsense.

How would the US public react to such activities directed by another country in their own backyard?

IMAGE: The CIA’s doctor in Pakistan, Shakil Afridi. Once charged with treason and facing 33 years for his connections to militant groups but curiously not for his role with the CIA – now new charges have implicated him in the wrongful death of a patient from some eight years ago (Photo southasiajournal.com).

A CIA linked doctor named Shakil Afridi, was tasked with heading up a polio vaccine campaign for US intelligence after having received instructions on how to operate the program during his 25 meetings with the agency. This all took place before one of the largest ‘theatrical’ man-hunts in the modern era – you know the one, the controversial raid on the ‘Bin Laden’ compound in Abbottabad, an event that was saturated in ‘reality T.V.’ scripted gloss.

Afridi was approached by agents while he was the health official in charge of Khyber, an area near Afghanistan.

London’s Guardian outlet reported the Bin Laden DNA scheme in 2011, most likely to aid in the Western propaganda surrounding the shadowy caper, quoting a Pakistani official as saying “The whole thing was totally irregular,” also adding: “Bilal Town is a well-to-do area. Why would you choose that place to give free vaccines?”

Keep in mind the CIA apparently failed to obtain the sought after Bin Laden DNA, even with their cloak & dagger operation. 

After leaving for Abbottabad, Afridi received funds to give vaccinations for hepatitis B, while shelling out money to low-level employees that worked for health services in the region. Those who assisted the doctor were apparently unaware of the DNA theft-spy operation. Polio drops had been routinely administered to children under the guise of a health operation, while the CIA knowingly contributed to a resurgence in the crippling viral disease.

There have been 77 documented cases of polio according to the World Health Organization within 2014 so far and Pakistan has been listed as having 61 of the cases logged. The US government has justified this outbreak because certain regions infected are said to have sheltered the Taliban. Using a twisted sense of logic, the government has attempted to diminish the role the CIA played in their immoral vaccine program.

Its important to note that the CIA initially refused to comment on the vaccine scheme in Pakistan when it was first reported in 2011.

Why would the CIA need to obtain a DNA connection to prove that Bin Laden may have been in the area and why would they need to administer real vaccinations in the process?

Was there something more sinister at play regarding the vaccine program at large?

The World Health Organization has placed travel restrictions on Pakistan, requiring that those leaving have to provide polio vaccine certificates. The irony here is, that much of the the infection was most likely spread through the clandestine vaccination plot itself, revealing the fallacy of the certificate requirement in the first place.

What will come of any future travel restrictions for those in Saudi Arabia since the MERS virus continues to infect those in the region as well as abroad?

Will the Saudi’s be exempt from the WHO’s travel restrictions because of their relationship with the US, even though its been reported that 102 people have died out of a 339 cases so far?

IMAGE: Former CIA officer John Stockwell, an outspoken critic of the agency (photo digplanet.com).

Some have suggested that the collection of DNA in the US and abroad has has served a different purpose all together. Many of the CIA’s projects have come under heavy scrutiny since the agency’s inception. Former Marine and paramilitary case officer for the CIA, John Stockwell became known for condemning such inhumane practices outlined in his seminal bestselling book – In Search of Enemies, for which he was later sued over by the CIA. The lawsuit contained that all future publications of his story be reviewed by the agency, as well as their ability to keep his story from becoming a major Hollywood production. The costly litigation forced Stockwell to declare bankruptcy.

Stockwell also published a story about the cold war in fiction form to avoid any government scrutiny, a book called Red Sunset. In 1990, the former CIA official published a series of lecture’s entitled, The Praetorian Guard: The US Role In The New World Order.

Stockwell appears in the YouTube video below describing the bizarre and macabre experimentation conducted by the CIA, as well as the agency’s history with biological weaponry…

Articles have been written by doctors saying that this thing smells of a man-made virus.”
– John Stockwell

The litany of abuses that have been at the hands of this organization and other Western creations have been far reaching, using many campaigns as ‘spycraft’ cover for other darker more nefarious agendas such as population control and mind control.

Will anyone be held accountable for the crimes they have committed?

Here’s an interesting breakdown of the situation in Pakistan from Experimental Vaccines on YouTube…

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