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The Truth About the Death of Robin Williams

21st Century Wire says…

Did Robin Williams really die from suicide?

Williams was undoubtedly a mega-talent and theatrical genius, but the word “suicide” gives the impression that it was “his own decision”, or “his own choice”, and because the subject of depression and substance abuse in Hollywood is seen as a normal fact of show business life, then there is seldom any further inquiry once the official hammer drops on the case. “Nothing more to see, move along please!”

But there is more to see in this case – a lot more…

Brasscheck TV

Robin Williams was a man under pressure.

Two ex-wives to support and a new one, all accustomed to huge amounts of cash.

But was that a reason for him to kill himself? He was said to suffer from depression.

But what isn’t being said is what pharmaceutical drugs if any he was taking for depression.

Why is that? Because drug companies spend 18 X on advertising what they spend on research and the “news media” is going to keep any negative reality about their clients secret.

Let’s go even further down the rabbit hole…

‘Theory 2’ – A closer look at the Williams case, its forensic evidence and CSI facts, another more plausible theory emerges – of Erotic asphyxiation, or ‘breath control play’. Media pundit Adam Kokesh explains the in’s and out’s of this potentially devastating indictment:

Even further still down that rabbit hole are theories that the Illuminati ‘wacked’ Robin Williams in some satanic sacrifice – unlikely, considering Robin’s advanced age, not to mention that Illuminati sacrificial killings are all but impossible to ever prove.

However, if you believe Kokesh’s ‘theory 2’ then you also cannot rule out the possibility of murder. The scene at Robin Williams residence when the police arrived was 99% certain to be some type of autoerotic asphyxiation activity. Williams would not be the first celebrity to fall victim of a bizarre sex practice, and it certainly  raises a lot more questions than answers…

First question: Was he alone? As with other celebrity untimely tragedies like overdoses, and autoerotic asphyxiation death scenes – like with Michael Hutchinson, David Carradine and now with Robin Williams, there is the possibility of other people being present at the time of death, but who had left to avoid any association with the event.

Any celebrity crime scene is much more than just a crime scene. Studios and publishers have a lot riding on the official narrative. There are literally billions of dollars in future revenue at stake, and how big that pot is depends on how positive the legacy of the deceased actor or musician turns out. So the cause of death is no trivial conclusion and interventions have been know to take place before police detectives turn up on the scene.

Yes, these are all still theories, but much more plausible than suicide.

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