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DHS Dump Of Illegals Diverted From Murrieta, Exposes Vast Human Trafficking Scheme In America

21st Century Wire

The border surge has continued, as undocumented illegals have been flooding into United States cities within Arizona, Texas and now California on an ongoing basis, with major risks to safety, health, finance – and child trafficking.

After this embarrassing debacle, many now feel that after swallowing-up over $3 trillion in US taxpayer funds since its inception in 2001, the Department of Homeland Security is a complete abject failure, and has proven that it cannot protect the country’s territories and national sovereignty. Revelations over the last month clearly indicate how the DHS has willfully coordinated with ICE and HHS officials on the illegal handling and processing of Illegals entering the country…

IMAGE: ‘US Border Patrol’ – processing facility reporters negotiate with police and DHS in background – amid massive protest in Murrieta (Photo: Ken Rhoades GMN)

Important new details have emerged regarding the cascading ‘border crisis’ of illegal aliens, immigrants and alleged refugees that have been trafficked into processing facilities, detention centers as well as bus stations around the country.

In a Judicial Watch report, it has come to light that many of those being transferred are at risk of carrying infectious diseases and viruses such as the Ebola, dengue fever, tuberculosis and the H1N1 strain of Swine flu. There are also accounts stating that 1 in 5 of illegals arriving at Rio Grande Valley in Texas, has scabies. Additionally, since October of 2013, there were reports of a what appeared to be the first admission of a covert surge of illegals into the country, all sanctioned by the federal government to enter US territory, according to the Texas Tribune:

“Since October, authorities in the Border Patrol’s Rio Grande Valley sector have detained an unprecedented 160,000 undocumented immigrants, including more than 33,500 unaccompanied minors. These immigrants were transferred to federal detention centers, where they have been held temporarily.”

These were numbers from 9 months ago and there are more recent reports of nearly 300,000 undocumented illegals entering the country, with over 50,000 minors and counting…

Once released into the public, it will be almost impossible to track and trace the flood of new illegal immigrants, with many adults and minors making their way to stay with other illegal immigrants already in the US. Thousands of children are also at risk of falling prey to child abusers embedded within the highly lucrative foster home care system.

We recently had a road report from 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen, as he chronicled his experience at the DHS drop off point within Phoenix, Arizona. As the first video images of DHS buses shipping in illegal immigrants broke, we learned that Central American immigrants were illegally dumped on the street and at bus stations and that many undocumented people had apparently been coached into declaring refugee status.

Early last week, 21WIRE met up with GMN before making their way to Murrieta, California, to cover peaceful protesters that had diverted DHS buses away their town.

Local residents were met with provocateur groups like La Raza, the Communist Revolution Party and other left bent ‘Occupy’ protester-types over the 4th of July weekend:

The highly confrontational leftist activists had been seen desecrating a number of small flags that local residents had pinned to the DHS facility fence, while also burning American flags on the very holiday that commemorates the country’s independence from Great Britain’s rule. The timing of this dramatic effect was not lost on those who are truly aware of the many challenges facing America today, as lefty-agitators mutilated a symbol that represents the freedom in which the United States was founded on 238 years ago.”

Many of the ‘lefty-agitators’ were arrested following their violent actions during a fight with police. Another incident saw the attack of a 70-yearold woman who was a local resident. In the week since these events, it turns out that La Raza and other pro-illegal immigration operatives had been paid and bused in from Los Angeles to incite and harass peaceful law abiding protesters in Murrieta.

It was also revealed that through the efforts of local residents, no new flights from Texas would be bringing in illegals for the remainder of the week and in addition to that, there were no DHS buses scheduled to make their way through Murrieta, as reported by Liberty News:

Border Patrol officials notified the Murrieta Police Department late this afternoon that there will no flight of illegal immigrants from Texas to San Diego on Thursday July 10, 2014; therefore there will be no bus transport of illegal immigrants to the Murrieta Border Patrol office. Border Patrol officials also said there will be no scheduled flights from Texas to San Diego for the remainder of the week.”

While the blocking of DHS buses was a clear and resounding success in Murrieta, it has been said that illegals are being shipped to Chula Vista, in the San Diego metropolitan area, processed and released into the public. Other accounts suggest that there are patriot organizers looking to shutdown the Chula Vista area as well – something to watch.

It appears as though once one area is contained, another part of the country opens up, providing access to the border crossing scheme. Each new location is sure to be met with resolute patriots undaunted by another attempt to disrupt the country from within.

In 1966, a plan was crafted by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven that called for short circuiting the country’s welfare system through a crisis. Is this what were seeing now?

Here was a recent first-hand account of the events in Murrieta, from a local ‘Minute Man’ as reported by 21WIRE…


IMAGE:  ‘Murrieta patriot camp’ – loud radio ‘shock jock’  host Peter Santilli from GMN seen here talking to local Murrieta protesters after confirmation from the local police department that another DHS bus was in fact diverted.
(Photo Before its News.com)

Engineered border surge?

The timeline of how this current DHS operation has been carried out is slowly being pieced together and has been directly traced back to the those in the White House, as a FedBizOpps ad for the DHS program, requested ‘Escort Services For Unaccompanied Alien Children‘ on January 29th, 2014. Here is a recent excerpt from a Washington Times article on the matter, entitled, DHS ad contradicts White House claim of shock by illegal immigrant children:

The Obama administration say they were caught off-guard by the sheer number of illegal children who’ve crossed into America in recent days, but an employment ad from the Department of Homeland Security may prove otherwise.

The ad, dated Jan. 29 and posted on FedBizOpps.Gov, seeks contractors to “provide unarmed escort staff, including management, supervision, manpower, training, certifications, licenses, drug testing, equipment and supplies necessary to provide on-demand escort services for non-criminal/non-delinquent unaccompanied alien children ages infant to 17 years of age, seven days a week, 365 days a year. … There will be approximately 65,000 [unaccompanied alien children] in total.”

Here we see that the Obama administration knew about the border crisis well in advance and when you add this to the fact that border agents in Texas had been overrun with an unprecedented number of undocumented illegals, at least since October – it most likely goes back much further.

In August of 2013, there were accounts of San Diego’s San Ysidro border agents being overworked from a “sudden influx of illegal immigrants from Mexico requesting asylum.” The report from Fox News also quoted Peter Nunez, a  U.S. Attorney for Southern California stating that,”this clearly has to have been orchestrated by somebody”.

The attorney added, “It’s beyond belief that dozens or hundreds or thousands of people would simultaneously decide that they should go to the U.S. and make this claim.” This same report also documented that agencies were setting up illegals in hotel rooms within the area.

Shockingly, it was recently reported on Rush Limbaugh‘s radio show that certain churches in San Bernadino  have asked members to open up their homes for illegals through a government request, the families have been asked not to speak to media, as the churches claim that resident costs will be reimbursed and that they will only need to house undocumented illegals for a month. This should raise concerns over health and safety as well.

There have been other disturbing accounts, invloving other ads, such as this one, first reported on Ben Swann, which allocates a thousand dollar tax reimbursement per child over 16 and an $850 per reimbursement for a child under the age of 16.

IMAGE: ‘Destroying our Sovereignty’ – You can get as much as a $6,000 dollar reimbursement per month if you have at least a 5 bedroom house, in which you can have up to 6 children according to the Crittenton Services and Foster Family Agency which is located in Orange County (Photo BenSwann.com)

In the spring of 2005, the Journal of American physicians and Surgeons released a concerned assessment of Illegals entering the United States entitled, Illegal Aliens and American Medicine:

Illegal aliens move freely in crime sanctuary cities. In Los Angeles, San Diego, Stockton, New York, Chicago, Miami, Austin,and Houston, no hospital, physician, city employee, or police officer is permitted to report immigration violators to the Department of Homeland Security’s Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (the old INS or Immigration and Naturalization Service). Los Angeles Police Department, begun in 1979 by Chief Daryl Gates, prohibits police officers from “initiating police action where the objective is to discover the alien status of a person.”

It has also been well documented that many illegal alien mothers have given birth to anchor babies in the United States, as this gives them an easy pathway to residency, while also instantly qualifying them for welfare aid and other emergency services, which places a gigantic monetary burden on American citizens. Given that America still hasn’t recovered from the financial meltdown in 2008, its fair to say, that the fragility of the country’s fiat currency and new weighted costs could break the system, which was also discussed in American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists journal:

In 1994, 74,987 anchor babies in California hospital maternity units cost $215 million and constituted 36 percent of all Medi-Cal births. Now they account for substantially more than half.”

The AAPS journal assessment written by Madeleine Pelner Cosman, a scholar and political analyst, gives us a historical perspective when looking at Illegals crossing over the border. While also considering the the significant health risks posed:

When my grandfather came to America, he first kissed the ground of New York’s Ellis Island, then he stripped naked and coughed hard. Every legal immigrant before 1924 was examined for infectious diseases upon arrival and tested for tuberculosis. Anyone infected was shipped back to the old country. That was powerful incentive for each newcomer to make heroic efforts to appear healthy. Today, immigrants must demonstrate that they are free of communicable diseases and drug addiction to qualify for lawful permanent residency green cards. Illegal aliens simply cross our borders medically unexamined, hiding in their bodies any number of communicable diseases.”

In the same report, Cosman cites concerns over the rise in drug resistant forms of tuberculosis brought in by those coming into America illegally.

Does this sound familiar?

Many critics from the establishment have tried to discredit the AAPS and its journal, citing its ties to libertarian groups like the John Birch Society and its heavily publicized lawsuit in 1993 against Hillary Clinton over the secretive creation of the 1993 ‘Clinton Health Care Plan’, which was the precursor to the Affordable Care Act other wise known as Obamacare.

According to information from Federation For American Immigration Reform (FAIR), “Californians bear an enormous fiscal burden as a result of an illegal alien population estimated at almost 3 million residents. The annual expenditure of state and local tax dollars on services for that population is $25.3 billion. That total amounts to a yearly burden of about $2,370 for a household headed by a U.S. citizen.”

In addition to the financial cost, there is evidence of a systematic invasion of America’s civil liberties as illegals can obtain license in certain states and the California Supreme Court has stated that an undocumented immigrant can practice law.

In another ‘FAIR’ document with refugee reports over the last decade, the current overload on the system was laid bare:

Efforts in Congress to expand our intake of refugees and asylees defy logic. In 2008, the United States accepted nearly three-fourths of the worldwide total of refugees granted permanent resettlement in new countries, and many of those admitted are by persons who are not truly refugees.A thoughtful analysis of U.S. policies suggests that our refugee program is largely a misallocation of resources.”

Here is an interview with GMN’s Peter Santilli talking to local NBC affiliate, were he describes the recent protest in Murrieta…



Here is an excerpt from Vox, that provides a short explanation of the codified law by Congress:

Under current law, the Border Patrol is required to take child migrants who aren’t from Mexico into custody, screen them, and transfer them to the Office of Refugee Resettlement.”

The Office of Refugee resettlement is a is a program of the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) within the office of Health and Human Services (HHS) – originally created in 1980 under the United States Refugee Act. In 2013, it was also reported the US government had been working on a ‘social welfare program’ with Mexico for the coming influx of immigrant children.

The direct tie to the White House and its corrupt policy engineers, is through HHS, as their office oversees the apparent resettlement of the of illegals and is also responsible for the implementation of Obamacare, the often maligned socialized health care system.

How does the recent 3.7 billion dollar request factor into the ‘border surge’ story and Obamacare? This may partly explain the mad rush to push a highly faulty Obamacare into action in 2013.

The answer may lie in an article back in February of 2014, by the Washington Examiner:

Health care law supporters point out that the federal government can make money off ‘risk corridor’ programs. A Congressional Budget Office report last week predicted the federal government won’t lose a dime through the risk corridor program – but will end up netting $8 billion.”

Incredibly, this appears to be near the exact cost of the border crisis, when you add up the requested funds by the Obama administration.

Will these funds actually be allocated to the appropriate border security channels? Based on current and past data, they most certainly will not – but only time will tell.

It was also recently reported that Mexico has struck a deal to allow to send more illegals to the US, through the Southern Border Program To Improve Passage, stipulating illegal alien access into the United States, as they will, “provide for more border checkpoints along Mexico’s border with Guatemala, and offer more protection and even emergency medical care to those making their way north. The illegal aliens will receive a so-called Regional Visitor’s Card, according to El Universal.”

Critics feel that this latest engineered ‘refugee crisis’ is placing the United States Constitution in jeopardy, and this fraudulent government sponsored program needs to be exposed.

RT’s news release below….

IMAGE:  ‘Change Agents’ Masked La Raza members arrive in Murrieta, California, attempting to intimidate patriot protesters. (Donald Broom via Twitter).

Pro- and Anti-immigration protesters in tense standoff in Murrieta

Russia Today

Tensions remain high near the United States’ border with Mexico, where an influx of illegal immigrants in recent months, mostly children, has divided the community.

Anti-immigration demonstrators continue to stand guard in the small southern California town of Murrieta, where upwards of 150 activists assembled last week to prevent the arrival of three buses carrying undocumented aliens scheduled for processing from reaching a local US Border Control station around 60 miles north of San Diego.

A standoff between anti- and pro-immigration protesters continued through the weekend, and initial reports suggested that federal officials were rumored to be weighing the possible deployment of riot police to accompany further busses this week. Those reports have so far failed to materialize, but activists are nevertheless remaining on the scene to wait and see what will happen next, and fears of clashes occurring between both sides persist.

Arrests have indeed occurred during the last week as protesters’ verbal remarks became replaced in some instances with physical altercations, and a Border Patrol spokesperson told the Daily News that further demonstrators could expect to be detained if they block the route of any other federal busses, like the ones that last week that were unable to bring immigrants into Murrieta. According to Breitbart News, anti-immigration demonstrators have begun to circulate flyers warning protesters that they should expected to be arrested and prepare accordingly.

“Should protestors block entry or exits to CBP property, local law enforcement will be called to respond,”the federal spokesperson told the paper.

Veronique Dupont, a journalist with AFP, wrote this week that protesters opposed to the influx — and the use of the federal government and taxpayer money to remedy the migration — show no signs of letting up.

“Why not have all the oppressed children from Sudan or Ukraine or China come here as well?” one local protester, Greg Allison, asked AFP sarcastically.

“They should have been quarantined in Texas,” added another, 71-year-old Dan Russell, who told Dupont that the children crossing into the US are carrying polio and the H1N1 flu virus.

Countering the droves of activists opposed to using federal money and facilities to process the undocumented immigrants are demonstrators who say that the children traveling en masse across the border should be considered refugees. Demonstrators on that side of the argument have reportedly since garnered the support of the National Council of La Raza, the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the US, whose members have been seen at the latest rallies in and around border towns. Advocates who want the children to be accepted into the US warn that minors are being tortured in their home countries, and that American officials shouldn’t be expediting their return, but welcoming them.

It’s been largely reported that more than 52,000 unaccompanied minors from the countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras have been detained since last October while attempting to sneak across the border into the US — double the statistics from the previous year.

The White House is next expected to ask Congress for $3.8 billion largely intended to find fund measures intended to deal with the influx, including the hiring of more immigration judges. Nevertheless, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on Monday that most of those thousands of children who crossed into the US recently would likely not be eligible to stay and would soon be sent back to the other side of the border…

Read more from RT…

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