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BURIED ABUSE: Mass Grave of Immigrants ‘Unearthed’ In Texas – As DHS Dumps Refugees Inside US

21st Century Wire says…

While a ‘humanitarian crisis’ continues to unfold within Arizona and Texas, anthropologists recently discovered a mass grave site at a cemetery in South Texas.

The discovery of a mass grave at a cemetery within the Lone Star State has created an unsettling backdrop to an already heated situation since it was revealed that the federal government has been directing the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) to dump refugees at detention centers and Greyhound bus stations inside Texas and Arizona over the past year, through a coached declaration of asylum. It has also been stated that over forty thousand of those being dropped into the country, were abandoned children, abruptly cast into poverty upon making their way into the United States.

This past week Patrick Henningsen from 21WIRE joined up with Guerilla Media Network’s Pete Santilli and Kenny Rhoades to investigate the human rights violations that were taking place at a DHS drop off point in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Here is the culmination of the joint effort by GMN and 21Wire as they were on location as the border crisis unfolded…

Below is an interview with Nicole Morales, an independent community organizer and one of the volunteers at the Greyhound station in Phoenix, AZ, overseeing the well being of hundreds of refugees. Watch as she describes a harrowing tale, different from the one spun by mainstream media initially over the last couple of weeks. Major press didn’t even bother to cover the story until 21Wire and GMN released their investigative footage on the matter.

Most of the refugees have come over from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and are being detained without necessary supplies to survive, as many of the young are left without formula and diapers…

It has been reported that refugees are fleeing Guatemala because of assaults, gang violence, genocidal murders and an ongoing drug war. The CIA is known to have been active within the region for sometime and also has a history dark in Central America.

A narcotics trafficking is also very present at the Mexican border as it has funneled through to the Southwest of the United States, below is a recent report by Henningsen with the GMN team…

The drug cartels, they really do have in some of these areas, have operational control and we do have US border patrol and they are supposed to intercept and keep some of the product from coming over the border.” – Patrick Henningsen

Mass graves & a political agenda

We’ve been told that unidentified immigrants died trying to enter the US and their bodies were discovered in trash bags, shopping bags and ‘biohazard’ bags. All told there were 52 plots, as remains have been mixed with each other making the death toll difficult to know – while Funeria del Angel Howard, the funeral home said to be ethically responsible for the bodies, was paid over four hundred for each subsequent burial. This kind of discovery typifies the many humanitarian concerns, as those in Washington want to play political games to further their agenda at the cost of life on either side of the border.

Could the release of this information be a calculated effort on part of the administration – to force the issue of immigration reform, if so, this still doesn’t excuse the human rights violations?

This past March there was a report by the United Nations, entitled, “Children on the Run,” that has apparently been overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services with a budget increase allocating over eight hundred million dollars.

This begs the question, where is this money being allocated too?

It has also been documented by some that asylum refugee declaration has been abused in some cases, so there appears to be an angle of deception regarding real ‘refugees’ and those who have been granted their status for a perceived political purpose, which is something to watch.

There is a very real issue of illegal immigration at the United States border, placing a heavy burden on citizens, in addition to the drug trafficking that occurs, as there is also crisis cascading in Arizona and Texas with refugees being dumped with no resources, political interests want you to be muddled about these concerns and want to keep you from fully understanding the core of these issues.

More from RT on the mass grave site that was recently ‘unearthed’ in South Texas…

IMAGE:  (Photo latino.foxnews.com)

Mass graves filled with remains of immigrants discovered in Texas

Russia Today

Anthropologists uncovered a series of mass graves filled with the human remains of immigrants stuffed into shopping and garbage bags in a county-owned section of a cemetery in South Texas. Now, a local politician is calling for an inquiry.

The group of anthropology researchers is made of professors and students from the University of Indianapolis and Baylor University, who are working on the Reuniting Families project. The multi-year project seeks to identify the bodies of the hundreds of undocumented immigrants who died (usually from exposure in the 100-degree-plus heat) while crossing the Texas-Mexico border over the last few years. They resumed work two weeks ago, exhuming 52 plots in a Brooks County-owned section of the Sacred Heart Burial Park in Falfurrias.

In those plots, they found the remains of multiple people instead of just one.

In one burial plot, bones of three bodies were inside one body bag. In another instance, there were at least five people in body bags and smaller plastic bags were piled on top of each other, Baylor University anthropologist Lori Baker said to the Corpus Christi Caller-Times. Skulls were found in biohazard bags — like the red plastic bags in receptacles at doctors’ offices — placed between coffins.

“To me it’s just as shocking as the mass grave that you would picture in your head, and it’s just as disrespectful,” Krista Latham, a forensic anthropologist at the University of Indianapolis, said to the Caller-Times.

Due to the commingling of remains, the researchers are unable to determine the total number of people buried in the 52 plots.

County Judge Raul Ramirez told the Caller-Times that, for at least 16 years, Brooks County paid the local funeral home, Funeraria del Angel Howard-Williams, to bury the bodies after they were discovered in the remote areas of the county’s brush country.

The funeral home currently charges $450 to handle each body, Brooks County Chief Deputy Benny Martinez said.

The funeral home has “certain records related to these burials, but this does not amount to confirmation that Howard-Williams was involved in depositing the remains in the manner the researchers described,”Houston-based Service Corporation International (the parent company of Howard-Williams since 1999) spokeswoman Jennifer McDunn told the Corpus newspaper in an e-mail.

“Because of the sensitive nature of our business, it is not our general practice to share our records publicly, no matter the decedent or the family we serve,” McDunn said.

After the discovery became known, Democratic state Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa called for the district’s attorney general to open a criminal investigation by the Texas Rangers, the Caller-Times reported.“This is too serious of a wrongdoing,” he said.

“It is horrible, and any human being deserves a burial of respect and dignity,” Hinojosa went on. “I’m appalled at the number of bodies just left in body bags and, in many instances, more than one body in one bag. That’s not right. We need to get to the bottom of the situation.”

Read more at RT

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