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American Idiocracy: Congressman Rangel Proclaims Gas Explosion as ‘Harlem’s 9/11’

21st Century Wire says…

As mankind evolves further into the future, much progress and forward leaps in new knowledge and understanding have come to pass, except in one key sector of the population.

Politicians seem to be getting more automated in terms of critical thinking skills, more detached from reality and appear to struggle with facts. Overall, they are getting dumber.

Career bureaucrat and US Congressman Charles Rangel (D) (photo, left) is certainly no exception to this disturbing trend. Following yesterday’s “freak” gas explosion in Harlem which took out two buildings, Rangel was unable to resist what appeared to be an opportunity to better position himself as a leader in his community by proclaiming that the explosion was somehow…

“Our community’s 9/11… even though we don’t know how it started.

Part of you wants to feel sorry for a politician who does statements like this, and would even volunteer to find a nice, assisted care home for the elderly Rangel, so as to play non-stop bingo in his sunset years. He might be part of the ruling American Idiocracy, but otherwise seems harmless enough.

Then you realize what the Congressman has actually done here by evoking the 9/11 sacred cow, and suddenly the penny drops. Maybe he’s not so stupid after all, and in fact, knows exactly which cause he’s furthering by his very calculated statement.

Reports confirm that a gas leak had triggered a massive explosion in one apartment building at the corner of 116th and Park Ave in East Harlem, killing six and injuring another 60 who were later taken to local hospitals, and with four others still missing. The explosion eventually took out two old brick buildings. By all official accounts this was an accident, although it’s possible some property management negligence may have  played a role. But this was no 9/11.

According to The Verge: “So far, there has been no word on what might have caused the leak. Bob Ackley, president of Gas Safety Inc., says that the leak could have been the result of any number of events. “There could have been a leak inside the building due to criminal activity,” he says, “or could also have been a punctured main from excavation.” Ackley’s best guess, however, is that the explosion was caused by a break in a cast-iron main, which he calls “a ticking time bomb.” This is a likely scenario because, according to a ConEd briefing issued this afternoon, the buildings were served by an 8-inch main made of plastic and cast-iron.”

By evoking the mythology of 9/11, Charles Rangel simply applied another layer of top soil over the biggest man-made catastrophe – and official stage-managed deception, the world has ever seen.

Rangel went on to describe Wednesday’s events with a deepened concern as to how the Harlem explosion happened in the first place:

“The mystery of all of this thing is just worrisome,’ Rangel said. ‘It is a frightening thought. And especially, you don’t know what caused it, how to contain it, how far, how dangerous it is now, even though it’s being contained. I understand the buildings have collapsed. And there is nothing more of a nightmare [than] to think there may be people in those buildings as it collapsed.”

One can only wonder why Rangel did not ask these very same questions following the events of Sept 11, 2001.

As a New Yorker, Congressman Rangel would be doing his duty to question the orthodox mythology of 9/11, but he’s not alone. He’s like every other elected representative who swore an oath but is still holding court in Washington DC –  opting for the corporate lobby leash. They either don’t have a clue (innocence by ignorance), or are knowingly taking part in the cover-up on some level.

If he didn’t make his ridiculous remarks yesterday, we’d probably leave him alone until the next woeful corruption scandal, but since he did evoke 9/11, then he should be made to answer for all the victims and their families who lost their lives and loved ones on that tragic day – as well as all the millions overseas who had to die for America’s seminal false flag.

Shame on you Congressman Rangel.

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