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HEY! They Took Away My Planet and Gave Me Revolution

Andrew McKillop

21st Century Wire

For some of us, ranting is a virtue.

It’s important to rant. In fact, it’s healthy to rant. But this is not just any rant…

Crisis? What Crisis?

You could ask how many rounds of golf Obama has played since he took office, or why did Ariel Sharon take so long to get turned off, but that would already be a waste of time.

Looking at symptoms instead of causes and processes is always a waste of time. A better question is therefore at what stage will it  become necessary to fight tyranny with violence? Enter the new social trap.

This already puts you into the NSA’s profiling system – perhaps. It also forces you to think about how and why it happened before, and what resulted. With most revolutions that ever happened, turned bad, and usually fast. New tyrants took over from old tyrants, and things usually got worse than they already were, but that doesn’t mean Obama should go on putting or Sharon should be re-connected to whatever it was keeping him sort-of alive for so long.

MISSING LINKS: Rome burns, and Obama loves golfing.

In any case he has major competition from car racing ace Michael Schumacher, whose hospital bedside fans are already slipping away in the night! Details and trivia, again. The Schumacher crowd-fatigue process however could be useful to us, as a Modern Paradigm.

Calling a revolution, today, means a lot of persons will come the first day or two, some will get hurt, many will sing and shout and jump about, but they soon get bored or distracted. The Kiev “street revolt” in favor of joining the European Union lasted only a few days. Putin stepped in with an offer of cheap gas and $15 billion of funny money to buy Ukraine’s probably-worthless debt bonds, and the revolution was canceled.

Fighting Solves Nothing – But Is That True?

You can understand the allure of the philosophy. It goes back at least 2300 years to the days of Socrates (image, left) and Plato. They basically said that when you get trapped in the somber cycle of Democracy-Oligarchy-Tyranny you are going to regret it. They were adamant that democracies usually turn bad, assuming on the off-chance they did not start bad. First the Oligarchs appear. Then they get pushed aside by the Tyrant. And you have to rise up and fight.

Human beings are hard-wired to fight. Just ask any Alpha Male finance geek – who prefers other persons, the victims of his violent greed to fight a losing economic war and die for him, unemployed in the gutter.

How did it all kick off? The Neolibs pumped their Alpha Male and Gordon Gekko trash rhetoric around the economic policy circuit from the start of the 1980’s, and it is one big reason the future is canceled. Not just on hold, but canceled. To be sure, historian Francis Fukuyama thought he was bringing Fukushima-logic to bear on our World Sickness, in the early 1990s by announcing that History Is Dead, but in reality the future is canceled by order of the Tyrant. Get rid of the Tyrant and the future exists.

“There is no other alternative, it must be done this way”. We live in a Wonderland where nothing changes. Nothing ever changes because if it did, that could only be bad-bad-bad. You like the logic? Call it creepy-crawly fear of the future and absolutely nothing new. Religions were invented to handle the problem – when your life is finished, you die. You have no choice. You didn’t want that change, that’s for certain, but it will happen. Religions use that as their business model. The Tyrant replaces God, called the godhead.

Physical or even mental confrontation is emotionally terrifying to anyone who is not a Warrior, explaining why the Cult of the Hero is also included in religions (Jesus and Mahomet were rabble rousers and troublemakers, but towards a marvelous end). We have Wall Street Heroes, also. Michael Schumacher is certainly a hero, to a declining number of bussed-in remunerated fans, because he banged his head hard on a rock while skiing and is a multi-millionaire.

This already identifies how We the People want our fighting – done by somebody else. When they fail and get stomped on, we can spit on their corpses. If they win we will hero worship them. If they turn out to be a Tyrant or simply mad, that is our problem. Democracy only changes the deal by enabling us to play out the emotional stress by listening to party platform tirades from small-size tyrants and reading opinion polls, to make sure we are with The Majority. The final goal for the Tyrant, of course, is being sure and making sure that Nothing Changes. Because that would be very very bad.

Beware, be afraid of the ‘System Tyrant’

The average “reasonable” person always avoids violence. When they live in a democracy, they have an additional mental crutch for their cowardice. They are hard-wired not to understand what goes on around them, in their own lives. Even if their neighbors lose their jobs and their homes, that is only a “mild recession” and is under full control by terribly intelligent persons. The Average Democrat has to be hit in the face, not as hard as Schumacher, to wake them up. At that point in time however, it is almost always too late because the Tyrant is in full control and is watching. Civil war is highly likely, almost certain. History (of the alive type) proves it.

The Tyrant is a 50/50 mix of Paranoia and Megalomania, two sides of the same coin. There is no point discussing anything at all with the Tyrant. He only understands force.

Making things (supposedly) difficult for us in the “western postindustrial liberal democracies” with oh-so-free markets, hoho, we have Process and System Tyrants, rather than human Tyrants. The Hitlers and Stalins, and Pol Pots (image, left) and Wotnots, go back some way in time. That stage of human history could or might be over, with only a few traces left. For example African and Arab dictators still giving a vintage performance of Baby Tyrant. If they possess some oil or coltan or uranium it is very interesting for 24/7 news shows, for 30 seconds a day, to ponder who the next dictator will be.

Some religions or sects of some religions, such as Christian Protestantism can be massaged to say it is a good thing to become an “intellectual warrior”, but not to fight the Tyrant. We should use non-violent methods and tactics – look at the Blue or Yellow or Velvet or Wotnot “revolutions” in Eastern Europe a safe time after the Soviet Tyrant was already dead and buried! Gandhi’s Indian independence movement was very gentlemanly and non-violent, and succeeded, because it was not a revolution at all and the British wanted to get out, anyway. Everything was conducted under a facade of benevolence, to install a carbon-copy Dumb Democracy of the British sort.

The System and ‘Process Tyranny’ we have today, is only recent. It has no need at all for a semblance of dignity, rule of law or trappings of benevolence. To understand  how it happened – not why it happened – we need a little physics. The escalation of totalitarianism overtook the speed at which any other process whether it was Google or your local newspaper, could awake you and “the masses” to what was going on. We were surprised in our sleep by the mushrooms that grew all around us in the night and they weren’t Sacred Mushrooms.

Other persons prefer black hole analogies. Or the tyrannical system grew geometrically, but our understanding of the disease only grew arithmetically. So we got a Fait Accompli.

So What Do We Do?

What is called “outreach and dialog” is rear-view mirror, it is no longer effective. We have to understand the System Tyrant is only a process, and can only collapse. Tyrannies always abort – to be sure they can last a long while, they can grab some extra lifetime they don’t deserve by making and calling themselves Donald Duck Democracies – but they always fall apart. Towards the end things always accelerate. Its physics, again. The acceleration is incredibly rapid.

We also have to realize the circus act that has been going on since 2008 – five full years. What is called “the economy” today is a mutant thing which people, called experts, have problems talking about. Too bad that some subsections of the populace are shocked and disturbed by “the economy” imploding or mutating, or going virtual. If they voted for any of the current leaders in the “western liberal democracies” they deserve what they are watching. If not, they join the crowd of the people who quite soon will have to fight the Tyrant.

A physical fight is inevitable. Key indicators of what is coming are flashing up on a daily basis. What is called “representative democracy” is now openly meaningless. The tyrant-serving wooden tops at the top of the greasy pole of politics are meaningless. The reason is they have already served the Tyrant, they served the process of destroying the future. The wooden tops are now totally surplus and can disappear, can be interchanged overnight, can resign or can be assassinated – it has no importance. For the Average Citizen Joe or Doe, it does have importance. Their democratic politics does not work and does serve tyranny. Denying that is getting mighty difficult.

The Tyrant System and Process is pedal to the metal, now. It will and can only make it inevitable – inevitable – that small but active minority groups spring up, and challenge the Tyrant the only way the Tyrant understands. By violence, sabotage, and insult to his System. This is due to where we are at, now. Pretending the contrary is no longer worth the sweat. Street protest is of course fine, to fill the 24/7 news shows and give the news show Talking Heads their paid slots to blether about, but actions always talk louder than words. These actions will always be led by small, highly motivated and highly active groups. For them, revolution is permanent.

A velvet revolution is always better… but that all depends on the Tyrant. 

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