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MSNBC anchor Martin Bashir resigns over his puzzling fetish remarks

21st Century Wire says…

It was perhaps the most embarrassing and off-colour set of remarks in broadcast TV history. Now the British interloper of America’s ultra-left wing media, Martin Bashir, is realizing the true cost of his fatal gaff, which has put more than just a kink in his illustrious media curriculum vitae.

MSNBC anchor Martin Bashir’s public career suicide took place on November 15th when British-born “journalist” Bashir suggested that the popular former US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin should be made to eat human feces. Shocking is an understatement. It’s still amazing to think he actually went that far.

Bashir avoided a royal spanking by network bosses today when he “tendered his resignation”, which is the media industry’s polite way of really saying:  you’re sacked.

“Martin is a good man and respected colleague – we wish him only the best,” said MSNBC president Phil Griffin. Of course, he must be. Anyway, moving right along… 

Immediately after the verbal attack took place, a few 21WIRE analysts were quick to flag up the possibility that there might be more to Bashir’s comments than just a nasty partisan dig at Palin. The big question: why on earth, with all the possible angles to insult and attack at his disposal, would Bashir ever allude to such a tragically degrading example of illicit humiliation? Was he really trying that hard to fit in to MSNBC’s psychotic liberal media culture?

During his time in New York, one can only guess which sordid practices Bashir has exposed himself to over the years. The Big Apple is notorious for its underworld of clubs and other fetish-oriented activities. You would hate to be the TV personality who pioneered a new and horrific term for that seedy scene, but he’s done it.

1-Martin-Bashir-MSNBC-PalinSo where does Bashir go from here? It’s hard to say, but it looks unlikely that anyone with a respectable brand would want to be tarred with Bashir’s toxic trail of verbal mishaps.  According to chatter already building in media insider chat circles, the following could be Martin Bashir’s remaining career options:

1. Features editor for Erotica Review Magazine.

2. Headline host for an underground New York fetish club.

3. Spokesperson for Rubberwear.

4. Head of Mayor Boris Johnson’s task force on diversity. 

5. News anchor for Channel 5 in the UK.

Good luck Martin, we’ll miss you in those ridiculous ‘Lean Forward’ commercials.




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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue