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Obama Now Preparing for Naval Missile Strike Against Syria

21st Century Wire says…

President Obama’s White House is clearly feeling the pressure from the war makers in the US establishment, the City of London and the Israeli lobby – to strike Syria militarily from the Mediterranean Sea.

White House discussions come amid arrangements for U.S. military assets in the region to be repositioned for an upcoming strike.

IMAGE: Obama is getting ready for his first authentic war, preparing to join an exclusive club of cold-blooded, war-making US Presidents (Photo: Wikicommons).

Based on the talk this week of the west already implicating the Assad regime – and not US-backed rebels, for a chemical weapons attack, based solely on the opposition’s hearsay reporting and without any investigation… it appears that the Obama Administration are preparing to cave into the pressure and launch an unprovoked “punitive” airstrike against the country of Syria.

But as we’ve learned from past US Presidents, evidence is not necessary to justify a military strike against another sovereign state.

21st Century Wire reported already this week, that the evidence is overwhelming how the opposition-rebel confab has been preparing and using chemical weapons in Syria in order to open the door for a US-led “coalition military strike” against the Assad regime.

We also revealed how the western media has buried reports from earlier this year that US may have already backed a plan to send Libyan chemical weapons into Syria for rebel use, in order to blame an attack on the Syrian government.

The UN already found rebels guilty of dabbling in chemical weapons, but the Washington-London axis is ignoring any conclusions which do not fit their public desire for regime change and the complete restructuring of Syria – even as their own rebel/FSA allies threaten more chemical attacks today.

CBS News has the latest…

Syria options weighed as U.S. forces move closer

WASHINGTON – U.S. naval forces are moving closer to Syria as President Obama considers military options for responding to the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Assad government. The president emphasized that a quick intervention in the Syrian civil war was problematic, given the international considerations that should precede a military strike.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel declined to discuss any specific force movements while saying that Mr. Obama had asked the Pentagon to prepare military options for Syria.

The Pentagon has dispatched into the eastern Mediterranean a fourth warship armed with ballistic missiles capable of striking Syrian targets.

CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reported Friday that the Pentagon is making the initial preparations for a cruise-missile attack on Syrian government forces. Such an attack wouldn’t happen until the president gives the green light, and it was clear during an interview on CNN Friday that he is not there yet…

Read more at Washington Post

U.S. preps for possible cruise missile attack on Syrian gov’t forces

CBS News has learned that the Pentagon is making the initial preparations for a cruise missile attack on Syrian government forces. We say “initial preparations” because such an attack won’t happen until the president gives the green light. And it was clear during an interview on CNN Friday that he is not there yet.

“If the U.S. goes in and attacks another country, without a U.N. mandate and without clear evidence that can be presented,” the president told CNN, “then there are questions in terms of whether international law supports it — ‘do we have the coalition to make it work?’ Those are considerations that we have to take into account.”

The attack on the Damascus suburbs, which left hundreds dead this week, is looking more and more like a poison gas was used. The United States warned Syria months ago that using chemical weapons could provoke a U.S. response.

U.S. detected activity at Syria chemical weapons sites before attack

Hundreds dead in Syria after alleged chemical weapons attack

Syria opposition group claims 1,300 killed in chemical attack in Damascus suburbs

President Obama’s national security adviser, Susan Rice, sent out a Tweet on Friday, calling what happened “an apparent CW (chemical weapons) attack.” And the commander of U.S. forces in the Mediterranean has ordered Navy warships to move closer to Syria to be ready for a possible cruise missile strike…

Read more at on Cruise Missile prepping at CBS news

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