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‘Obama’s plan to arm Syrian rebels means siding with Terrorists’ says Rand Paul

21st Century Wire says…

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R) is making the right point here, highlighting the nonsensical policy championed by both the Obama White House and wayward neoconservative dinosaurs like John McCain (R) and Lindsey Graham (R) of arming al Qaeda mercenary terrorists like the Saudi-backed  al Nursa Front in Syria.

RT reports:

Ending the violence, protecting civilians and defending human rights – these are the key issues the Syrian National Coalition plans to discuss during its unofficial forum with the UN Security Council in New York on Friday. But amid all the declared noble causes, the opposition group, which has no official status, reportedly hopes to open up weapon supplies, during a meeting with the US Secretary of State. Senator Rand Paul condemned the idea of arming the rebels, saying this would mean siding with terrorists…

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