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Race-baiting in 2013: Obama’s ‘Injured Voice’

21st Century Wire says…

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PHOTO: Obama feels compelled to deploy the lowest political rhetoric available.

President Obama sunk to perhaps the lowest point in his presidency this past weekend while giving a speech to the graduates of black college, Morehouse State University in  Kentucky.

It’s one thing to change your accent and phonics significantly in order to pander to your audience, or to put on an injured voice for effect – hoping to win cheap points from the crowd (you’d hope a US President would not feel he has to do that, but oh well…), but it’s quite another thing altogether to take a shrill approach to political speech by scraping the bottom of the political barrel by engaging race-baiting.

Barack Obama, who attended expensive private school while raised by his Anglo Saxon family, and who spent most of his young life in places like Hawaii and and overseas in Indonesia, and later at Ivy League Harvard, preached to students about the difficulties of living under segregationist “Jim Crow Laws” in America’s old south, and appears to be asking these bright young, forward-thinking black graduates to identify with that era in American history.

Obama did not grow up in black America, nor did he grow disadvantaged. Instead he was wraised with every white advantage imaginable. Still though, the President felt the need to equate himself with natural born African-Americans, saying to the crowd, “The history WE share, should give you hope.”

Any way you cut it, this doesn’t sound like a President in his second term. It sounds like someone with a chip on their shoulder. It sounds more like a political player.

Perhaps some Morehouse State graduates might be curious to know if Obama managed to attend any classes at Columbia University, or if he received financial aid as a foreign national at Occidental College, but unfortunately, they will never find out because the President sealed all of his personal and school records with his first act as President – Executive Order 13489 in January 2009.

Radio host Michael Savage takes the president’s speech apart, exposing the White House’s worst exhibition race-baiting yet…

Listen to the full speech at Morehouse State here:

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