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It’s Time For Barack Obama to Return That Nobel Peace Prize

Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

I know this is not cool in the world of politics, but let’s be real, for once…

The dirt hadn’t even gotten on the White House rug before Barack Hussein Obama took a taxpayers’ jet to Norway in February 2009 to collect a Noble Peace Prize. Those who were awake at the time were scratching their heads trying to figure out what he had done after 3 weeks in office to deserve such an award.

The Nobel gang defines the criteria for their gong as follows:

“To the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

We gave up scratching our heads already, and after all the drone assassinations, the bombing and slaughter in Libya, thousands of troops deployed and new drone bases in Africa, followed by the arming and funding of known terrorist militants in Syria, and let’s not forget about Gitmo – that gulag which he swore he’d close when he was begging for votes in 2008 (now he wants another $200 million to renovate and expand it) – the sober majority are beginning to inquire whether or not he has the moral integrity to return it. The answer to that question should be obvious by now, but for those who are still smoking the old hope and change pipe, we’ll try and break it down in more detail…

From the word go, this Peace Prize winner’s response to the mad Kim Jung-un’s comic regime’s bombastic, yet hollow threats… was not diplomacy, but rather – a nuclear-armed B2 Stealth flyover and joint F22-Naval Destroyer exercise, in what Washington dubbed proudly as, “a show of force”. Add to this all the DC talk of a US preemptive strike on North Korea and you will at least have the postage back to Oslo.

Of course, there’s the Iranian issue still to deal with. Many of Obama’s ardent supporters claim that on this issue alone, he has really earned the prize, by virtue of the fact that he hasn’t yet bombed or launched a preemptive strike against Tehran. Most comforting, especially for the kangaroo committee  in Oslo, who actually claimed, at the time, that the reason they had dished out the accolade for Obama in the first place was simply, “to encourage him to do the right thing”. Aside from the team at MSNBC, no one can safely say that their strategy worked, nor can anyone rightly say that they’ve ever heard of such a back-to-front justification for an award, which makes it the world’s first ever ‘pre-emptive peace prize’. It’s sort of like if the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gave Ben Stiller an Oscar for a film not yet made, in the hopes that he will one day make a really meaningful piece of moving art.


The Dear Leader, looking down at the other Dear Leader.

By the same rationale, Kim Jung-un should get the Peace Prize too – for not misfiring any of his unreliable arsenal of sub-standard rockets over the DMZ as a response to Obama’s aggressive provocations and nuclear threats, but for not firing back at him geopolitical nemesis. You could say that the young dictator might well benefit from such an award which would boost his self-confidence like it did the inexperienced American President 4 years ago.

The only logical conclusion is that Obama’s award was handed to him for some reason which the general public are not privy to – and it probably didn’t have anything to do with ‘world peace’. Quite the opposite. More than likely, it was about marketing and money. Still, something substantial must have changed hands at the time, or some international favour promised. Studios can buy Oscars, and record labels can buy Grammys, so too can governments buy a Noble Peace Prize.

The Nobel brand is already a damaged one, judging by some of its past club entrants. These ones particularly stand out…

Henry Kissinger (1973) – For negoiating the peace treaty ‘that ended the Vietnam War’, but no mention of the millions dead from the carpet bombing of Cambodia, Laos and North Vietnam. Nice.

Menachem Begin (1978) – Former terrorist who helped to ethnically cleanse the indigenous Palestinian population to make way for the Jewish State, Begin was given the gong for helping make Carter’s Camp David accord happen. The theme here is: “helped make America look good internationally”, while the US arms the Israelis through the back door. Still no apology to the natives.

Shimon Peres (1994) – Another kind and gentle peacenik from the pacifist secular democratic state known as Israel.  A lovely man, who “helped make Clinton look useful”. Again, still no apology to the natives.

Kofi Annan and the UN (2001) – Nobel gang claim that the UN’s work somehow “better organized and more peaceful world”. Little did they know (or knew) that it would be the UN and its hand-picked US agent Kofi Annan who would clear the way for two of the most infamous interventions in modern history – the invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. Nice work.

Al Gore (2007) – For inventing the internet and anthropogenic global warming. I’m not serious.

The European Union (2012) – This one, “for [having] over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe.” This is what happens when the establishment begins to run out of genuinely good propaganda. EU sanctions against innocent people worldwide, along with turning a blind eye to member states’ gun-running into Syria via Turkey and Jordan should mean their award gets sent back with Barack’s.

Pol Pot (2013) – Just kidding. Point made.

We can all agree then that the Nobel Committee’s experimental preemptive awards strategy with Obama didn’t really work out too well, so it’s only right that he hands it back immediately so as the committee can give it to someone who actually deserves it.

While the media remain eternally forgetful, and the Republican opposition remain as vested in Washington’s political mafia as the Democrats, the un-silent majority are beginning to spring into action. There are already a number of different, independently organised campaigns for Nobel award accuracy on Obama’s token prize, which tells you what people around the world really think of the White House’s latest used war salesman. Disinfo.com reported recently:
(…) A challenge has begun with the launch of a petition urging the Norwegian Nobel Committee to revoke Obama’s Peace Prize. By midnight of the first day, nearly 10,000 people had signed. The online petition simply tells the Nobel committee: “I urge you to rescind the Nobel Peace Prize that was awarded to Barack Obama.”

Many signers have added their own comments. Here are some samples:

“It is with very great regret that I sign this petition, but I feel it is morally the right thing to do. I had phenomenally high hopes that our President would be a torch bearer for the true message of Peace. Instead he has brought death, destruction and devastation to vast areas of the world, and made us less safe by creating more enemies.”  Sushila C., Punta Gorda, FL

“War is nothing to be given a peace prize for.”  Brent L., San Diego, CA

“President Obama has clearly demonstrated that he is undeserving of the Nobel Peace Prize. Revoke his prize and give it to Bradley Manning!”  Henry B., Portland, OR

“Perhaps a better president than Bush or Romney, but not a Nobel laureate for peace.”  Arun N., Woodinville, WA

“I honestly cannot understand how they could bestow that honor on President Obama to begin with; I’m still puzzled!”  Cindy A., Phoenix, AR

“Giving the prize to President Obama has degraded the esteem the Nobel Prize once had as a means of recognizing the best of us. It now represents a pat on the back for the thugs that roam freely amongst our governments. That decision has made me question the integrity of all previous nominations, and wonder if the entire Nobel Prize program is nothing but a sham.”  Juan F., Arcata, CA

“Continued occupation of Afghanistan and drone strikes across national borders are NOT the actions of a peacemaker. Mr. Obama has defiled the good will of the Nobel prize.”  Dudley D., Chicago, IL

“His actions are speaking louder than his words. He has continued Bush’s torture policy and both wars. He has sent armed drones in to remote places and only questionably killed terrorists, but definitely killed civilians. He does not deserve it.”  Katherine M., San Diego, CA

“Les espoirs envers Obama étaient élevés, les résultats décevants.”  André T., Quebec City, Canada

“A President for Peace? Tell that to the thousands of innocent men, women and hundreds of children that have been killed in drone strikes during the Obama administration. It was laughable that this coveted prize was given to him in the first place but now it is just obscene!”  Barlee R., Antioch, CA

“Allowing the Nobel Peace Prize to remain in Obama’s name forsakes the very creed the prize is meant to represent. Please don’t (continue to) be a hypocrite — no way in Hell does that man deserve to be credited in any way for being a peacemaker. I said the same for Bush by the way — so don’t think I’m just some partisan nutcase obsessed with bashing Obama. I simply speak the Truth as often as possible and let the chips fall where they may. Many of us peaceful, compassionate folks would like to have this message droned into your collective heads. Obama is just another puppet doing the bidding of the greedy, mass-murdering global elite.”  Greg C., Manhattan, KS

“The peace prize should be awarded to Pfc. Bradley Manning instead.”  Robert F., Santa Clara, CA

“This would be an extraordinarily bold move, but it certainly would send a message to the world that peace means peace, not war.”  David G., Portland, OR

“I so wish President Obama had lived up to the award he was given. Instead he has chosen to continue and expand the horrors being perpetrated by our country. War is not ever the answer.”  Carol G., Goshen, IN

“Droning people to death is not peace.”  William S., New York, NY

“Not being George W. Bush was never sufficient ground for this award, and Mr. Obama’s enthusiastic support for the extension of empire, fossil fuels, raw military power, and other violence against the earth and its people is further evidence of its unwisdom.”  Scott W., Durham, NC

“One must walk the walk of peace, not just talk the talk of peace in order to earn the Peace Prize.”  Paul M., Los Angeles, CA

“Drone Bombs create more terrorists than they kill.”  Jay J., Roachdale, IN

“A war criminal is not worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize.”  Lars P., Afton, WI

“Our President had an unprecedented opportunity to effect a turn-around in foreign policy after the illegal and failed wars of his predecessor. He was hired to do so; but he has squandered the opportunity and has in fact increased U.S. aggression. He does not deserve to be known as a Nobel Peace Prize recipient.”  Lynn J., Roslyn, PA

“The PEACE prize should be given to those that work toward PEACE, not the ones that only talk about it.”  Karen W., Weirsdale, FL

“Take it from Obama and give it to its rightful owner, Bradley Manning.”  Rand K., Hotchkiss, CO

“I urge you to rescind the Nobel from this coward who kills children with drones. Are you intentionally making the peace prize a joke or are you just not too bright?”  Janet M., Charlottetown, CA

“He’s not as big a war criminal as Kissinger, so you should revoke both.”  Earl F., Santa Maria, CA

“This man is a disgrace in the cause of peace. What were you thinking?”  Sherrill F., Davis, CA

“Given his actions and policies, Obama is more a Man of Pieces — as in, ‘Blow them to pieces!’ — than he is a Man of peace.”  Marcus M., San Rafael, CA

“He’s done nothing to deserve it; and he’s done many things to destroy peace in this world.”  Danny D., Shoreline, WA

“This human has killed more after he got the prize.”  Thomas P., Lewiston, CA

“He obtained the award on promises he didn’t keep.”  Ron B., Bend, OR

“President Obama’s actions have shown that his words were meaningless. The Nobel Peace Prize means little if it’s so easily given away.”  Debra J., Pasadena, MD

“As an Obama voter I am deeply disappointed. It was bad judgment to give it to him in the first place.”  Tim K., Long Prairie, MN

“Drones are offensive weapons, in every sense of the word.”  Richard F., Portland, OR

“As much of an Obama supporter I am, perhaps stripping him of this award would get his attention, nothing else seems to be getting the message across that the American People have had enough of multiple trillion dollar unnecessary wars.”  Vern M., Albuquerque, NM

“Obama is a smiling war monger.”  Jon M., Wellington, New Zealand

“Under Obama’s leadership our assassination-by-drone foreign policy has increased dramatically, which makes him a war criminal.”  Frank S., Bellingham, WA

“As a constituent and two-time voter for Barack Obama, I am dismayed and frightened at the warmongering ways he has displayed as our leader. I urge the revocation of his undeserved Nobel prize.”  Samuel P., Colton, CA

“What a good idea! Yes, he has the blood of many innocents on his hands.”  Gene A., Athens, OH

“He should have never got it in the first place!”  David S., Everett, WA

“I voted for the president in both elections but I do not feel he ever deserved the Nobel Peace Prize! Please rescind it!”  Carol H., Michigan City, IN

“Please start with Henry Kissinger before Obama, whose hands are tied.”  Bob S., Gibsons, BC, Canada

“Giving him a Nobel Peace Prize is an affront to the deep heritage of true peacemakers who well deserved it. Obama has waged continuous war, torture and other violence since being President. Please revoke it now.”  Barry S., Macdoel, CA

“Bush gave us 2 unfunded wars. Will Obama add a few more? Stop wars, drones and killing with other people’s children.”  Burt S., Pompton Plains, NJ

“I voted for Obama — twice. I am very sad to sign this petition, but I believe in my heart, what he has done with drones is totally wrong!”  Gloria H., Santa Rosa, CA

“Obama’s deeds do not match his words.”  Evalyn S., Walnut Creek, CA

“You lost any credibility giving Obama the peace prize. Fix it.”  Camilo B., Long Beach, CA

“Obama’s harsh treatment of whistleblowers who are trying to expose the outlandish abuses of the military/corporate state disqualify him from any awards given to peacemakers.”  David L., Alamosa, CO

“It’s real sad that the promises that were made by Barack Obama concerning nearly everything have been lost with his sellout to corporate greed. We need a real leader for Peace.”  Al B., Ignacio, CO

“I had high hopes for this President when I voted for him. I believed him to be a peace maker, unlike the hawk who was his predecessor. However, there seems to be no effort at peacemaking, at reconciliation, at hope, and killing-by-drone simply leads to more fear and hatred. I fear the day that the government will try to control US with them, too.”  Louise A., Greenfield, MA

“You gave him the Nobel Peace Prize too soon. His use of drones and killing of innocent civilians attests to his being anything but a peace-maker.”  Rev. Sandy G., San Francisco, CA

“It is not a good example of what peace means when the Nobel Prize is awarded to the leader of a nation engaging in war as a business strategy. Make a statement, please.”  Chandra P., Walsenburg, CO

“I, like so many others, gave this man the benefit of the doubt. It has been thrown back in our faces.”  Chris C., Harrogate, Great Britain

“He never deserved it and he hasn’t earned it. Yes, please, take it back.”  Jackie F., Oakland, CA

“The Nobel Peace Prize should not be awarded to war mongers and war criminals. Therefore, please revoke the Peace Prize you awarded to President Obama in 2009.”  Fred N., Pleasanton, CA

“It is with deepest regret we ask for this but our President’s actions have not lived up to the high honor of promoting peace.”  GlendaRae H., South Bend, IN

“I don’t think anyone ever understood what Obama was supposed to have done to have deserved the Peace Prize in the first place. And I’m a lifelong Democrat, so my feeling that the Nobel Committee made a mistake is not based in political partisanship.”  Steve J., Hermosa Beach, CA

“It appears that preemptive peace prizes work about as well as preemptive wars.”  Jaan C., Alameda, CA

To read more comments, or to sign the RootsAction.org petition urging the Norwegian Nobel Committee to revoke President Obama’s Peace Prize, click here.

Unless he’s planning to crown himself world king-and-chief in the very near future, we are asking you, Barack Obama, to return your Nobel gong ASAP, and show the world what an honest politician looks like. Who knows, along with your legitimate peace prize, you might also earn that place on Mount Rushmore that men like Al Sharpton insist that you deserve.

Or… you could just carry on, and reinforce the realization which everyone is getting now – that Barack Obama was simply the next stooge in line after Bush the Younger.

America’s Peace President – who’s he gonna bomb next? Syria? Iran?

It’s time for the fraud of the alleged peace-loving Obama to end. It’s an embarrassment to Americans.

OK everyone, you may start holding your breath… now.

Special thanks to 21WIRE researcher Bart Hagel who was also a contributor to this article.





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