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Does Aurora shooter James Holmes really have a Doppelgänger?

21st Century Wire

How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go in search of the truth?

Far be it for this website to indulge in wild conspiracy theories, but curiosity sometimes gets the best us…

Let’s break this one down for a minute…

James Holmes before and afterIn fiction and folklore, it’s said that a doppelgänger (German, literally a “double goer”) is a double of a living person. This is one of the most bizarre, yet fascinating examples of that phenomenon we’ve come across yet. On the left is a photo of the alleged Aurora shooter James Holmes before and after the event. One might ask: are these really the same person? Maybe.

One could easily ignore it because the premise might seem too outlandish to even contemplate, but we thought we’d let our readers weigh in on what many will certainly label as far-fetched

Dinosaur Media

“Talking with a fellow conspiracy theorist and information in the intel tubes we compare the aurora shooter with the veteran arrested in Virginia who was making vield threats against the current administrations policys.  Was the arrest and detainment of veteren Brandon Raub an orchestrated Hoax By the department of defense, to provocateur a response from veterans.  Than when that plan failed was he sheep dipped and planted into a staged Aurora shooting as a plan to institute government gun grab.”


Medical and forensic history tells us that before fingerprinting came into use in the early 20th century, unique ear features were often used to identify people. So by applying this biometric test, made somewhat infamous recently by internet personality ‘Dallas Gold Bug’, Dinosaur Media’s blog posting certainly presents a visually compelling case for ‘a near match’ between embattled US Marine veteran Brandon Raub (with white shirt and tie) who was held in a psyche ward last August following his anti-government and ‘9/11 Truth’ posts on Facebook… and the alleged Aurora, Colorado cinema ‘lone gunman’, James Holmes (with dyed orange hair). The physical similarities are incredible… but is this real? Not likely, and here’s why….

Now look again using the “Well Aware” forensic metric by comparing the ears…

However, just because two different persons’ ears look similar, does not mean that they are the same person. Casual photo comparisons are anything but forensic and should be questioned. Many times, they do not hold up to critical scrutiny.

In all of his known photos and TV footage since the alleged event, James Holmes is visibly despondent, perhaps under the influence of some psychotic medication, and has clearly dyed his hair in the most unusual orange color – almost to the point where his hair color has become a real media distraction. 

Some may contend that the very the idea that these two distant characters, Brandon Raub and Holmes – could in fact be one in the same person is totally preposterous, and understandably so. 

Is there something totally preposterous about James Holmes and Aurora, “Batman” Shooting? Absolutely. 

That’s for our readers and citizen journalists to decide… but know that there’s plenty of Aurora information readily available online to not only disprove the official story here and here – for starters.

Obvious Anomalies at Aurora Shooting

Doppelgängers and wild conspiracies aside… consider the rather outlandish official story, arranged evidence and conflicting reports already surrounding both the Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings. It’s not a conspiracy theory to say that there were multiple shooters, or perpetrators on the scene at the infamous ‘Batman’ massacre in Aurora – because there are already eye-witness testimonies to that very fact. The only problem is that for some unknown reason, all the evidence which show multiple perps does not fit into the narrowly crafted media and law enforcement narrative of the ‘crazed lone gunman’…


Couple this strange shooting in Colorado with all the strange instances surrounding the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut, and it’s little wonder that the “conspiracy theorists” are boiling over with speculation.

Readers need to decide for themselves whether these kind of scenarios are real or not…

The anomalies in the videos above alone should raise doubts about the truthfulness of the official story. More analysis of the Aurora event can be found here

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