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How aware are you of how humans and animals are completely dependent on magnetic fields?

21st Century Wire

Although scientists are well aware of the effects radiation has on the populace via devices like cell phones and other microwave emitters, most people in the public are mostly ignorant of the microwaves being emitted from their everyday technological applications.

Scientists not working for the telecommunications industry have made some profound discoveries in recent years, and industry regulators have either been slow to react, or they have simply ignored the new findings. Unfortunately for us, the ramifications of this ignorance has dire consequences for humanity as a whole.

Now there is finally a scientific basis which has finally connected the link between Schumann resonance (7.84 Hz) and our human health. This is based on the concept of circadian rhythms, of which we depend. Changes in our electromagnetic and ELF environment will ultimately affect us, as well as living things around us.

Microwave radiation does affect the health and well-being of bees as well. There is no reason to refute these findings, other than the pursuit of profit and perhaps more sinister motives too disturbing for many to even comprehend. Educate yourself and spread this information to your friends and family. So what is our next move?



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