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Another Out-Of-Court Bailout? McAlpine to seek larger ITV payout, possibly 500K

21st Century Wire says: Too scared to Tweet for fear of another McLibel? First the license paying public get slapped with a snap payout to McAlpine – even though the BBC never actually libeled the man – so what is the technical basis for the payout again? Will we ever know? Tip of the cap, eh. Now ITV are queuing up to make a contribute to the cause, say GBP 500,000? What? Did ITV also libel McAlpine? It’s highly debatable and the public will be interested to see what happens here. Is this just another out-of-court bailout – for the those who don’t need bailing out? This is eerily similar to another recent payout (what will be the total damages collected by the time it’s all said and done?) for a certain set of topless photos published in French magazine CLOSER  – arguably a PR stunt which some folks out there have said bares all the hallmarks of a ‘set-up’ right from the beginning. Keep and eye on this one – and that other one…

‘Scholfield’s List’ – did anyone actually see it?

The Sun

LAWYERS for Lord McAlpine are seeking a larger payout from ITV than the £185,000 they received from the BBC last week, they have confirmed.

The former Tory’s legal team said today it is looking to get a bigger figure from This Morning, which is thought to have until this afternoon to respond to demands.

The channel sparked fury after presenter Phillip Schofield brandished a list of names of alleged abusers which he had found on the internet and handed it to the Prime Minister during a live interview, asking if he would investigate them.

Ofcom has also launched an investigation into the incident, while ITV said that disciplinary action had been taken.

The broadcaster has been contacted by Lord McAlpine’s lawyers, and is expected to have to respond by the end of today.

Reports today claimed that ITV could be forced to pay out up to £500,000 in damages.

An ITV spokesman said: “We have received correspondence from Lord McAlpine’s representatives and we will be responding in due course.”

ITV is the second name in a long list of organisations and individuals who wrongly linked Lord McAlpine to a paedophile ring.

Action is also being prepared against a large number of Twitter users – including Sally Bercow, the wife of the Commons Speaker – who identified the peer in connection with the false sex abuse claims…

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