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Two Jags Prescott Loses Out on Nice Perks Job – but delivers exit warning about ‘Privatisation of Police’

Prescott: Hoped to trade in his two Jags for a new motorbike.

Patrick Henningsen

21st Century Wire

Two Jags lost on Friday, but as we still left pondering why the state has created this new Police Commissioner’s office in the first place – in the end, we’re now wondering if he might have actually been a better candidate for the job…

Former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, famous for having two Jaguar cars whilst on the taxpayer clock, lost out yesterday in the Humberside Police election to wealthy Tory businessman, Matthew Gove.

Voter turnout across Britain was abysmal with the lowest region showing a pathetic 7% of eligible voters at the polls. Humberside area was high in comparison with a 19.48%, in the end Prescott came up 2,000 votes short, not enough to win this nice little retirement position, no doubt with all the usual perks and payouts of a newly created high profile public-funded ‘CEO’ office. As they say, “it beats working”.

Lord ‘Two Jags’ did surprise 21st Century Wire readers however, with an unusually relevant point on his way off the stage, as Prescott quite rightly warned the British public against the “privatisation of the police”. A moment of clarity…Prescott would’ve got my vote on that comment alone.

If Lord Prescott is in fact, serious to his word on the dangers of a private policing force in Britain, then we would hope (but certainly not holding our breath) that he would consider become a campaigner against the corporatisation of the UK’s struggling police force, is dystopian future where sworn-in officers and support workers are being replaced — with for-profit ‘staff’ from insider-approved contractors like G4S and Serco, and not accountable to the public – only accountable only to their shareholders.

Also up for grabs in the high stakes, state-funded gold rush for lucrative contracts are the UK’s already gargantuan surveillance system contracts (which has yet to put a noticeable dent in crime rates) and the rolling out of new drone and cyber snooping units throughout the country in the next decade as Britain rushes to maintain its leading role in implementing ‘modernised’ domestic police state operational measures. This trend is extremely fascist in nature, as it facilitates the convergence of state and corporate interests in the extreme.

The editorial team of this website, and surely too, others we’ve discussed the issue with, believe this latest move is a localised, globalist-oriented transition currently being rolled out in Britain in order to politicise the police forces, further degrading their overall accountability, and opening up the institution to a whole new level of corruption — where the heads of police can now interface directly with various business interests on a regional level.

By all accounts, it’s a dangerous road ahead.

If you are in any doubt as to what the future holds for this country with a privatised police force, then just take a few minutes to watch this shocking news report we shot recently. The victim in this film could be anybody…

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