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The Pedo Files: MP, Bishop ‘Pillars of the Community’ Abused Kids


THE SUN – Legendary MP Sir Cyril Smith was dramatically unmasked as a paedophile in the Commons yesterday.

MP Sir Cyril Smith

The Lib Dem heavyweight was blasted as a perverted “29st bully” — in a debate on the abuse scandal rocking Britain in the wake of the Jimmy Savile revelations.

Hushed MPs heard how the lifelong bachelor, who died aged 82 two years ago, left victims “quivering wrecks”.

The revelations were made hours after child sex probe cops arrested an ex-BISHOP who is a friend of Prince Charles.

Retired Bishop of Lewes and Gloucester Peter Ball, 80, became the most senior member of a suspected Church of England paedo ring to be grilled about boy victims as young as 12.

Police also revealed a BBC radio presenter is to appear in court accused of preying on children.

Michael Souter, 59, was yesterday charged with 18 offences against young boys.

Last night the Beeb refused to comment on the allegations against the former Radio Norfolk host.

In the Commons MPs were aghast at the revelations Cyril Smith got away with abusing youngsters for years.

Like depraved BBC DJ Savile — who died last year — the MP was dogged during his life by rumours he targeted youngsters.

And just like Savile, cops investigated him — but no action was taken…

Anglican Bishop Peter Ball with Prince Charles

Labour’s Simon Danczuk — Smith’s successor as MP for Rochdale — said as he lifted the lid on the scandal: “Young boys were humiliated, terrified and reduced to quivering wrecks by this 29-stone bully imposing himself on them.”

He demanded: “Why was this ever allowed to happen?”

And he hit out at a “culture of cover-up” that he said “extends right to the heart of our political establishment”

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