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This is what the BBC are expecting you to pay for – Jimmy Savile and George Entwistle’s golden parachute.

Putting things into perspective…

The over-inflated blimp known as the BBC has long sold off its TV License collection business to Capita Ltd and others, to carry out that dirty job of extorting hundreds of pounds from peaceful citizens in order to make programs people don’t like and don’t watch, and to pay millions to people like Jonathan Ross – and Jimmy Savile.

Worse yet, the BBC paid off their outgoing DG George Entwistle to the tune of GBP 450,000 ++ for just 55 days work. Remember: ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’. Great if you have a ticket on that gravy train, but if you don’t, then you are expected to pay your 140 quid – and shut up.

Now the plebs are seriously pissed off…

They claim he resigned because of Newsnight’s vs Lord McApline and the leak that wasn’t, but in reality, that money was paid to keep him quiet about what he really knew, while the BBC drags its heals ‘investigating itself’ on its cover-up.

TV License is a register trademark of the BBC, but they have almost franchised it out – for a profit one would hope, to their esteemed private partners.

One thing is certain, they are counting on the public to be stupid in order to make this bad deal work.

So when Capita Ltd or another private outfit come threatening you with a massive fine or a jail sentence if you don’t pay, do remember your rights. By definition, if a limited company come to your door demanding money for a service you don’t use, that can be viewed as soliciting. The fines and jail threats appear to be excessive, when you consider how the TV license deal is currently structured. Is solicitation, backed by threats, legal in Britain?

What’s a license anyway?

Worse yet, the concept of a “license” infers that if you don’t hold one, then you are operating illegally. There is nothing “illegal” under common law about operating a TV without a license. You can only be nailed in a statutory, or ‘administrative’ court – not for breaking the law, but for violating corporate policy. They need to sort out this grey area or this thing just won’t work.

Here’s novel idea for the BBC: what if people were happy to pay? Maybe Auntie needs to consider how they can  achieve that, instead of relying on coercion, and intimidation. Maybe it’s time to live up to that lofty mantle of “Public Broadcaster” and allow the public access to its airwaves, or even allow the public onto the BBC Trust’s board. What, is that too risky? Don’t trust the public?

Let us know your thoughts below…

It’s up to you to know where you stand on this issue, but when the TV inspector comes calling, remember that you have choices.

Here’s one man exercising his… 




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