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Yet another breech in the MSM information firewall means we’re making an impact…

Editor: It was a story we broke here, and once again, the corporate mainstream media have taken it up, this weekend with a double-paged spread in London’s Daily Express…


By Giles Sheldrick

TOURING the exclusive nightclubs of London in a hedonistic procession of binge-drinking and drug-taking felt like heaven to Ben Fellows, then a starry-eyed teenage actor desperate to make a name for himself in showbusiness.

For someone from the nondescript Birmingham suburbs being whisked through VIP entrances at some of the capital’s most fashionable hang-outs was alluring and deeply addictive.

The drinks were always free and beautiful women would gyrate provocatively in a haze of flashing neon while all around him men – some married – would whisper suggestive comments in his ear before disappearing into the toilets to snort the obligatory line of cocaine.

Ben was just 13 when he arrived in London, against his parents’ wishes. Although he stayed with relatives he
was out feasting on a nightly cocktail of champagne and cocaine, unwittingly being paraded like a glittering
under-age trophy.

And it’s only now, as the Jimmy Savile sex scandal engulfs the BBC, that he feels compelled to lift the lid on a culture of depravity and wanton excess that reaches the very heart of Britain’s entertainment industry and shines a light on the corporation which is held so dear by the general public that it is affectionately known as Auntie.

“She knew how old I was. I was just 15 for goodness sake but it didn’t seem to matter.”

He didn’t know it at the time but Ben was the newest member of a deeply sinister and secret club in which young and vulnerable innocents like him were passed around and abused like playthings.

The leaders of this shameless parade in this plastic world were – indeed still are – household names.

Incredibly he says he was bedded by a current female BBC employee working in children’s entertainment when he was just 15 and snorted lines of cocaine with one of Britain’s best-loved stars who is still regularly seen on television.

He was propositioned by married actors and thespians with a penchant for boys and was almost raped in a grubby hotel room by one of the biggest TV stars of the Eighties.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue