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Ben Fellows

Guest Columnist
21st Century Wire

Sept 11, 2012

After breaking the story about the corruption and scandal of the Olympic 2012 private security fiasco and being D-Noticed by the UK government’s department of Information dispersal, the hits just keep on coming.

I decided, having being inspired by alternative media organisations like the UK Column, Lou Collins, and the 21st Century Wire. So I set-up the Ben Fellows Radio Show on internet radio in an attempt to try to have a voice and give a voice to people and organisations who are ignored by the mainstream.

As you all probably know that whilst the Olympic story was going around the world I had my car stolen off my drive, luckily I saw the car being driven off and called the police. The police arrived at my house within five minutes of my call, then within three hours my car was found apparently having been used in a robbery. Of course, if I hadn’t seen my car being stolen I would have probably been arrested and even though no charges would have been brought the headlines would have said “Olympic whistleblower is a thief!” Of course the retraction wouldn’t have made the press. I’m, of course, just speculating but I know how this criminal government operates.

My emails aren’t now reaching senders. I have just had an email returned as undeliverable tonight a week after I sent it. So having set up a simple website to do The Ben Fellows Radio Show, Google were refusing to let the home page of our site be found on a Google search – until finally listing it today – after raising hell with the Google Gods. To find the website now you had to put the full web address www.thebenfellowsradioshow.com into the browser to even find it. Techno-hurdles.

We’ve only done two pre-recorded shows. The first was on health with Leah Golde and the second show today about the scourge of fluoridation with Joy Warren from West Midlands Against Fluoride. On both occasions our Skype connection has gone down just before the interviews begin. We have tested the connections I can use Skype to chat to people off air but as soon as we do an interview we’ve been unable to make contact – even though we’ve been online and speaking on the landline.

Now, Twitter suspended my account today after publishing our second show and have accused me of spamming even though I’ve only sent three tweets via our internet radio provider. One was a test and the other two were the publishing of our two radio interviews.

Just before you think I’m paranoid I know the tactics that they use having been an investigative journalist for nearly twenty years. The reason I set up The Ben Fellows Radio Show is to help get information out about how the globalist elite have taken over our country and are killing us incrementally with Chem Trails, Vaccines, RFID chips, chemical foods and fluoride (which is toxic wast),  medicating us whether we want it or not pumping it into our homes through our water supply.

This is really happening. Nobody believed me when I said that drones would be flying during the Olympics and then would stay afterwards that has happened, G4S are taking over all police duties that has also happened, everything that I have said has come true and of course now they are so terrified of me doing a radio show that they’re trying to stop it before it’s even started! In the 90’s I helped to break the “Cash for Questions” scandal which got the last Conservative Government kicked out, I’ve exposed gun running being allowed by the police and exploitation of illegal immigrants by major UK corporations. We are moving into complete darkness, the criminal elite want us asleep, drugged with medication and hypnotised by television so that they can reduce the population and attain total control like North Korea and China.

I am making this pledge right here and now: Prime Minister David Cameron, if  you want to get your cyber spooks to harass me? I love being harassed, I love a fight for truth and freedom, that’s what I get up for in the morning you criminals… BRING IT ON.

Please support our informational radio show – www.thebenfellowsradioshow.com and we will deliver truth and reveal the very real globalist conspiracy so that we can all protest, resist and get active to stop the take over.

In trouble for spamming on twitter after sending 3 tweets, LOL!!!





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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue