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Confirmed: FBI Raids Home of Former Trump Manager Paul Manafort

21st Century Wire says…

It’s been confirmed that the FBI did conduct a predawn raid of the home of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, in early hours of July 26th – without prior warning.

FBI agents working with special counsel Robert Mueller executed a search warrant and seized “various records” and equipment from Manafort’s Virginia residency.

Manafort’s spokesman, Jason Maloni, told The Guardian: “FBI agents executed a search warrant at one of Mr Manafort’s residences. Mr Manafort has consistently cooperated with law enforcement and other serious inquiries and did so on this occasion as well.”

“This is a criminal investigation,” said former Superior Court Judge and FOX News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano.

The move by FBI suggests that the probe is extending outward, in the agency’s effort to try and tie President Trump to the Russia investigation.


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