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YEMEN: “Saudis, Emiratis and USA are Inflicting a War of Genocide Against the Houthis ~ Prof. Francis Boyle


“In a nutshell the Saudis, Emiratis and the USA are inflicting a war of genocide against the Houthis,” University of Illinois Professor of International Law Francis Boyle said on Thursday.

Any increase in US military support for the Saudi-led coalition conducting air strikes against Houthi rebels in Yemeni would aid a military campaign amounting to genocide against the ‎Houthis and their Zaidi allies in Yemen, analysts told Sputnik.

The US Department of Defense is considering increasing its support for Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Arab allies in their support for the government of Yemen seeking to suppress Houthi rebel forces, according to US media reports this week.

700 days
Accounting for 700 days of a US/UK/EU/UN supported Saudi Coalition war of aggression against the Yemeni people. (Photo: Legal Centre for Rights & Development)

Boyle explained that the Saudis and their allies in the Gulf Arab Emirates wanted to establish full control over the entire Arabian peninsula and also of the choke point region at the head of the Persian, or Arabian Gulf through which all oil exports, including those of Iran and Iraq were shipped by sea.

“They want to control the entire Saudi Peninsula, all its resources, and the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait through which all the oil and gas to Europe must pass,” he said.

Child arwa
Yemeni child injured in Saudi Coalition airstrike. (Photo: Arwa Rights)

Political commentator John Walsh told Sputnik the United States supported the Saudis and the current Yemeni government against the Houthi rebels, but it ignored the fact that the Saudis and their Gulf allies also backed Islamist extremists whom Washington also fights.

“They [the Saudis] are fighting the Houthis on the excuse that they are ‘agents of Iran’, part of the fairy tale narrative fed us,” he said.

US support of the Saudis and their allies in the Yemen civil war was ultimately motivated by a determination to maintain and extend Washington’s military and economic dominance in the entire region, Walsh stated.

“The United States is the last great Western Empire desperate to maintain its dominant position and striking out in every direction to do so. Its every warlike move is to be resisted. Time to end this madness before the neo-liberal-con imperialists blow us all up,” he warned.

Claims that the Houthis are “agents of Iran’ are a “fairy tale myth” are propagated by the Washington political establishment, Walsh said.

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  • Sprickoló Tömegek

    I think the prof confuses the Red Sea with the Persian Gulf.

  • friend-thru-the-storm

    This is horrific, i thought a change for the better for the Yemenis would have come with President Trump, but seemingly No.Had this been the Israelis pummeling these people there would have been international outcry & rightly so. At least Israel’s actions are in defence of its own people. It appears No One Dare Upset Saudi Arabia-again!!!

    • 7awmee7

      Trump is wrongly advised because his followers do not work in CIA and Pentagon A tragedy is coming because of his ignorance of MEast and even of Yemen ..

  • Bradley James

    The responsibility from the citizens to deliver justice to these NWO war mongering creeps is now. Our bestAttack method is to use our wallet and our feet as aWeapon. BoycottAll NYSEcompanies and pay as little tax as possible even if you have to quit your job. . Stay home and learn organic farming. Build a small green house to start. Trade and barter in a like minded community. Move to a state where you can put your property in farm status and pay little property tax like Idaho and Montana.
    Stay home. Get down to 1 car. Save gas. Do your own repairs. You will learn how and you will feel free. Use the savings to buy a stash of silver coins to trade with. In the process you will learn real valuable skills. United we stand . Starve the war mongering big government Wall St. facist beast.