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SYRIA: Dr Bouthaina Shaaban’s Message to the West, ‘Corporate Media has Caused Death and Destruction in Syria’

21st-century2Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

Today, in Damascus, I met with Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, political and media adviser to the Syrian President, Bashar Al Assad.  Dr Shaaban is a woman of immense experience in the political sphere within Syria, she is a woman who expresses herself without filters and with tremendous wisdom and visible compassion for her country and her people. 

Like so many of the political figures and religious leaders who have remained inside Syria for the duration of the almost six year dirty war that has been waged against Syria, by the US, UK, EU, Gulf States, Turkey & Israel, Dr Shaaban, has come under attack from the assorted corporate media oufits and government-foreign-policy aligned NGOs or so called “anti-war” organisations that seem to have no problem in suggesting that war should be employed to achieve peace in Syria.

Dr Shaaban spoke with evident emotion, of the liberation of East Aleppo, and above all, of the exploitation of children over the last four and a half years to maintain the faux humanitarian pretext for flooding the eastern districts of Aleppo with more Nusra Front-led mercenaries, more arms, more missiles and more suffering for the Syrian people trapped in the East and being targeted in the West of the city, by all manner of limb lacerating mortars, hell cannon missiles, explosive bullets fired by the Nusra Front-led terrorist and mercenary gangs,  and of course the random suicide bomb attacks.

Dr Shaaban spoke of the Zionist project to erase Arab identity and to destroy Arab culture, society, history, infrastructure and civilization in order to claim history for Israel and eradicate all trace of the Arab peoples.

At the end of our short conversation I asked Dr Shaaban if she would pass on a message to the West with Christmas round the corner and a troubled end to 2016 with the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov.

Dr Bouthaina Shaaban, Damascus. ( Photo: Vanessa Beeley )

Listen to Dr. Shaaban’s appeal to the Western media this Christmas:


“I feel that while western children are ready to celebrate Christmas and expecting what Santa Claus will bring them, its an appropriate time for western people to remember Syrian children, who have totally lost their childhood during this horrible war that has been launched against Syria, for no reason whatsoever, and for no crime that the Syrian people have committed or perpetrated.

In this sense, I would like to direct a message to western media that tries to take information from those who are known to be targeting Syria, from those who are known to be feeding terrorism, arming terrorism, financing terrorism – to stop that! To try and rely upon journalists and people who look for the truth and at least take the trouble to visit Syria to see for themselves what is happening in Syria, to look for the reality, rather than try to promote all these terrorists who have been perpetrating the most heinous crimes ever, in our country.

Syria is a country that has lived through thousands of years, because the Syrian people believe in their country. They believe in belonging to this land, so we will continue to defend our land and we will continue defend our country. Honestly, terrorism is a danger to all of us. It is a danger to Humanity, to Europe, to America, to Russia, to all countries in the world. 

Unfortunately I fear that the west is not going to believe us until they suffer what we have suffered and clearly we do not want them to suffer what we have suffered, because, believe me, it is a catastrophe, what the Syrian people have suffered, in the last five years. 

However, I have to pray, that next year, 2017, is going to be a better year, for Syrian people, for western people and for the world at large. 

All that I ask, is that now, western people just please look for the truth. I am not asking them to speak in favour of the Syrian government or the Syrian state. I am asking them to speak in favour of the truth. Please dont promote information unless you know this is really what is going on. 

I dare say, that, corporate media have played a very negative role in our lives. It has caused death and destruction in Syria, simply by circulating stories and ideas that are totally unfounded, in Syria, and made it appear as if they are the truth of what is happening in Syria.

So, please, be cautious and think twice before you say something or write something about Syria.

Thank you.”

Syrian child at Jibreen registration centre where civilians gather to register after the liberation of all of East Aleppo from Nusra Front-led occupation by the Syrian Arab Army and allies (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)


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  • rws450

    good message

    • Tarciso Ribeiro

      I agree.

  • xxxfiles

    Who will rid us of this Main Stream Medusa?

  • Christmas is the time when parents lie to their children more than they usually do. I understand the need for a celebration that takes us, momentarily, out of the (largely manmade) hell we all live in, with some of us living in much hotter corners than others. But this business of Christmas is all about business. And it says something about progressives that all of a sudden, because they have both the need to decompress (as we all do) and the need to be accepted by wider circles of family, friends and acquaintances, they can jettison truth altogether.

    There are egregious examples of using God, for sure. Look at Israelis who sing bloody, violent songs about their acts of violence against Arab dogs, dragging God into it by claiming that he’s 100% in support of their barbarism. (See this Electronic Intifada video: http://bit.ly/2hWqPUi) But using God is using God. It ranges from the seemingly innocuous, like irreverent language (“Oh my God!”) to the perverse utterances of Israeli Nazis. And the largely anti-God Left disappoints me just as much as the anti people, anti human rights, anti environment, ultra religious Right when it comes to using God. I finally got my hands on Greg Palast’s book, “Vulture’s Picnic” and read no further than 2 pages before Mr Palast, not satisfied that his excellent work in uncovering voter fraud etc was gaining him support amongst progressives, decided to hedge his bets by exclaiming “Fuck God.” Nice. And he’s not alone in attacking God and those who are loyal to him. Naomi Klein wrote an entire book that has, at it’s core, the identification of God and the Christian Bible as being the cause of all the world’s problems. (That’s a God and Christianity that she knows. Does that excuse her? Not in my opinion. Organized religion, globally and all denominations, fails utterly to faithfully represent God, whose self-given name is Jehovah – however it’s pronounced – to the people.) She’s garnered nothing but ‘unqualified’ praise for that. It’s indeed a fantastic book that also fails fantastically.

  • TrickyDicky

    …..and the Barrel Bombs are fired by??

  • Zaphod Braden

    Today we witness the SECOND Israeli HOLOCAUST of Palestinians.
    The Canaanites/Amorites/Philistines/Midianites/PALESTINIANS were in PALESTINE long before ABRAHAM passed through from Babylon/Ur ……Israel’s “claim” to Palestine is based entirely on War Crimes and GENOCIDE.

    Their monotheistic ONE & ONLY god is a WAR god.
    The Jews BRAG about and SELF DOCUMENT THEIR “holocausting” others and then “PLACE A YOKE” on Gentiles for SUPPOSEDLY doing the exact same thing to them.
    FUNNY that everything they claim the nazis did is an EXACT COPY of their own book..
    Deuteronomy 7:16, 20:16 “And thou shalt consume all the peoples which the Lord thy God shall deliver unto thee; thine eye shall not pity them…thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth.”

    Numbers c.5 v.2-4
    Leviticus c.20 v.13 well, really the whole chapter
    Exodus c.32 v.27
    Numbers c.11 v.1-2
    Numbers c.16 all
    Numbers c.21 v.5-6
    Numbers v.26 v.10
    KILL anyone who engages in “DIVERSITY” or “INTEGRATION”
    Numbers v25 v.4-8
    Deuteronomy c.14 v.2
    SEXUALLY ENSLAVE any females “who have not KNOWN a man”
    a very brief selection, many more in THEIR book.
    Numbers c.21 v.03 Canaanites
    Numbers c.21 v.24 Amorites
    Numbers c.21 v.33-35 Bashan
    Numbers c.31 all Midianites
    Numbers c.32 v. more Amorites
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.34 People of Heshbon
    Deuteronomy c.3 v.6 really the whole chapter. threescore cities
    Joshua c.12 A list of victims of Israeli GENOCIDE
    Numbers c.21 v.25
    Numbers c.32 v.39
    Numbers c.33 v.53
    (just to name a FEW)
    Numbers c.33 v.31-34
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.12 v.28-30
    Deuteronomy c.20 v.11-16
    Deuteronomy c.2 v.2
    Deuteronomy c.7 v.1
    Jews SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GOD”
    Nazis SELF-anointed “The CHOSEN People of GENETICS”.
    TODAY Israel states that it is creating “A PURE Jewish State”
    YESTERDAY the Nazis were creating “A PURE German State”
    And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword . . . (Joshua 6:21)
    For modern day reinforcement of these “rules” research/google “the KINGS TORAH”