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Vanessa Beeley: Heated Debate on Western Media’s Coverage of the Liberation of East Aleppo

21st Century Wire says…

Why is western media painting the liberation of Aleppo as a grim doomsday scenario as the liberated citizens dance and celebrate in the street?

21WIRE reporter, Vanessa Beeley, joins experts for a heated debate on western media’s coverage of the liberation of east Aleppo on RT along with Executive director at the Ron Paul institute, Daniel McAdams, and Columnist for ‘The Hill’ Brent Budowsky, as well as RT International’s Deputy Head of News Alexey Kuznetsov. Watch:

21st Century Wire Syria Files

  • David Slater

    At last the Russians have suceeded in defeating the terrorists and “rebels” and peace may at long last be on the way to those in Aleppo. That’s if the mainstream doesnt keep poisoning the minds of viewers to believe in a totally fabricated story of Russian and Syrian genocide etc. This is a desperate last ditch attempt by the dinosaur-controlled corporate fake news mainstream media to keep the dream of the Project for the New American Century and the New World Order alive.

    Saw this piece on RT this morning and I was shocked at the parrot-like attitude of the hawk. America is so disgusting. I immediately switched to see what Sky and BBC are saying at the liberation of East Aleppo and the convoy of “rebels” being excourted from the city by Russia, Syria and the Red Crescent – and it was just as disgusting with accusations of genocide and terror by Russian and Syrian personnel.

    Thankfully the British Ambassador accused the BBC (Victoria Derbyshire), live, of being manipulated, and that another guest on her show was part of the Qatar-backed Al-Jazeera, before the piece was quickly brought to an end. No-one, from Vanessa’s hawkboy to the guests on the BBC were able to quote from any reputable source on the ground in Aleppo, despite the BBC’s guests allegedly being Skyped from Aleppo and who seemed to have no clue as to what was occuring with their families waiting to be escourted out of Aleppo (obviously the guest’s families were anti-Assad militants helping the American-backed terrorist-rebels fight against Assad).

    As for the liars at the State dept., I have nothing but contempt for them and their puppet master – whatever this Beast is.

    • Billy Singleton

      The puppetmaster for the US State Dept is the multi-national cabal, Council on Foreign Relations. They have been running US foreign policy of war, regime changes, invasions, and sanctions for decades. They got their start at the end of WW1, when they helped create the “peace plan” that was warned would end up causing WW2(and it did).

      • David Slater

        I agree, but also the Bilderberg Group are probably pulling strings too, especially after Rockerfeller thanked the press for helping them – and there will also be infighting among the puppetmasters! I also see there is a recent Project for the New American Century mk2, many of the signatories of the original were zionists.

    • Dennis W Rowntree

      I agree totally. Do you have by any chance the link where British Ambassador accused the BBC, Victoria Derbyshire, live of being manipulated? I would very much like to see that.

  • Billy Singleton

    Thanks Vanessa! You stayed with factual information and made Brent, the zio propagandist go into full “for the children, look at the incubator babies” meltdown. Just when you thought the creep was going to move down his script, McAdams came in swinging. It was great to see such a shameless minion get double whammied by truth.

    • Anon Q

      They (presstitutes) always appeal to peoples emotions with “the little children” shtick. Once they mention “little children” many of the sheeple push objective logic and reason aside and become driven by emotion. Anytime anyone hears a politician or someone from the main stream media (the purveyors of fake news) making a frothy emotional appeal for the “little children” like the presstitute that fancies himself a journalist in this video they should automatically start checking the facts to see if what they are being told is in fact credible or if they are being lied to; yet again, which is more often than not the case with the western mainstream media these days.

  • Donna Volatile

    Here is a good accounting of the number of civilian casualties due to US Foreign Interventions: http://www.countercurrents.org/lucas240407.htm

    It is in the millions but has not been updates since 2007. (Add a few million more…) Add to that the displaced, the wounded and maimed and those who have died as a result of US sanctions? Shame, shame, shame.

    Mr. Budowsky needs to do some research.

    It is my greatest hope that Ms. Beeley will be putting together a documentary on her trip to Syria so that we can share it with others. Well done!

    Mr. McAdams is excellent as always.

    Thank you RT.

  • Steve Witherell

    The US funding and arming of terrorists groups in syria has not resulted in ethnic cleansing of non muslims and chistians? Much different scenario than those killed as a result of collateral damage routing terrorits out of a occupied city .How many civilians were killed when the US dove the nazis from europe? Sounds like the MIC is worried about there arms sales .Obama is bombing seven countries no civilian deaths ? Droning wedding parties is ok? Get rid of the US backed terrorists and the war is over .

  • dinesh

    I just do not understand why RT invites the Washington RAT Budowsky for discussion . He spoils all others’ point of views and creates unhealthy situation.

    Just do not invite him. If your point is to ridicule the WEST ,then you have a point.

    • David G Peacock

      In order to have a neutral stance, this is advantageous. I don’t see any other news organisation inviting the Russians or Syrian officials to debate this sorry state of affairs. Well done to RT for adopting this stance. This Washington guy was slaughtered, all he could do was go on about the dead children…

  • Rafi Hagopian

    Brent Budowsky: I No You Are Not The Media But Your Are Zionist Criminal Stooge Lier For This Picture From Bombing Russian And Syrian Army Dead Baby You Ask Does Not Exist You Can Find Only In London Whare Is Fabricated Movie And The Picture Put It Together. Sheikh IMAM Barak Obama Paid $550 Million US Tax Payer Dollar To UK Media Company To Fabricate Lie Video And Picture