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Tucker Carlson slams Vox.com over ‘Fake News’

21st Century Wire says…

The mainstream media continues to deflect from its own collapse in credibility in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s epic electoral meltdown by inventing a synthetic ‘fake news’ crisis and scapegoating Clinton’s loss on bloggers and cheap eastern European hoax websites. In addition to mainstream media constantly pushing out actual fake news, corporate media giants have also created their own fake ‘alternative media’ as well. Here are a number of media operatives appearing on TV pretending to be ‘alternative media’ but in reality are really funded by the major broadcast media empires. One of these is a political news website called Vox.com. It’s designed to look like an edgy ‘alternative’ news source, but in reality, Vox is just another establishment consensus reality-building tool. Silicon Valley investors have pumped tens of millions of dollars into this media outlet, with the lead investor being none other than NBC Universal – who are one of the biggest peddlers of actual fake news globally (just ask their phony news anchor Brian Williams). 

Watch as FOX host Tucker Carlson takes apart hypocritical Vox staffer Timothy Lee over the issue of “fake news” circulating on the internet, revealing how Vox is also a producer of ‘fake news’ too. As Carlson rightly points out – this issue really boils down to freedom of speech.

Caveat: Certainly, FOX News is not immune to pushing their own brand of fake news, especially when it comes to promoting US wars overseas, but it does have a number of capable pundits who have exposed a number of key revelations during the course of  this historic 2016 Election. Special thanks to High Energy for this clip:

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  • AMHants

    I am enjoying watching Tucker Carlson. He is quite refreshing.

  • Analyze_This_88

    VOX is a joke. These fake news websites are full of young hacks who weren’t pretty enough or talented enough to get a job with a big brand, so they prostitute themselves at Vox or one of George Soros’s controlled opposition outlets like AlterNet. All well paid though!

  • Ann Branley


  • Space Ghost

    Is Carlson’s journalist guest or some kind of intellect?
    If so, then “intellect” has become the art and gamesmanship and self-delusion.
    FB is a content distributor. If they’re in the business of deciding truth, then the content isn’t trending on it’s own; it’s trending based on their presentation of it. People should access what they want based on what they want–not what FB wants to guide them towards or away from what they want to bury or even block.

    Well, I don’t use it but I can objectively see that it subtly steers the hive mind.