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Brazilian Man’s DIY Motorcycle Engine Gets 300 miles per Liter on WATER

21st Century Wire says…

In the 21st century, the ‘free energy’ sweepstakes have never been higher.

As the establishment wage wars over hydrocarbon energy resources, and bureaucrats and scientists alike argue over abstracts like “peak oil” and man-made global warming (aka ‘climate change’), there are a number of other readily available energy sources that exist which have the potential to revolutionize our modern dependence on expensive, dirty and geopolitically divisive fuels.

For the last two centuries, we’ve been told that power can only be generated by burning something, splitting an atom or collecting energy (wind, solar). But that’s not the whole story…

Lexi Morgan

BRAZIL (INTELLIHUB) — The technology has been around for a while, it’s just been suppressed. In fact there are many engines that are designed to run off of water instead of gasoline, however they will likely never make it to the market.

The oil companies will buy the technology up and shelve it, it’s what they do.

The benefits for the environment drastically contrast the negatives of burning fossil fuels, as the burning of hydrogen and oxygen is clean and only releases a non-toxic vapor.

Now a Brazilian man took a similar idea into his own hands after reading one of his sons chemistry books and modified a motorcycle to run off of water.

Amazingly the bike gets 300 miles per liter of water and can be refilled at any water source for free.

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  • Space Ghost

    Nossa Senora! Eu nao creo!

    • Padraigin Eagle

      Barr o maidin a thabhairt duit. Fáilte roimh an meaisín. To be sure.

      • Space Ghost

        Ballymun Kickhams!

        • Padraigin Eagle

          You do get around, Space Ghost. What be your connection to the footballing mad Ballymun Kickhams folk? 😉

      • Antoin Currie

        Missing 6 Counties there in your wee Ireland pic Padraigín, a thaisce.

        • Padraigin Eagle

          Never could rely on those map deficient Gypsy Gaelic Padraigin’s.

          Well, as long as the County Cork family tree grows therein, I’ll raise a glass and three halves, to start, darling to be sure 😉

  • Michael

    Now that opens up a can of worms…

  • Mike S

    Post the plans online so we an make our own! I hear about plans but never see them. If he’s so greedy that he won’t post them online, how is he better than the oil companies or the politicians who take their bribes?

    • wes c

      There are kits available in the US that sell online.

      • Mike S

        Do you have a URL? And does the site selling the kits have (hopefully real) feedback from people who bought them? This claim sounds like complete bs.

        • wes c

          Not hard to find boss…this is one example http://corefuelgroup.com/
          plenty more out there.
          Reviews are out there as well…like anything some are good and some are bad.

          • Mike S

            Thanks. It looks like they break down some water to produce hydrogen gas and burn that along with the fuel air mixture, in an attempt to increase the amount of energy they get from the combustion. The article title claims he gets 300 miles per liter, which is 0.2641 gallons. So if I’m doing this right the motorcycle would get 1130 miles per gallon of water. If the same motorcycle gets a generous 113 miles per gallon using gasoline, he claims he’s getting 10 times that many miles from the same amount of water. That doesn’t sound credible. Will adding hydrogen to your fuel air mixture get you a little more power and mileage, it may very well. will it get you 10 times the mileage using only water? I seriously doubt it. So I think this article is bogus.

          • wes c

            Right, The hydrogen assist application is designed to provide a more efficient burn of your fossil fuel.
            I think the article leads us to believe he is running on pure hydrogen….from what I understand unless he did some serious motor modifications it is not possible.
            I am presuming he has a hydrogen assist application and 1 liter of water simply lasts for 300 miles.

            I had met a guy years ago who did the same thing by introducing gasoline vapor into his air intake. It Provided a more efficient burn, and apparently he was getting 35 mpg in his Ford V8.

            Back when we ran carburetors, stories like this were common. I even remember a farmer who claimed 75 mpg. 🙂

          • Mike S

            I have a friend who has a very expensive car that is extremely efficient in vaporizing and burning gasoline, the unburned HC before the catalytic converter are extremely low. In other words is it burning the gasoine very efficiently, almost completely. The car doesn’t even get 35 mpg. I seriously doubt that an older Ford v8 can get 75 mpg. Were you a witness to this personally? Did you personally witness him filling the tank, driving M miles, filling in the tank with G gallons of gas, and finding the mileage by dividing M by G?

          • wes c

            LOL no Mike I didn’t witness the 35 mpg. We had made a short trip into town and back in a 1977 ford pickup.He wouldn’t even let me look at the engine. I had no reason to disbelieve him either. Seemed pretty straight up.
            Not sure if you were around in the 70’s, but there was always a story floating around about someone getting better mileage…75 mpg was an extreme one i remember. No proof , just stories.

          • Mike S

            Wes, I don’t mean to be disrespectful, you sound like a straight shooter, it’s just that there are so many claims and scams and people selling stuff, even “zero point energy” devices, and I’ve never seen any evidence that any of them worked. Yes I remember all kinds of stories, but I’ve grown pretty skeptical, lol. Cheers, it’s been nice talking with you.

  • eduard

    This has been done before – nothing new. The oil companies do take care of these individuals though – not in a kind way.

  • Nick Smegg

    It takes energy to split oxygen from hydrogen so i don’t see how anything can run on water.

  • Bardirect

    Seems to be adding “Brown’s gas” to his fuel not running only on water. If he doesnt need gasolene why did he keep the fuel tank or not try to modify that for his water electrolysis?

  • Paul Robinson

    Other than his putting water in some makeshift tank this video doesn’t even prove that the engine is running on water. To believe something like this we need plans of the motor or at least an explanation of how it works. Some close up photos of the engine would be nice. Frankly this video smacks of fiction. I would love for it to be real. But that doesn’t make it so.

    • wes c

      There are kits available that provide hydrogen assist in your gas engine to increase fuel mileage. The process is the same. Nothing new.
      They claim that to run on 100% hydrogen, that the input of electrical energy needed would be greater than the output of hydrogen energy.
      Most likely this guy in Brazil has only hydrogen assist.
      Stan Meyers claimed to have solved the problem, and was killed.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    In WW1 GEET was used to run tractors with water. This is not new by any means. It just has been held secret by criminal wealth.

  • John Cook

    I pay attention to such claims although most are just exploiting the public (and journalists) confusion re splitting water into H2 and O2 then burning the H2 or adding water to the normal combustion of fuel (which increases the power output). The reason I am interested is that one day someone will find a way to release the energy contained in the Deuterium that is a small fraction of normal water. Such a system would make ordinary water release energy equivalent to many times that of gasoline. I’m still hoping.

  • johnfarmingdale

    Good stuff , but Oil Companies with be down to see him in a short time. It will turn out he is part of isis and all will be forgot. They will clean up this mess in a few minutes. next…