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Neocon Nightmare: Trump Wants to ‘Get Along With Foreign Countries’

21st Century Wire says…

Could this be the real reason why Trump is so despised by the elite Republican establishment?

Watch a video of this report here: 

In what can only be described as the neocon nightmare, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said during last night’s debate on Fox News that he wants to achieve cooperative, and not confrontational, relationships with foreign countries.

Trump had this to say:

Wouldn’t it be nice if actually we could get along with Russia, that we could get along with foreign countries.

The neocon political faction that has dominated the Republican Party during recent history believes there is little to be gained from cooperation in politics, and prefers confrontation and domination instead; as they amply demonstrated with their 2003 Iraq War.

For Donald Trump to be specifically saying that he wants to ‘get along with Russia’ is unparalleled, as Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential candidate, said that Russia was “without question our number one geopolitical foe”.

A world with an American President that wants ‘to get along’ might certainly look a lot different to today’s. Yet, as we are seeing, with the myriad of attacks against Trump, certain political and military industrial complex elite interests are not happy about the concept.

Of course, we must remember that this is still just that – a concept. However good of a concept it is, Trump may very well not deliver this goal.

Still, it certainly is a very different, and somewhat sweeter, change to the tune of American foreign policy rhetoric than we are used to hearing.

Do you believe Trump has the right foreign policy stance, and will he implement it?

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  • mydarkmaterials

    President Donald Trump = “The Peace President”. Donald knows that the real Middle East enemies are Turkey, the House of Saud, the Zionist Rothschild apartheid state, and the neocon traitors in the House and Senate beholden to AIPAC and the Likud party. I can’t wait to see Putin and Trump shaking hands at the White House.

  • Carroll Price

    Putin has repeatedly made it clear that he would like to corporate and get-along with the US, but he has been rudely rebuffed numerous times. With Obama’s latest extension of sanctions against Russia serving as the latest inexcusable example. And for what purpose of reason other than Putin’s refusal to offer-up his country’s vast natural resources to the international Zionist criminals who are bent on stealing any and everything of value they can put their oily, filthy hands on? If anything bad were to happen to Putin, I hope and pray a Putin clone will be there to assume his position and continue his policies

    • QV3

      No clone of Mr. Putin needed.
      Most likely to succeed Mr. Putin would be Sergei Ivanov. In countries like Russia/Ukraine/Kazakhstan etc, a position of “Chief of Administration” can be literally translated as “Whenever President (Putin) needs something done – this is the guy he talks to”. Ivanov has been in politics for YEARS and has a massive experience and a great natural feel of “power circles” in Russia. They’ve been close friends (Putin and Ivanov) since FSB in Moscow. So they go way back. Now, Ivanov’s role is to make sure Putin’s cabinet runs smoothly and all orders are being executed. Ivanov has a massive political influence.
      Andthe West will learn Mr. Putin was a nice, adorable Persian cat compared to Ivanov.

      Sergei Shoigu, and thus assure a controlled handover of power.

      Dimitry Rogozin.

      Whoever takes over from Mr. Putin will work for Russia.

      Whoever takes over in the US and the rest of the West work for THEMSELVES & THEIR CRONIES.

      • Carroll Price

        Never heard of the man, but it’s comforting to know that a capable individual is waiting in the wings.

  • Steve Hudson

    I fully agree with mydarkmaterial’s comment. Trump will implement peace on earth and goodwill to men. And the savings from not engaging in illegal, shameful wars of aggression can go toward rebuilding this country. May the neocons go to hell, where they belong.

    • bosunj

      They are in hell. Its called DUHmerica.

    • Tuaca1107

      It is cool you see the bigger picture!!! Everything that Trump stops will benefit Americans and that benefits America!! Stop all illegals (around 20m) send ’em home and voila all those welfare, healthcare, EBT cards subsidized housing costing the schools money at our expense.

      There is only ONE reason every single person in America is not properly educated – Lawyers=liars=politicians=professionals=Crooks who don’t want We the People to excell — then they can’t control us!

      • QV3

        The reason every American is not properly educated is because the majority of the American people handed their brains to their Leftists and Liberals; and then stood supine as the Leftists took over academia and brain-washed succeeding generations.

      • Vic Pittman

        It seems that you do not see the bigger picture…those welfare benefits you mentioned total 3% of the spending…that is for illegals, citizens ..everyone. The military, on the other hand comprises 57%… so maybe you need to take another look at “the bigger picture”.

  • QV3

    Trump’s first task as President should be to Shut Down Wall St.
    And restore Glass-Steagall , repealed by Insatiably Greedy president Clinton that has brought misery to Americans .

    • bosunj

      He wouldn’t live through the day were that come to pass. His own SS detail would kill him under orders of the oligarchs.

      • QV3

        Trump goes around with his jacket unbuttoned because he wears bullet proof vest.
        He is already threatened by US Corporations, the Neo-Cons.
        So, NO future for the American people.

      • Tuaca1107

        I think things are waaaaaayyyyyyy to hot for harm to come to trump right now. We the People have been saying loud and clear for months that we don’t want what we have had from the politicians over the last 50 years.!

        I don’t care what Trump says or who he offends. You can’t bake a cake without cracking some eggs!!! Well that is what Trump is going to do. He is going to start saving the country money at the expense of the traitors!!

        • QV3

          Trump can’t possibly start saving the country money WITHOUT the true enemies of America recognized and destroyed. Wall Street, the Pentagon, the Lying Media, the War thirsty politicians and corporations.
          It would take a Civil War or a Revolution to accomplish it.
          What choice do the American people have? Continue living on bended knees with a fascist , tyrannical government, or do or die in the attempt to rid the British Empire’s hold on America?
          There is a Financial Bubble ready to burst as the trans-Atlantic system collapses, western nations begin to default, and Americans starve, die in the streets, and all America turned into Detroit. That is the future.

          • geo1671

            The real one enemy of America is The Tribe. (Not speaking of natives)
            “rid the British Empire’s hold on America?”

          • QV3

            Don’t be daft. Wake up! The British Mongrel Monarch considers America her colony.

          • AtomicMetroid

            I agree.
            Revolution, arrest warrants for the traitors, then civil war is the only way forward. We can go no further.

          • QV3

            Thank you. A Race War is inevitable in America. Which comes first — Revolution or the Race War? How will Trump deal/handle the situation?

          • bv

            I don’t think a race war will be necessary if the Marxist agitators are dealt with. Trump needs to shut down their offices and deport them from this nation. Putin recently closed down a Soros ran business that was a front for organizing a color revolution in Russia. We just have to stop playing footsie with communists.

          • QV3

            Russia doesn’t suffer those who are against Russia — punishment is swift and very painful. Putin’s problems remain the Atlanticists and Russia’s Fifth Column. He is still struggling with western-appreciating oligarchs. But he does excellent juggling.
            America is multi cultural, multi racial. Americans eating GMO franken foods elected and re-elected a Black Primate even after he proved himself to be Flatulence of Failures in his first term. What’s wrong with Americans? Masochists or suffering Stockholm Syndrome? He had already proved himself anti-white, very racial, and organised his Black Panthers and Brown Shirts.
            2nd term was outright war on the American people. TSA perverts, NDAA, Psychopath cops (began in the Clinton era) NSA, and everyday something new that hammers the common American deeper into the pit. The war on the Middle Class is almost complete.

            So, if Trump become potus, he’s going to have to clean up many areas. And there will be very stiff resistance.
            If he is of Putin’s calibre, he will achieve a lot in his first year. Which is what Putin did. He threw the Rothschild sycophants out, arrested several oligarchs , imprisoned them, and confiscated their property. He nationalised a lot of enterprises which were funnelling money to the West. During Yeltsin’s time, the US and the restof the West had a gala time ripping, raping, and looting Russia. That’s why they hate Putin. He issued International Warrnts of Arrest for both Rothschild and Soros. Both made persona non grata. That act made th Indonesian Bakrie family take on Nat Rothschild who lost 3 billion in the j-v with the Bakries in Indonesia.
            China also took on the Rothschild. The Western media will not publish — but it known that China has several of the cabal and the Rothschilds in their gunsights. Warnings have been issued.

            Trump says he likes Putin. Will work with foreign countries. Good. He’ll need all the help from the advice Putin and Xi can offer him. But Trump also wants to go to war with China. Bad. We will find out soon if Trump is a politician as well as a successful businessman.
            Or if he will make it to the WH. Or disappear like JFK.
            The Repubs are against trump endorsing Killary.
            But the latest is
            The FBI is said to be close to wrapping up their investigation, which means that a criminal indictment against Hillary could come either right before the Democrat Convention, or right afterward. This news also seems to indicate that the pressure to investigate Hillary properly is so strong that it cannot be turned aside, even though top-level political figures would like nothing better than to simply bury the fact that Hillary Clinton refused to abide by the rules in handling classified information.
            How on earth did she ever become SoS when she didn’t have the credentials? She demonstrated her incompetence as SoS.

          • bv

            Amazing isn’t it that the very Marxists who spend every waking moment undermining the peace and stability of our nation are given free reign to label patriots and even Church groups as domestic terrorists? They must be debt with – banned and deported – if we are to make this nation great again.

          • QV3

            That’s why for America to be taken back, the people would need a very strong man like Trump. First act of Trump must be to shut down Wall St. the most evil entity (Wall St. funded the rise of Hitler) and restore Glass-Steagall. Trump should holler: We’ve got to get that Glass-Steagall restoration and throw it at Congress, and say “This fraud is what caused our problems.” The ones who don’t want the restoration of G-S are all those certain interests wanting to protect their soon-to-collapse financial interests. the trans-Atlantic financial system is hanginig on a branch which is creaking and about to break.
            Trump achieves that, the rest will be an easy ride.
            Anyone, like Killary who is Wall St. darling, and running on a Wall St. ticket should not be elected. Get rid of Wall St. and see America transformed.
            That’s why the East carved an alternative financial system, away from Wall St. away from the IMF (Wall St. creation) away from World Bank, based on gold.
            For a clear picture of how this is done, look at Africa and its saviour – China . Then look at WHO is causing the invasion (Mali – that the US and France went in to plunder all of its gold) and funding terrorists to keep Africa forever in the bottomless pit of grinding poverty, human degradation, and eternal slaves.

          • John Cook

            It’s not just the communists, it’s the Tribe behind communism that has to go. And they will go hysterical at the first suggestion of such action. Admit it, we are fuked, the tribe has total control and are close to being able to admit it openly.

          • CaMaven

            Race war is only inevitable if we continue the Obama-Clinton madness. Trupp in 2016!

          • AtomicMetroid

            well….it depends;
            Will BLM attack the wrong white person and ignite that powder keg?? Or will the backbone of America be pushed too far and invade DC, and every other capitol in the land?
            There’s some factors in there and it could start in a few different ways.
            How would Trump handle it?? Well of course they will send in the US military but they will be overwhelmed and all the elites will crawl into their bunkers. If there were ever a time that SHTF I think we are close. It is needed.

          • QV3

            Obama will ensure he leaves a Scorched Earth America before he leaves. Trump will be assassinated. He’s not one of them -and the threats are growing. That’s why he goes around with a bullet proof vest.
            When University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe resigned on November 9, he did every college student in America—including African-American students—a great disservice. The end result will be more racism, violent racism, not less.
            That is the harbinger that Race War is Inevitable in America. And Obama will conduct it.

          • AtomicMetroid

            Possible. But I predict that if Trump is assassinated then America will fall into utter chaos.

          • QV3

            America is already in utter chaos – it began the day American dingbats elected, then went on to re-elect He Who Would Destroy Them.
            Obama openly declared he did not trust the US militaryand went on to form his own Brigades of Black Panthers and Brown Shirts. See how he defended Martin Trayvon against Hispanic White in colour Zimmermann?
            He doesn’t help the blacks of America, but he uses them like gangsters because he is one himself. His governance of America is one of gangsterism. How the American people could tolerate for 7 years of this Flatulence of Failures is beyond us, in the East. We would have disposed of him like a very soiled diaper after one term.

          • AtomicMetroid

            My state(Wva) voted for a criminal in prison instead of Obama(I kid you not). hahaha
            The media started tossing around words like “racist, redneck, ignorant, uneducated”.

          • QV3

            And the Neocon nightmare is set to continue.
            They want Killary. Even Frumpy Frustrated Fatima Merkel prefers Killary as she doesn’t like a rightist like Trump. Is it any wonder Europe is doomed? She must be intoxicated with Muslim Fart – 5 times/day.
            Oh, Fatima Merkel is a Bilderberger. Top of the list. So, figures.

      • Stenka Razinova

        If Trump would be assassinated, there would be march of 10 million people on Washington. Maybe peaceful, but than maybe not so peaceful.

        • HENK-2

          Maybe 10 people.

          The FBI, NSA, BLM, DHS etc have been running riot for years and nobody cares or does something.

  • bv

    Sure, the neocons have always been war profiteers and their bought off politicians are salesmen for the military industrial complex, Trump is getting the “Ron Paul Treatment” by the same people for the same exact reason. The neocons prefer chaos at our expense both in terms of monetary costs and blood spilled.

    • Panzerfaust

      Yes, I agree Trump is getting the “Ron Paul treatment”.

      However Trump isn’t backing down, unlike Ron Paul.

      • bv

        He never backed down, he stayed the course until it became obvious that most voters preferred the likes of John McCain and Mitt Romney. Only 15% of the gop supported him – had it been more he would not have “backed down”.

        • Carroll Price

          Ron Paul did a lot to awake the American people and prepare them to listen to Donald Trump and take him serious. Far from being wasted, his efforts are just now bearing fruit. His son, Rand could have continued in his fathers footsteps and contributed to the movement, but the fakey little squirt made the fatal decision of abandoning all principles in favor of acquiring the support of the Jewish money-changers on Wall Street, most of whom are dual-citizens who have pledged their loyalty and first love to the apartheid state of Israhell..

          • bv

            I agree with everything you say. I was never so disappointed in anyone in my whole life as Rand. I hope Kentucky votes him out of the Senate

  • lizziedw

    I think Mr. Trump is a very astute businessman. The neocons are a very profound, powerful group “behind the scenes” in the US government. Mr. Trump and the neocons are, like, from two different planets. Also, don’t forget Israel, the troublemaker of the world. Also, I think the American people are brainwashed by MSM, big time, to think there are enemies everywhere. (and there are, but most of them are in the government) This is only to say that I think it will be very difficult to get the idea of cooperation, trade and non-aggression toward the rest of the world to be dominant in the policies of the US. There are SO many forces that do not want this. As a voter, I am going for Bernie Sanders, who at least has an idea of what he is up against. However, if the nominee is Hillary Clinton, I will go with Trump.

  • Archie1954

    Trump’s attitude toward foreign policy is his one saving grace! He might create a fascist hellhole out of the US, but at least the rest of the World would stay intact. Madame Clinton, on the other hand would destroy the whole World to satisfy her lust for supremacy!

    • QV3

      HAHAHA. I recall a time when Madame Clinton was all Sound and Fury and breathing fiery threats to scold China for its human rights.
      China was ready for her. Upon landing in Beijing, she was all sweet smiles,humble and thousands of teddy bears were on hand to be given to China’s little children.
      She is terrified of Putin who scolded her in her face .

  • abinico

    If Trump so much as hints at getting along with Syria, the New York jews will have him killed.

  • Lev Bronstein

    While in Warren, MI, Trump referred to the top lobbyists as “total sleezeballs” and we all know who the “top lobbyists” are 🙂

    • QV3

      Not the Jews. But the British Empire, the Jesuits.
      If it were the Jews, Netanyahu wouldn’t have to walk through the kitchen and make his way to have a meeting with the Black Primate masochist Americans elected, twice, to punish them with his sadism. NDAA anyone?

      • Lev Bronstein

        Who owns the federal reserve? Who owns the media? Who took over the Bank of England in 1694 (which started the British Empire)?? Who ran the Atlantic Slave Trade?? You really do need to do some homework before you post weak replies.

        • QV3

          As of October 16, 2014, at 2 pm Obama signed with the Chinese, bankrupting the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve is being swallowed up by the UST under new leadership.

          The Federal Reserve has approved applications by three big Chinese government-controlled banks to set up branches and take stakes in US banks after deciding they were adequately regulated in their home market.
          The US central bank said Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), the biggest bank in China and 70.7pc owned by the government of China, will become a bank holding company.
          In addition, China Investment Corporation (CIC), an investment vehicle set up by the Chinese government to invest its massive foreign exchange reserves, and another company that CIC controls called Huijin Investment will be allowed to become bank holdings companies.
          They will become holding companies by taking control of The Bank of East Asia in New York, the first time a Chinese bank has been approved to acquire a US bank.
          ICBC has total assets worth an estimated $2.5 trillion.
          China has been on a buying spree of high end properties throughout the US.

          China will have NO problems with the Jews as China is reaping billions in its ventures with Israel. Besides, China was host to fleeing Jews last 2000 years.
          Chinese are learning the Hebrew language, so fascinated and enthralled are they with its mathematical precision and perfection. As are the Koreans.

          Soon, Americans will haveto learn Mandarin.

          Only the brain-washed by the Roman Catholic Church whites suffering acute envy of Jew brains and success turned such hatred into blaming the Jews for everything. While shamefully using every Jew invention, especially its medical technology.

  • MofromRo

    I believe Trump wants co-operation and deals between nations, and not constant far off wars, black ops and media fear mongering. This is bad news for the bankers, the arms industry and wall street, and even more so is that American see through all their lies and their phoney paid for candidates/presidents and are backing Trump all the way = the billions in loans and citizens tax money used for these corporate wars, will then be used to rebuild the America economy, making American great again, and the inspiration to the World that it once was.

  • The voice

    It is comical to see that the so called alternative media is supporting the Billionaire lying scum Trump as if he is some hero riding in on a white horse. Sort of a repeat of 1933 Germany

  • Zaphod Braden

    In Kindergarten we all learned that if the other players in a game keep
    changing the rules to benefit themselves, the ONLY course of action is
    to THROW the table over. —————- IT IS TIME TO THROW.


    Did we see a glimmer of the true liberal Trump in his statements on cooperation and compromise? Playing the GOTP base to secure the nomination, then move to the left and crush HRC?

  • L Garou

    Wait until Mr. T tosses some holy water on Hillary!
    (pity the fool)
    The screeching (and cheering) will be so loud as to be heard on the moon!

  • CaMaven

    I like the idea. Other countries may or may not cooperate. remember Hillary’s ham-handed “reset” with Russia? How did that movie end?

    Trump has taken a big step by selecting Jeff Sessions as his foreign policy lead. To the NeoCons who now run foreign policy for “Obama” and other Bush retread Neocon/CFR’s who have taken over Cruz’s policy machinery, this is anathema.

  • Johnny Canuck

    The USA has such a tarnished image that it would seem that it will never recover from decades of dirt done to so many Nations. This is refreshing. If Mr. Trump is for real, the whole World will breathe a sigh of release. Everybody is bloody tired of all this tension and War-like reponses to every frickin’ thing.

    Putin and Trump, sharing a bottle of nice wine and talking about issues in a friendly manner, trying to sort things out and bring Peace through cooperation and Business.

    Just the fact he doesn’t want to attack every damn place under the Sun and would rather have dialogue makes him the Man! He wouldn’t be a coward or a wimp either.

    Let’s make a deal!

  • Dave Mende

    I am afraid if Trump is assassinated Americans will find the Neo Cons and snipe them. A scary thought.

    • Panzerfaust

      That would be horrible.

  • Dec 18, 2015 Donald Trump: The Establishment Candidate

    While his rise in the polls is attributed to his challenging the establishment and the political status quo, let’s look at the many ways Donald Trump, when it comes to his political positions, represents that very same status quo. From the Fed, to war, to civil liberties, the “anti-establishment?” Trump takes no positions not already endorsed by the establishment.


  • L Garou

    No groveling to Bibi and co. Priceless.

  • tomotou

    talk is cheap and lots of statements-proposals can be made BEFORE any person is elected POTUS. However as we saw with Obama, rhetoric before an election – during a campaign – can be VERY different to what we see AFTER an election and by that time we all know we’ve been lied to and deceived. Could/would Trump do most of the things he is advocating now? No he wouldn’t because he would be got to by the powers behind the POTUS and he would end up pretty much like Bush, Obama and most all recent US Presidents with the exception of Kennedy and Carter.