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Super Tuesday Compendium: Blood Sport, NeoCons and Hangers-On

21st Century Wire says…

We’ve curated a few chestnuts here to help get you through an evening of political hijinks. And as far as the media is concerned – the uglier the better.

UPDATE: Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Bernie Sanders (D-VT) both won their respective home state primaries and stay in the race. No big surprises with frontrunners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, each winning several state primaries and adding to their delegate count margins. Get the full Super Tuesday results here.

We asked our readers…


Chris Christie: ‘Apprentice’

As we predicted, there was no mention of NeoCon Robert Kagan’s recent endorsement of Hillary Clinton, and very little mention of Marco Rubio’s fresh batch of attack ads running alongside Super Tuesday television coverage. Instead, the media establishment doubled down on the new Chris Christie meme – Christie now playing a starring role as Trump’s political ‘Apprentice’ held captive – already going viral.

A few random tweets:

There are now headlines coming out of New Jersey asking for Christie’s resignation.



Tuesday evening’s coverage:

Let’s start with a prediction: CNN will attempt to call the night well ahead of the polls closing. Wait, they already have by asking “How big will their wins be?” as seen below:


Look for the GOP race throughout the night to be of the “Blood Sport” variety. We’d expect nothing less from this crop of candidates who’ve taken us on the longest running episode of a reality show trainwreck.

GOP rival Marco Rubio tearing into Donald Trump on an endless range of issues and supposed scandals.

Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz will continue their sustained attack on Donald Trump through the night – relentlessly hitting the front-runner with every conceivable ‘gotcha’ factoid and political angle. Just last week, in the latest GOP debate, Trump hit back at Cruz calling him “a liar” and at Rubio calling the Florida Senator “choke artist” in reference to his meltdown at the hands of Chris Christie. Look for more of the same tonight, but with the candidates’ “surrogates” and campaign spokespeople delivering the blows.

As Trump builds an early lead into the night, expect Republican opponents to line up in the media firing line to take their shots:


As the tablet-wielding, pundit panels form deep into the night, also expect rumblings of a “brokered” GOP convention and the potential unmasking of a late-primary season entrance by Mitt Romney or similar political retread.

Super Tuesday media coverage will have the usual high production value – that means lots of crowd scenes and crane shots. You can bet Marco Rubio will have his uncannily coordinated and seemingly staged crowd management on display.

RENT-A-CROWD? Critics have pointed out that Rubio’s crowds appear as props for the camera, as seen at this recent Rubio rally in Texas.

Curtains for Cruz?

Mueller Testifies At Senate FBI Oversight HearingIf Cruz loses his home state Texas GOP primary on March 1st, then it’s lights out for the Cruz campaign. (Ditto for Rubio in his home state Florida’s GOP primary on March 15th.) Birther issues aside, this has always been the knock against both Rafael Edward ‘Ted’ Cruz (photo, left) and Marco Rubio: just like Barack Obama, they are too young and with no real experience governing, and like Obama, destined to become party functionaries.

On the Democrat side, pay close attention to no mention whatsoever of the biggest candidate endorsement in the last week. Victoria Nuland’s hubby and NeoCon Robert Kagan just endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. In a crafty turn-of-phrase, Kagan is now referring to Hillary as a “liberal interventionist” on matters of foreign policy.

Taking center stage tonight will also be the topic of which candidate, Clinton or Bernie Sanders, will win over black and Hispanic voters. In preparation for Super Tuesday, 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen told RT News:

“I can say the Hispanic voters – that’s uncertain. That is not as homogenous as a demographic as a lot of people would like to believe. However, in terms of “black endorsements” from black political leaders and black caucuses from state to state it is pretty clear that the White House has made series of phone calls. And this is probably a deal that was struck in 2008. You can go all the way back to the Bilderberg meeting in Virginia in 2008 where decision was made Hillary was going to back off a little bit from the Obama campaign, Obama got elected of course, as we know. But Obama is now probably quietly giving his orders to the black leaders to endorse Hillary Clinton. Look at South Carolina – the complete landslide in terms of the African-American or the Black vote. So, she looks to have all those endorsements pretty much sewn up nationwide. That is going to be very tough if you are Bernie Sanders.”

Read more of the interview here:


Finally, for a highly informative and entertaining mashup of the US Elections (and bonus coverage of the brimming UK ‘Brexit’ development), turn off or at least mute the TV, and listen to this recent segment of the Sunday Wire Show with special guest Basil Valentine below:

Enjoy the spectacle and watch this space…

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