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Magic Passports Redux: Syrian Passport Allegedly Discovered on Suicide Bomber

21st Century Wire says…

We’ve heard this one before, but this time they are doubling down on this all-too familiar set piece.

Watch a video of this report here:

Details are emerging after last night’s horrific events in Paris, and one particular item of investigation is all too familiar.

AFP, RT, Reuters, ITV, Sky News, AP, Fox News and Sputnik, are all reporting that a Syrian passport was found either on, or near, the body of one of the suicide bombers in Paris.

For those of you unaware, this story is a mirror image of another that surfaced on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

Apparently, according to CBS, “a passerby found the passport of one of the hijackers” on the street just hours after the 9/11 attacks.

Interestingly, in the same breath, a FOX News reporter speaking about the story says that the building it supposedly came from was completely engulfed in fire.

How would a passport survive the ordeal of being crashed into a building while inside a plane loaded with jet fuel?

This story was eventually buried and given very little coverage at all by media outlets.

This theme was repeated last January in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo Attack, when one of the alleged gunman’s ID card was magically left on the seat of their ‘get-away’ car. This convenient placement was used to establishment the ‘terrorists link’ to Yemen and the illusive “al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula”.

However, with events in Paris, mainstream media seems to be doubling down on this latest ‘magic passport’ story.

Chaos on the streets last night.

With ISIS already allegedly claiming responsibility, and Hollande saying this is an act of war, this supposed Syrian passport will probably be used as the physical evidence required to condone an attack on Syria.

Instead of blindingly accepting this story from French authorities, mainstream media would do themselves far better by asking the following questions:

Was the passport found on, or nearby, the suicide bomber? If it was not physically on their person, it is possible that it did not belong to them.

Speaking of not belonging to them, just because someone is in possession of an object does not necessarily make them the owner of it.

Who exactly found this passport? Is the passport real? If it is real, is it valid?

When was the passport last used to make entry into France?

What condition is the passport in?

Is it possible that the passport was planted by a third party?

Could the passport have ever survived in the conditions under which it was supposedly exposed to?

These are all questions that any real investigator should, and hopefully will, be asking. The consequences of this alleged Syrian passport being used as evidence can only be dire.

With Russian operations intensifying in Syria, any Western escalation could have serious ramifications and heightens the potential for wider, if not global, conflict.

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  • beaumontman

    Watched a fair bit of coverage of Paris events last night and today. The big bang at stadium is being repeatedly shown, but other than that I’ve seen remarkably little footage of what we are told happened. Mostly the media are again and again falling back on footage of police and soldiers standing around, or police vans whizzing about. Deeply puzzling that in an age of ubiquitous mobile phone cameras (not to mention CCTV), there is apparently so little video film of events, in which we are told 127 people were shot or bombed in very public places.

    • ResearchGuy

      I don’t even see the big bang being shown. All I see is gorgeously photographed reaction shots to the sound of the bang. That tells me most of what I need to know. The media is showing us by example how we are supposed to react instead of telling us what happened. No, worse than that: it is putting us through a minor version of the same trauma as what the victims went through, so that we will feel instead of think. In other words, the media are themselves SPREADING TERROR. Is that not close to the very definition of terrorism?

      • Eileen Kuch

        Exactly. The Rothschild Khazar Mafia-controlled media spouts nothing but propaganda .. it’s been that way for years now. The duty of the media is to report the news as events happen, not spread panic among the population with fear-mongering .. this type of fear-mongering is terrorism, period.

      • WeAreYourGods

        Indeed. Fear sells, and selling is the media’s agenda so it’s the exact same methodology a terrorist uses to advance their agenda. Scare them, then when they are watching the right hand, stab them with the left hand.

    • WeAreYourGods

      So all these cameras on every corner, all the internet surveillance, aren’t to protect us from terrorists? GASP.

  • Nick Smegg

    The old tunes are always the best, it would seem.

    • cat4321

      Or maybe they are starting to really get on people’s nerves.

  • The french carrier was planned to go to Syria, it just needed an excuse to start bombing Assad saying it’s bombing ISIS (just as US does). Now they have that excuse

    • Mr Reynard

      But…………. There’s a NO FLY ZONE over Syria ! Enforced by Russian S300 missiles & Russian Air Force..

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  • Koolz

    Fabian Society Strikes on 11/13/15 Friday the 13th the Luckiest Day only they invert it and make everyone believe it’s Friday the 13th, as in the most Evil Day,
    Witches and Black Cats. Witches part of the Mysteries the Sacred Knowledge, Black Cats seen as Luck and God’s in the old world.

    They attack on 11/13/15 and allow NATO to Move into Syria. Also Notice what is happening under Hollenda. Like Merkel he is a Zionist Shill of the Rothschilds.

    • SOIA

      Friday the 13th is considered ‘bad’ because on Friday the 13th 1307
      the arrests and persecution of the Knights Templar began.
      If you follow that you don’t end up per se with the Fabiansociety but more with the Freemasons , especially in Paris the Lodges Neuf Soeurs and GrandOrient ( French Revolution , Russian Revolution among others)
      combine with the (Jewish masonic Lodge) B’nai B’rith and the connections they have to their respective national secret services.
      Combine with Gladio(3.0) and other false flags.
      On the isle in the Seine in Paris was an old major pagan holy place.
      It is said that Ladi Di was killed in Paris as a sacrifice and i believe has a similar memorial as JFK , a burning torch ,masonic/Illuminati symbol.
      Stuff enough to make a nice alternative conspiracytheory

      • Koolz

        I said the Old World. Read Secret Teachings of All ages to Understand it.

        • SOIA

          Done that , along with many others. (Manley P Hall , one of the very greatest minds of our times, also a Mason)

          • SOIA

            Zionists are but one of the tools of the Rothschilds and others

      • Eileen Kuch

        Prof. Preston James .. along with Mike Harris .. managing editors of Veterans Today, have written a few articles about the Khazar Mafia and its subsidiary, the Rothschild Banking Cartel, exposing their evil plans and agenda for world domination .. and this latest false flag in Paris just reveals their desperation. They know that time’s running out; so, they have to perpetrate enough false flags in order to bring about their NWO.

        • SOIA

          It’s not only the Rothschild/Khazarian mafia that is trying to bring about a NWO ,there are other groups.
          Although they share the same goal(NWO) and are at many places intertwined , there is also a lot of (in)fighting and disagreement among those groups over who’s going to be the biggest boss. Just like the crime syndicates we do read about in the newspapers. The fighting amongst themselves is one of the reasons we don’t live under a NWO yet.

          • Eileen Kuch

            The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) is the principal group seeking a NWO, This is a global crime syndicate, having existed for 200 years.
            Well before the Rothschild Banking Cartel was established, the Khazarian Mafia has been around, plotting its revenge against Russia since its founding in 1020 AD, following the invasion of Khazaria by the armies of St. Vladimir the Great of Kiev, and the expulsion of its inhabitants. It was nearly 800 years before the Rothschild Banking Cartel merged with the Khazarian Mafia, forming the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia,
            Of course, there are other groups longing for a NWO, but they’re relatively new and are, therefore, subservient to the RKM.

      • Mr Reynard

        Then… The French King & the French Pope, have arrested the bankers (like they did lately in Iceland) Tortured them or burned them at the stakes ! That was then, when Frenchmen, were Frenchmen !

        • SOIA

          True ,alas the Pope and the French king didn’t do this
          for the sake of the people (like Iceland) , more to line their own pockets and regain their influence.
          As history shows they were also big bastards like the Templars

          • Mr Reynard

            As long as the BIG Bastards are killing each other, I will cheer !
            BTW At least the French King & the Pope were OUR bastards !

          • SOIA

            Fully agree with the first sentence .
            Today OUR bastards hire or goad OTHER bastards to do their dirty work.
            BTW (forgive the expression) Are you(A) the one that’s being F’d or are you (B)the one that’s doing the F’ing.
            If you’re A ,does it really matter who B is?

          • Mr Reynard

            I am one of the 99%……………..

      • Sunny Day

        Speaking of Diana, did we see any of those excruciatingly slow moving ambulances as they “stabilized” victims on their way to the hospital during these Paris attacks? I mean, we were told it was France’s “common and routine” procedure when taking accident victims to the hospital, which justified taking a hour to get her to the hospital (which in effect, killed her), right? Those Parisian streets must have been clogged with slow moving ambulances on Friday night. /sarcasm

        • SOIA

          There must have been , only unfortunately all the cameras and selfie taking phones were pointing in the wrong direction.

    • davecad

      you are right about them being in control of the banking cartels they all are that’s how they are allowed to get into power and if they dare disagree with them then they know they will be in serious trouble same as Cameron and blair before him . if you represent them well then you are well rewarded .

    • Mr Reynard

      He’s not a shill…. He’s a member of the tribe…

  • wynn

    Pass the Poupon please.

  • Rip van Wrinkle

    Just what you do when you’re a suicide bomber….wear a ski mask to hide your identity….and take your passport with you to prove your identity.

    These scim must be killing themselves laughing….or is that too much to hope for?

  • NA Br

    Snowden revealed that CANNIBAL/RGAN-TRAFFICKING IS/ISIS are created by MOSSAD/CIA – these most murderous Nazi-Zionist warmongers have overtaken N*TO/Western World; whilst the TRUE left movement/parties in the Western world are being INFILTRATED by these warmongers!

    The TERRORIST Nazi-Zionist-led Pe*ida will also be
    rising from its ashes over this incident; I suspect there will be more
    agressive BURNING of refugee camps in Germany and France by these
    TERRORISTS (look at Calais refugee camps BURNING right after the

  • Koolz

    tomatobubble.com just posted something really important with this!


    What do you see on this cover!? Look at the numbers and the painting in the right hand corner. Look at the Symbol Merkel is making and what it forms.

    Churchill and Aliastar Crowley are on this cover! (that is a deep conversationabout those two.)

    • SOIA

      What do the girl standing in front of the arrows , the ;’line’ of sand and the portret painting represent.
      The portret by Leonardo da Vinci, “Woman Portrait,” also called “La Belle Ferronnière,hangs in the Louvre
      Girl is Alice in Wonderland (and the Rabbithole down which she goes)
      Line in the sand is Syria? Middle East?
      Note Hollande behind Obama and the girl , with a Diadem of a birdsnest with eggs (which are going to hatch) and wings , looking at him.

  • “all the president’s men”

    FW: it’s a hollywood set. russia (don’t forget your native Altai people!! ) and the international community, as well as the public and individuals ,to begin false flag prosecutions and investigations, and
    begin holding false flags as a crime … moving beyond news sensationalism, humanity and individuals who are fed up with this are being called and charged to do their part to end this paradigm that has drained and is literally, stealing precious personal and worldly life force and energy, as well as focus …

    presuming, many in the world want to take their lives back from current libel and gentrified media – to start taking genuine power back to rebuild from what many called the nine.11 lie – the biggest crime in current history, that humanity is calling for accountability and final responsibility (it is only a belief that it can never happen, nothing is immutable). aren’t you tired of this? it’s not a environmental problem, it’s a political problem.

    HOLDING THE MEDIA ACCOUNTABLE is essential to ending this life and light draining behaviour and consciousness …… whoemever is in paris, at this current moment, start investigating the scene itself and help set the trend in motion for the rest. it’s good dharma and karma. start challenging trusted (versus controlled) independent media journalists and “truth” journalists, in paris and throughout all the false flag-afflicted locales, who are awake, to go to the scene itself. remember the china syndrome and all the president’s men (two great investigative journalistic films from the ’70s): to move past this false flag crime and paradigm, true investigative, forensic work has to move beyond the internet,

    blogging and analysis (although, this part of the process is still important. it’s merely one part of the solution), and land straightfoward into direct ground of action and the field itself. it’s a life-rewarding skill you’ll always carry with you wherever you are and are doing, and it will help liberate others

  • ResearchGuy

    Christiane Amanpour and the CNN anchor surprised me this morning by pointing out that the discovery of the alleged Syrian passport “might be a little too neat” (or words to that effect) and we should not assume it was a legitimate Syrian passport. I bet they get their hands slapped and never repeat these points.

  • Blacktiger

    Oh yah I’m sure those Syrian refugees carried rifles and bombs all across Europe just to give Paris what for!

  • Mr Reynard

    ISIS djihadist in Paris.. Bomb vest? Check.! Passport ? Check ! All set !

  • investigations for perjury

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qYeXxGnSIA: will someone, with a youtube account acesss, please start an educational dialogue about the paris false flag, at least plant that seed. (paraphrasing) don’t preach to the choir, support eachother and support the choir, but preach to those on the fence. as the false flag will become tried for perjury of media (either this one or the next), so will those complicit. tired of the lies.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    It has already been called the French 9/11, and it happened on a Friday the 13th, a day with many cultish associations.

  • Alessandro Ambrosia

    Je suis Deja Vu!

  • Alessandro Ambrosia

    Je suis deja Vu

  • Stenka Razinova

    Occasionally somebody comes with iron clad logic like this writer, but he (she)
    is totally ignored. Not even late night shows will pick up the theme.
    Now this we can call a real conspiracy.

  • Michael Mallal

    ABC, the Oz gov broadcaster, has been broadcasting this disinformation all day.
    Anyone remember the false Australian and NZ passports used by Mossad?

  • Georg Dirr

    On ZBC I heard apparently a gunman left a finger too, he chopped it off so it could be finger printed. Convenient, also another gunman was well known to authorities. The fbi entrap young Muslims with fake bombs maybe the French do the same but this went live like the smoking underpants bomber who was setup and allowed onto the plane even though stopped by security for not having a passport. French must he loaded with zionists.

  • WeAreYourGods

    How could it be possible for apparently highly trained tactical operators on a suicide mission to stick their passport into their back pocket before heading out to die? Did they also find a “My Name Is” sticker on a shredded piece of his tactical vest? When we went out in the middle of the night to write graffiti as young guys we didn’t even carry ID. The idea is so basic it doesn’t even rise to the level of OPSEC.