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Egyptian Army Slaughter Mexican Tourists Having Picnic, Using US-Supplied Apache Gunships

21st Century Wire says…

This past weekend, trigger-happy Egyptian military brutally mowed-down a caravan of visiting Mexican tourists having an afternoon desert picnic, killing 12 and injuring 10 others. The cruel nonsensical act was carried with an Apache helicopter gunship supplied by the USA.

Egypt’s joint police and military operation claimed they were “chasing terrorist elements” in the Wahat region, and claim to have “mistakenly” emptied hundreds of rounds per second into four pick-up trucks carrying innocent Mexican tourists.

SLAUGHTER: Egyptian military rub-out Mexican tourists with US-supplied Apache helicopter.

Incredibly, this shocking event has been completely blacked-out by the US broadcast TV news.

Mexico’s foreign minister traveled to Cairo this week about what the Egyptian military command are labeling as  a ‘mistaken airstrike’ and are even espousing the ‘professionalism and sacrifice of the Egyptian armed forces.’


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