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TERROR EXPERTS: ISIS Video Depicting Egyptian Execution Footage ‘Faked’

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire 

Terror experts have ruled that ISIS video footage appearing to show the executions of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians as being fake…

According to Florida-based Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium, the 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians purported to have been decapitated in the video entitled “Signed With Blood: To The Nation Of The Cross,” was ruled to have been ‘staged’ due to the excessive anomalies seen in the dramatic 5 minute film.

IMAGE: ‘Larger than Life’ –  Notice the extreme height difference between the apparent ISIS members, as they dwarf the alleged Egyptian victims. ( Photo link nationalpost.com)

Fake terror & propaganda

In a report this week at 21WIRE, prior to experts releasing their conclusion about the recent ISIS video production, I was able to outline many of the film’s irregularities and inconsistencies – proving that the film was indeed heavily orchestrated for maximum effect.

The overly produced video by ISIS media arm Al Hayat Media Center, was in fact an expensive looking affair, producing a professionally done film with heavy post-production, subliminally arresting the viewer with deceptive propaganda.

IMAGE: ‘Jihadi Joesph?’ –  The new ‘terror host’ in the alleged Egyptian executions is seen out of balance with the sea imaging behind him. (Photo linktwitter.com)

In an article appearing today in the Daily Mail, terror experts and horror film professionals, weighed in on the recently staged ISIS video. Some of the video was also believed to have been shot on a ‘green screen’ with the water background added in post-production.

Veryan Khan, editorial director of the Florida-based Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium told Fox News:

“The Islamic State’s manipulation of their high-production videos has become commonplace.”

Khan added that:

“The background image shown was likely from another location, the Bay in Sirte, a part of the Mediterranean Sea on the northern coast of Libya. There are several technical mistakes in the video that show it was manipulated.”

According to Hollywood director Mary Lambert, who created the well-known horror film Pet Cemetery :

“The shot that seems really tampered with is the one with the really tall Jihadists and the dwarf Christians. The close-ups of Jihadists on the beach are most likely green screen.”

Oddly, the analysis organization TRAC, has suggested that they believe that the victims may have been killed on location at a ‘studio’ where some of the footage was filmed.

How would the analysis group know this, if everything else about the video appears to be fake?

Since last September, 21WIRE has outlined that the ISIS ‘beheading’ videos were likely fakes, while filmed against a green screen, staged with props, wardrobe, voice overs and multi-cam videography. It turns out that at least two of the US major networks – CNN and FOX News finally admitted this over the past month, after backlash over a video allegedly depicting a torched Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh.

There have been major questions concerning the validity of the ISIS propaganda videos and now there are reports that anti-government activists in Syria are mimicking the “imagery of ISIS” in order to continue the psychological warfare on Western audiences. No doubt many uneducated viewers will consider this purposefully faked imagery as an actual ISIS event.

This begs the question: Is the as of yet unnamed Syrian activist group behind other ISIS propaganda as well, considering Al Hayat Media Center could be a front for a deeper operation?

IMAGE: ‘Staged Abuse’ – an activist group in Syria produces ‘strikingly’ similar ISIS propaganda, distorting public opinion about what’s really happening in the war-torn nation. (Photo link twitter.com)

IMAGE: ‘False Imagery for Effect’ – A purposefully unnamed Syrian activist group exploits and ‘terrorizes’ young kids in an ISIS-like scene. (Photo link nyt.com)

Incredibly, New York Times reporter Anne Barnard considers the images above to be ‘non-violent’ in nature, in her report out today entitled,Children, Caged for Effect, to Mimic Imagery of ISIS“:

“A few human rights advocates and antigovernment activists in Syria are creating shocking if nonviolent images and videos — even herding children in orange jumpsuits into a cage — to call attention to the wider scope of violence. So far, though, their voices have hardly been heard.”

After the ISIS media implosion over the past month, with two heavily staged videos, a poor training video and now disturbing Syrian activist imagery, the threat monitoring group SITE is already publicizing the next terror incident – foregoing the ISIS brand for al-Qaeda-linked militant group Al Shabab.

Capture-RK-next act
IMAGE: ‘Producing Terror’ – Terror distributor SITE and their Director Rita Katz, seen here setting the stage for a future reprisal located at Minnesota’s “Mall of America.” (Photo linktwitter.com)

Behind the ‘ISIS’ curtain

In an article entitled “Libya, Egypt and ISIS: Could World War III Start With a Video?,” 21WIRE founder Patrick Henningsen, gave a stirring analysis of the ISIS brand and the historical implications surrounding their Western media-driven rise:

“Is ISIS really in Libya? Well, yes and no. ISIS has become a kind of open-source brand, complete with an entire seasonal fashion line, a logo and a full range of merchandise. In fact, absolutely anyone who fancies it can simply fly the ISIS flag, or print out an A4 page and blue-tac it to the wall while filming a martyrdom video – like Amedy Coulibaly did in Paris.”

“In Libya, they splurged a little, and printed large decals to stick on the hoods of their Toyota pick-up trucks, and showed off their new ISIS flags with a gold fringe. It seems that ISIS/ISIL has no hierarchical structure or organization and exists in Syria and Iraq as a confederation of radical paramilitary and al Qaeda groups many of whom receive various degrees of funding and weapons from NATO allies and from the GCC oil monarchies.”

There’s also a number of seasoned mercenaries and western special forces who are training rebel and ISIS fighters heading into Syria. Otherwise, terrorist brigades function much more like a gang syndicate or Sand Pirate privateers than they do a bona fide terrorist organization. So in theory, anyone can be ISIS, and ISIS can be anywhere. It looks like the pretext for the ultimate open-ended and unregulated international war.”

Below is an image from a newly released training video by ISIS. Following the dramatic Libyan beach production, as reported by the Daily Mail:

“The video bears all the hallmarks of the slickly edited propaganda material regularly pumped out by the terror group’s media arm to dramatic effect. From this evidence, however, their next generation of ‘special forces’ are far from being a well-oiled machine.”

IMAGE: ‘Comical Drills’ – laughable training footage released by apparent ISIS members this past week. (Photo link dailymail.co.uk)

Growing links between ISIS, Israel & ‘Syrian rebels’

Sensational ISIS escapades aside, there is a deeper relationship developing with the masked Sunni militants and Israel. This is something that we have regularly reported on since the summer, as ISIS appeared to make many geographical advancements in the wake of Israeli airstrikes.

Media coverage regarding ISIS & Israel is no longer being kept in the dark, as Israel is now observed playing a larger role in the ‘uncivil’ war-theater in Syria.

According to a UN Security Council report, rebel forces have been stated as having regular contact with IDF forces at the Golan Heights border.

What will be next in this fraudulent War On Terror?

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  • scott_ewing

    Now might be a good time to quit bombing the infrastructure of Libya.

  • scott_ewing
  • colinjames71

    They’re turning Wag the Dog into a freekin historical documentary.

  • Karl Bay

    So if the videos are fake what is the whole idea? Are ISIS depicting themselves as more cruel than they really are – or is it the suggestion that someone else made the videos to blame it on ISIS

    • Slant420

      ISIS doesn’t exist. War in Syria was turned down. This group is a made up excuse to bomb syria where they are supposedly located. The war machine is desperate to start another huge war to bring in money to their broke asses. CIA makes up every terrorist group you’ve heard of for the last 30+ years.

    • Hp B


    • caracal

      This can only be understood if you understand who is behind ths (CIA Mossad MI6 Israel Qatar Turkey). The whole idea is to:- destabilise sovereign nations and weaken states so NATO can intervene on “humanitarian grounds” (nudge nudge wink wink)
      _ terrorize the goyim into supporting whatever the next war they need to accomplish regime change, build military bases, exploit their resources etc etc. ad nauseum
      -Get the Christians and Muslims to fight and destroy each other (divide and rule)
      -Keep the Arab countries stuck in the middle ages
      -Attract dissatisfied youth to their ranks (to keep their fake Soros funded revolutions rolling out on schedule – read as destabilisation)
      -blacken the name of Islam
      -keep everyone preoccupied in “hate sessions” (1984) while they steal our liberties , empty our wallets and savings accounts and try to hide the fact that the West is heading for an utter, total and irreparable financial train wreck on steroids.
      As to the reasons check out the oil pipelines and linked geopolitics in the area between CHina, Iran, Russia, Middle East, North Africa Europe.
      Oh, and dont forget theyve got to bump off about 6 billion of us in preparation for their New World Order.

      • Slant420

        yep…and you see how “humanitarian aid” has worked in these countries. Even after an ended conflict, you’ll see the “aid” in it’s fullest. IMF moves in and the country is 300% worse off than before a war. Instant debt and slavery. Objective completed. When you read up on these cultures, it is obvious they are far more spiritual in nature…and the powers that were do not like that. They want a one world sheep farm. Ukraine is one of the latest examples. Billions in loans from the IMF…now they bought Ukraine…just that simple. Greece chickened out at the very last minute to disconnect from the debt mongers. Pity.


    One word: SITE

    That should tell you everything you need to know as to who produced, edited and masterminded the videos (and had the funding to do so).

    ***** ISIS they are a bunch of rag tag idiots made to look larger than life – THE MEDIA is doing the most damage by promoting the image of ISIS across the globe with their news coverage and stating it’s their duty…BS

    Major media sources are nothing more than PR machines for the government and other alphabet agencies.

    • Hp B

      The SITE H.Q. of Rita Katz is a dumpster in the alley behind Abe Foxman’s ADL office bldg.
      This is where she gets her ISIS videos before ISIS even gets them.

  • caracal

    Check out Rita Katz – SITE is an Israeli company. Why would ISIS release all their video through as Israeli company? Why dont ISIS Jihad ever attack their sworn enemy Israel, only fellow muslims and a few christians?
    The article does a good job of dismantling the fake imagery but fails to pinpoint WHO is producing this psyops

    • Syed Mohammad

      If you think IS is not attacking Israel think again. Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis is active within Gaza. They launch rockets at IDF along with Al Qassam. That is an image of Muhammad Al-Amrain from Al-Qassam brigades. He is also a member of Ansar mujahideen in Gaza. They are linked with the Sinai mujahideen in Egypt who have given allegiance to IS. You comment is a typical american loyalist, and Nusayri comment.

      • caracal

        Syed, occasionaly a few rockets are fired into Israel, but usually do no damage or fall in empty parking lots. Go figure. I fully support the Palestinian resistance against zionist occupation by all legitimate means. Check yourself to see what that includes. That is quite different from supporting CIA created ISIS which is a force being used to destabilise and create chaos across the Muslim world, and from which Islam will not gain any benefit, except perhaps being bombed into the middle ages under the lie of “humanitarian intervention” as you see from Libya and Iraq.
        Oh by the way I am not American, so have no loyalty to US, UK or any NATO power.
        Good try but your comment sounds like a typical Israeli shill.
        May peace be upon you.

      • Georg Dirr

        I smell a Filthy zionist liar.

        • babysiqueiraabro

          Maybe, but maybe Israel still funds some members of Hamas. From Zionists we should wait anything.

  • Hp B

    As the American suckers born every minute lap it and beg for more gruel, please.
    What a pathetic shell of a nation gone to sh*t. Make that Zio-sh*t.

  • pt1gard

    Kabuki shows for the doc smiths of the world

  • Topster

    Site org is a Mossad asset – if they smelt it, they dealt it.

    Seems Rita Katz is now targeting American Somalis who largely inhabit
    Minnesota in the US. The problem with her lie is that Al Shabab are from
    the south and from a very different clan to Northern Somalis whose kith
    and kin can be found in Minnesota. Hell would freeze over before a
    northerner would listen to the instructions of a southerner.

  • Topster


  • wombleranger

    Mall of America and West Edmonton mall are both owned and operated by the same people the
    Ghermezian Family who also happen to be Iranian Jews. Just find it strange that only these two locations are mentioned. The Ghermezian’s( under the Triple Five Corp. name) have also been connected to bribery of U.S. politician’s in Las Vegas and a bribery/fraud case with the Alberta Treasury Branch! Such fine upstanding members of society!

    • liberalsodomy

      An updated version of “jewish lightning”, itz!!!

    • wombleranger: Interesting. It seems that once a person gets the cast of characters and their intentions straight things start to make sense in a world that otherwise doesn’t; furthermore, whenever anything on the subject matter comes out there always seems to be a story behind the story. Maybe old news to you all–but I’m just now getting into this stuff.

  • Michael Mallal

    Australian PM Abbott is unleashing new anti-terror laws after the Sydney Siege false-flag operation. Seven News, located across from the Lindt Cafe, says ”police semi-automatics fired about 90 rounds.”
    However the coroners inquest massaged this done to 22 rounds 13 of which hit Monis. Monis was probably an ASIO agent-provocateur and sacrifice.
    Hostage barrister Katrina Dawson was killed by six splinters from the police massive fire-power. It’s really an extra-judicial execution.

  • caracal

    Syed, occasionaly a few rockets are fired into Israel, but usually do no damage or fall in empty parking lots. Go figure. I fully support the Palestinian resistance against zionist occupation by all legitimate means. Check yourself to see what that includes. That is quite different from supporting CIA created ISIS which is a force being used to destabilise and create chaos across the Muslim world, and from which Islam will not gain any benefit, except perhaps being bombed into the middle ages under the lie of “humanitarian intervention” as you see from Libya and Iraq.
    Oh by the way I am not American, so have no loyalty to US, UK or any NATO power.
    Good try but your comment sounds like a typical Israeli shill.
    May peace be upon you.

  • Guest

    HEY!!!! KOOL-AID!!!! I’m drinking the “It’s Bogus Kool Aid” big time. Admittedly, especially after Sandy Hook, and slowed down images of the planes hitting the twin towers, etc., I started to think… “C’mon man… This too? Is EVERYTHING rigged?” Well… No. But seems like these videos from Al Hayat are. Combined the ‘mitigating circumstances’ surrounding the creation and funding, as well as the stunning and sudden arrival to mainstream media of ISIS removes any doubt. Not to mention the whole Arab Spring shenanigans that came out of nowhere, without any real ‘pretext’ it just ‘springs up’… Is that why they called it the Arab Spring?

  • Now hold on a minute. Are there real wackos here and there? Yes. Are there maybe a lot of them? Yes. The best trick the double-dealers can pull is to let them do their thing, or take other disenfranchised and ‘targeted’ front men out there and make a meal of it and slipping info to the media. If you do not think there aren’t agents and the like pulling the strings two or three times removed from any possible mess with little leads back to them or at least ‘deniable plausibility’ then go back to Fantasy Land. This stuff is discussed, talked through, and they play out all the possibilities and contingencies with plans and back up plans. All the black budget money doesn’t go to Area 51!!! ; )

  • Carlos Pereira de Souza

    Senhores, este é o legado que o profeta Maomé deixou para a humanidade.

    • babysiqueiraabro

      Não, Carlos, não é. Este é o legado de um mundo que perdeu o rumo em função da riqueza roubada da América do Sul e da África — que financiou a revolução industrial, por exemplo — e que se curvou diante do poderio da Casa Rothschild e suas tramas para controlar financeiramente vários governos ao redor do mundo. O profeta Mohammed (“Maomé” não existe) é odiado pelos judeus sionistas porque seus seguidores não se submetem aos ditames de consumo do capitalismo, não consomem nem álcool nem drogas (que fazem a riqueza de muitos falcões), não sujeitam seus bancos às regras do sionismo financeiro etc. Esse é um dos motivos pelos quais os sionistas vêm demonizando o Islã há muito tempo. E, antes que vc pense que defendo causa própria, deixe-me dizer que sou ateia. Defendo o direito de os seres humanos seguirem a fé que melhor lhes aprouver.

  • bcbingram

    Concerning the 21 Coptics parading along the sea side, do You believe they were NOT killed ?