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Clockwork: New ISIL Vid ‘Beheads’ Brit Haines, Cameron Gung Ho for US Bombing Run on Syria

21st Century Wire

When Obama gave his not-so-epic ISIS(L) attack speech on Tuesday, little or no enthusiasm rang from the coalition choir. Even Obama’s BBF David Cameron was strangely quiet on the matter, with Britain releasing a statement saying they will not be joining in on Washington’s military free-for-all in Syria.

What a difference a day makes…

ISIS social media barons released a new video yesterday which purportedly shows the beheading of British citizen and aid worker, David Haines, a 44-year-old who is said to have been kidnapped back in March 2013.

In this latest video, ISIS actor and video presenter ‘Jihadi John’ give a similar monologue as in the previous two videos, but this time has upgraded his standby prop from a fruit knife to a slightly larger hunting knife this time.

In his monologue, John tries to draw Britain deeper into the conflict. He rants, “This British man has to pay the price for your promise, Cameron, to arm the Peshmerga (Kurdish) against the Islamic State”.

One of many videos is currently available on YouTube depicting the Haines tragedy. This video is likely to be pulled down within the next 24 hours. Watch:

Notice at the :58 sec mark, Haines’s facial expression when Jihadi John is supposedly cutting his throat. Not exactly what you would expect from someone expecting to experience their final moments on Earth being beheaded. Strange to say the least.

As with the James Foley and Steven Sotloff ISIS propaganda videos released earlier, the David Haines video fails to show the victim actually being beheaded – a fact which is only going to make skeptics question the authenticity of these edited YouTube videos.

What’s more disturbing is how government officials are almost too keen to rush in claim these videos are somehow “authentic” is very disturbing and proves more than any other single factor that these videos have a two-way political function which is being used to maximum effect by both ISIS and the US/UK. From a CSI perspective, none of these video could close a murder case, yet they are touted as iron-clad for some reason.

The reactions and rhetoric on both sides are so well scripted that the obvious question arises: is the whole campaign coordinated on both sides the drama?

As predicted, British PM David Cameron came out immediately with some fighting language, promising to “hunt down” the alleged perpetrators, vowing to “drain the poison” of ISIS, and stand shoulder to shoulder with the Americans. Cameron’s timed reaction was maybe not as explosive as Joe Biden’s “gates of hell” rant, but it’s helped close the coalition circle. Yes, that’s right – there has always been, and ever will be, one coalition that really matters, and that’s America and Britain’s special relationship.

Still, all this begs the question: are the US and UK reacting exactly how ISIS wants them to react (playing them like a fiddle), or is ISIS reacting exactly how the US/UK want them to react? No one is asking this question, but it looks like the former would fit the bill here.

Of course, as if by magic, CIA and Israeli intelligence-linked media outlet SITE is first on the scene. 21WIRE detailed who and what are behind western terror media outlet SITE (see their logo embossed in the Haines video still below) and why the Sotloff and Foley ‘beheading’ videos appeared to be staged. SITE’s offices are located near the CIA in Virginia.

Here is a CNN interview with SITE founder, Israeli Rita Katz, who admits, “we had that video beforehand and were able to beat them with the release”. Isn’t that convenient. Watch:

Both SITE and their sister creature, Intel Center, have both been repeatedly accused of (and caught) distributing completely fake al Qaeda videos at what can only be described as politically convenient times, in order to manipulate public opinion, particularly American opinion. SITE hase some sort of exclusive pipeline with all the main cartoon terrorist outfits – al Qaeda, Boko Haram, al Shabaab, and now ISIS.

MEDIA MONOPOLY: Another inside scoop for our gov’t-run terrorism media production house SITE.

According to multiple media sources, Haines served for 10 years in the RAF as an aircraft engineer. During his tenure with the RAF, Haines worked on the UN mission helping refugees return to their homes after the Balkans war. Apparently this is where he dedicated himself to humanitarian aid work.

Haines was no garden variety aid worker. You could not find an aid worker with a better CV than Haines. His career in the humanitarian sector can be described as stellar and decorated.

He served in central administrative and strategic positions in all the organizations that employed him.  The Independent reported this week:

“From 1999 till 2004, Haines worked for German charity Arbeiter Samariter Bund (ASB) helping to rebuild post-war Croatia. He oversaw an ASB regional office, tasked with managing a significant European-Commission funded plan to aid hundreds of displaced people return to Croatia and rebuild their homes. He was also involved in the reconstruction of a school in Benkovac.”

Just like James Foley, Haines’s movements appear to shadow high-profile conflict zones in Africa and the Middle East. Foley’s tenure with CIA front USAID, and the obscure, foundation-funded GlobalPost has raised some interesting questions about the true nature of his work in these hot zones.

Haines also found himself in South Sudan during civil unrest there and incredibly, Hes was also in Libya during the civil war in 2011, again doing ‘aid work’.

Haines, was in the thick of it in Syria just 10 days when he was reportedly kidnapped alongside fellow Italian aid worker Federico Motka in March 2013. We are told that Haines was captured by unknown militants near the Atmeh Refugee Camp, just inside the Syrian border with Turkey. Interestingly, Haines was “surveying sites for refugee camps” near the Turkish border which employer French charity/aid agency, ACTED, was hoping to establish. Colleague Motka was freed in May 2013.

It should surprise no one that many NGO’s and ‘aid’ charities operating in conflict zones and elsewhere, especially in and around Syria, are used as intelligence gathering fronts for the CIA, MI6 and French Intelligence. It goes without saying that at least some of these org’s staff or contractors would be working as either informants, or field agents for western intel agencies.

Aangirfan reports: “On 25 September 2012, Save the Children produced what appears to be a piece of propaganda for the CIA. The charity has released Untold Atrocities, a collection of alleged ‘first-hand accounts’ from children and parents allegedly receiving help from Save the Children after fleeing Syria.

“The six-year-old son of an anti-government activist is abducted, then starved and beaten to death. The new report by the UK charity Save the Children documents these and other alleged atrocities.”

“Save the Children has been refused permission to enter Syria. Save the Children is on the ground on Syria’s borders.”

The public should continue to question any western charities, NGO’s and media outlets working in and around war zones – especially where the US, UK or France have a political or military stake.

Some Video Anomalies

As with the two previous videos, the Haines video is staged  in front of the perfect landscape and blue sky backdrop.

Skeptics might inquire whether or not a green screen may have been used in the production of any of the three videos. Since it’s not a crime (not yet anyway) to ask technical questions about these very dubious ISIS(L) propaganda productions, we can at least do some due diligence on the matter…

Lighting can be set-up in different configurations to create different types contrast, and wind conditions can be replicated in a studio using a fan. It’s worth looking at all three videos to see if all the lighting, wind and contrast visuals all match, or not.

There are interesting anomalies like pixelization, audio splicing and other visual observations present in all three videos. Do they prove that these videos are a hoax? Unfortunately not, but for anyone who’s bothered to look closely at any of these ISIS propaganda videos, there are many more questions than answers.

David Haines reportedly executed by the Islamic State

In the Haines video, we have the flawless “Moonscape” as a backdrop, with a perfect blue sky. Notice the shadow positions on the left side of Haines’s face (photo, above).


From this camera angle, we have the shadow moved to the right side of Haines’s face (photo, above) and a different backdrop texture. Notice also, the heavy pixelization of Haines’s Gitmo-style orange jump suit. These appear to be frames from 2 different videos, but comparing the staging and texture is interesting.

The ISIS video producer seems to prefer the same two camera set-up for all three beheading videos, but on all three videos, the background is different. None of the three videos have a “grounding shot”, in other words, none of the 3 videos has any footage of the actors’ feet or any contact with the ground – depicted as a desert. Again, skeptics will point to this as hiding the fact that a green screen was used in the videos.

Beyond any technical questions, you can’t ignore the uncanny ‘WWF’ PR wrestling match between ISIS(L) and the US/UK.

In terms of shaping public opinion, these beheading videos have achieved in only 6 weeks what years of FBI entrapment operations against fake terrorists and general US-based fear-mongering could not achieve – they swung public opinion in favour of a new war in the Middle East, and an open-ended bombing run over Syria.

That’s no coincidence.

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