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MH17: Malaysian Airlines False Flag Scripting Straight Out of BBC’s ‘Sherlock’

Jay Dyer
21st Century Wire

Like many 9/11 examples, the scripting of the Malaysian Plane fiasco matches the plot of BBC’s ‘Sherlock’…

Our latest media theatrical blitz is the Hollywood-esque sequel to last spring’s suspicious and likely scripted airplane disaster, the mystical Malaysian Plane fiasco.  News junkies and analysts will recall the recent “loss” of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 which sparked a media furor of high ratings, speculation, pundit nonsense and even the enlistment of Courtney Love’s noteworthy, famed sleuthing abilities.  In a rare anomaly, Love was  in this case, unable to solve the so-called disaster. See Courtney’s claim here:


Followers of JaysAnalysis or my Twitter or Facebook feed know that I deemed this event unworthy of any attention, and that I think MH370 was likely staged, with a high probability of there being no plane at all.  That may seem extreme to some newer readers, but longtime readers will recall the numerous instances of known, staged and faked news casts cataloged here when RawStory attacked me.

IMAGE: It’s coincidence that the last two Malaysian Airlines accidents have been scripted along TV murder mystery plot lines.

However, with the new Malaysian Plane Flight MH17, we have what appears to be something more significant – an emerging false flag event run by western intelligence and NATO to frame Russia for the purpose of further US/EU/NATO operations in staving off Russia.

In this article, I want to present that false flag thesis and other speculations based on the evidence that has emerged so far.  I will investigate the known facts to date, based on reliable sources with a good track record, the motives for the so-called attack, and the more esoteric and speculative connections that may also be relevant to seeing the “calling card” of who might have been behind the event.

The Case

The first and most obvious suspicion is that this is Malaysian Airlines, part deux.  I am not saying anything ridiculous like they are the same planes, but rather that two Malaysian Airlines flights become “diverted” to become center stage media foci – inside of a few months, as mere coincidence stretches credulity.  One recalls immediately the numerous TWA flights of the last several decades that mysteriously were lost, hijacked and shot down, all of which served specific political motives advantageous to the Western establishment.  A second related question involves Malaysian Airlines itself – who owns this airline, and what intelligence agencies might be able to utilize it for such covert operations?  Hardly anyone in the media is asking this question, nor was it asked the last go around.

Malaysian Airlines was started by the Liverpool-based Ocean Group together with Imperial Airways, back in 1937.  It is crucial to note that Malaysia was a part of the British Empire, and thus associations with British Intelligence will not be far removed.  Though the company was broken up soon thereafter, it was incorporated with various shareholders holding close connections to, and positions in, offices of Malaysian government.  For example, former Malaysian Airlines CEO Idris Jala formerly held high level positions with gas giant and Western establishment megacorporation, Shell, before entering Malaysian politics.  Malaysian Airlines is a GLC, or “government linked company,” which we can translate into intelligence linked company, bringing to mind classic examples of intelligence linked airlines, such as Evergreen, the famed CIA shell company that succeeded Air America.  Consider the extent of the CIA connections to airlines according to a 1986 Time Magazine article:

“Officially, the CIA says it has no record that Doole ever worked there, but among old agency hands, he is a legend. Operating out of a small, nondescript office on Connecticut Avenue, he founded and ran a far-flung network of airlines that the agency used to carry out its covert operations all over the world. Owned by a holding company, the Pacific Corp., that was itself a CIA front, Doole’s empire included Air America, Civil Air Transport, Southern Air Transport, Air Asia and dozens of small puddle-jumper lines. Together, at their peak in the mid ’60s, these CIA “proprietaries” added up to an airline that was almost the size of TWA, employing nearly 20,000 people (as many as the CIA itself) and operating some 200 planes. Even the CIA was not sure just how many. Asked by then Deputy Director Helms to account for all the planes in Doole’s regime, a staffer spent three months on the project before confessing that he could never be more than 90% certain. The problem, explained the exasperated staffer, was that Doole was forever leasing planes between his shell corporations and changing their markings and tail numbers.”

Malaysia is also home to a host of Western intelligence shady dealings, according to insider Peter Levenda.  Levenda claims as follows in his Sinister Forces, Vol. 3:

“Friends of mine in Kuala Lumpur-otherwise intelligent, rational people with a love for business and the easy, good life of their tropical paradise-take it for granted that the world has targeted Muslim Malaysia out of jealousy for the strength of their economy…[erroneously thinking] there was simply no truth to the reports that Malaysia was a haven for terrorists, even as one of their political parties praised the bombers of Bali, the World Trade Center, of the Marriot Hotel in Jakarta and met with Hamas and Hezbollah leaders in Malaysia in May of 2002.” (pg. 443)

Indeed, Malaysia was a meeting place of some of the bombers on 9/11.  The Asian Times reported of Malaysia and 9/11:

“Terror summit”

Intelligence records show that they were hosted by Yazid Sufaat, a Malaysian microbiologist and former army captain educated at California State University-Sacramento in the 1980s, in a gated community of clustered red brick condominium towers. There they were joined by at least nine other terrorists for what was later to be dubbed the “Kuala Lumpur Summit”.

The meeting was a planning operation for the October 2000 attack on the USS Cole warship in Aden, Yemen, headed by an operative known as Khallad, as well as the 9/11 attacks before al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi traveled to Los Angeles en route to San Diego via Bangkok. Al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi, both Saudi nationals and then future hijackers of the American Airlines Flight 77 that is said to have smashed into the Pentagon on 9/11, were able to enter Malaysia visa-free as citizens of signatory states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Their meeting was secretly monitored by Malaysia’s Special Branch intelligence unit, which had closely tracked the movements of Al-Mihdhar, al-Hazmi, Khallad and other participants as they shuttled back and forth from Sufaat’s condo. Malaysian agents were acting on a tip from the US Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) dedicated Osama bin Laden tracking unit, known as “Alec Station”.

Informed readers will not find the irony here surprising, given that Alec Station knew all along what the so-called Al Qaeda minions were doing and when and where they were at all times, as Bamford has shown in his Shadow Factory, pages 18-21.  The attacks of 9/11 were launched in part from Malaysia, so what we see from this is a clear dark side Western intelligence connection to operations and activities in Southeast Asia, and Malaysia in particular.  With these thoughts in mind, it is not a leap of logic to consider intelligence connections to the present government connected Malaysian Airlines, which would therefore be an easy tool for Western covert air operations and/or false flags, considering the CIA and SIS have a long history of Southeast Asian operations.

IMAGE: Pristine passport photos reminiscent of the magical 9/11 hijacker passports (see also: Mohamed Atta and Ziad Jarnah’s Passports below).

Though forgotten in the black hole of infinite infostream, it was reported at the time of the MH370 “loss” that I was not alone in my thesis – former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir Mohamad claimed what was most likely the case – the CIA and Boeing ran the MH370 “disappearance” operation.  He stated according to Time:

“Clearly Boeing and certain agencies have the capacity to take over ‘uninterruptible control’ of commercial airliners of which MH370 B777 is one,” Mohamed wrote.  “Someone is hiding something,” he added. “It is not fair that… Malaysia should take the blame. For some reason the media will not print anything that involves Boeing or the CIA.”

21stCenturyWire has rightly called attention to the apparently staged aspects of MH17, noting the pristine passports and luggage, as well as numerous anomalies regarding the “no fly zone” mandates that were apparently unheeded.  These oddities are reminiscent of 9/11 inconsistencies. Why a supposed passenger liner would fly directly into a war zone has yet to be answered, but regardless of facts and evidence, the mainstream media was ready with neo-con and Clintonista establishment accusations and propaganda within minutes, blaming Russia.

IMAGE: McCain: “Putin did it!”

From John McCain to Strobe Talbott, to Hillary Clinton to the British Secretary of Defense, it was clear without any investigation – “Putin and Russia did it!” and “Get the gas and stop Gazprom!’  Nevermind the fact that the respected Jane’s Quarterly stated that the Kiev forces were the most likely possessors of this SAM (surface to air) technology.  

Similarities to the 1983 KAL Flight 007 are also emerging, which was another false flag event that killed famed Rep. Larry McDonald, a prominent investigator of the CFR and its support of Soviet and US convergence.  McDonald had famously investigated and published evidence of a conspiracy to build a socialist one world government through entities like the United Nations and CFR.  That McDonald’s plane was brought down by Russia, according to the official story, stretches credulity as well, unless by “Russia” it is meant Soviets in league with the CFR.  But that his flight was “007″ is highly significant for another reason.

IMAGE: Korean Airlines KAL Flight 007, in which Larry McDonald was killed.

‘Sherlock Plot’

In 2012, the popular BBC show Sherlock began its second season with a curious plot. In “A Scandal in Belgravia,” Sherlock is hired by the crown to recover compromising photos of a high level British official, becoming involved in a plot of intrigue far beyond his initial considerations.  As it turns out, his nemesis Moriarty is planning on a terrorist bombing that is “foiled” by Mycroft, who works for Mi5/Mi6 by utilizing an old SIS plan from World War II, the Coventry Blitz.  What is really interesting for investigators of twilight language is the similarity of Mycroft’s plot to the recent Malaysian Plane event.  Mycroft and Mi5 load a Boeing, titled Flight 007, and “Operation Bond Air,” with already dead bodies.  The false flag event will allow Moriarty to believe he has actually blown up a passenger liner, while Mi5 will organize the order out of the chaos.  The BBC is, of course, run by British Intelligence.

SEE ALSO: Visionary: Larry McDonald’s stark predictions manifest today

The amazing parallels are evident in other ways, too.  Larry McDonald’s KAL flight was Flight 007, and most curious of all, a Russian commander has come forth claiming the downed MH 17 was populated with bodies already dead, prior to the flight, with no blood.  Pro-Russian leader Igor Girkin claimed as follows:

“The pro-rebel website Russkaya Vesna on Friday quoted Igor Girkin as saying he was told by people at the crash site that “a significant number of the bodies weren’t fresh,” adding that he was told they were drained of blood and reeked of decomposition.”

If true, the similarities to the BBC Sherlock cannot be coincidence.  JaysAnalysis has documented countless cases of film and television scripting being used for propaganda and psy ops in real covert operations, and this could be one of the more spectacular examples.  Also of note is the numerological associations that are not coincidental.  

It should be noted that according to the NSA itself in its scholarly publications, numerology and the occult has a long history of usage in cryptography and intelligence communcations.   Twilight Language as investigated on this blog is confirmed as a real, legitimate form of cryptography in examples such as this linked article.   With all that in mind, and considering the propaganda and media blitz like this and this and this, while stories like this are ignored, it is not a stretch to consider the MH17 flight downing’s twilight language as a classic Mi6/CIA calling card.

Let us also not forget the IMF head Christine Lagarde and her “numerology” speech that focused on the “magic 7,” and according to her, its importance for 2014. The supposed downing of the plane occurred on 7 – 17 – 2014.  As far as I am aware, I was the first to consider the possible numerological connections to the plane events, consider the associations that Lagarde herself mentioned in her Press Club speech.  Let’s review her speech again, focusing on her actual statements, and not so much on the interpretation of the video maker.

The day of the MH17 event, I stated as follows:

Notice that in Lagarde’s speech she mentions war, Bretton Woods and the emerging international order.  It is my thesis that Lagarde is referring possibly to the “magic 7″ event of the Malaysian Plane false flag, and that this may be a signifier of the coming international economic order and reorganized monetary reset, as well as war with Eurasia or Russia, primarily signified and fulfilled in the MH17 false flag fiasco.

It is important to see this in connection to the BRICS meeting, which is an attempt at an eastern counter to the IMF.  Lagarde is thus giving the twilight language cryptography in reference to the London/Wall Street establishment’s response to BRICS.  

Russia does not stand to gain from blowing up a passenger liner full of “AIDS researchers”, but the Anglo establishment does, to blame to attack on Russia for more EU/NATO expansion.  One is immediately reminded of the PR propaganda from the Iraq war, where the laughable lie was that “babies were thrown out of incubators.” The numerology and the BBC scripting are evidence of the western intelligence establishment’s “calling card,” reminiscent of both Operation Northwoods and NATO’s Operation Gladio.  

More anomalies surrounding this event are presented in this video:

Author Jay Dyer is a writer and analyst, whose work exploring hidden meaning in film and the use of Twilight Language, can be found at his website, Jay’s Analysis.

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  • liberman

    MH-17 started burning only on the ground, having suffered an initial fuselage explosion in high-altitude. In between those two events, lots of payload
    must have fallen out of the aircraft and down to the ground.
    Pamphlets are dropped routinely in war zones and arrive in tact on target.
    Several WWII crewmen fell from 5 to 6km altitude WITHOUT a parachute
    and survived the fall, having stumbled on shock absorbing stuff:

    • Rogoraeck

      Yeaa The POW camps in WWII were full of flyers which have bailed out from plane without a parachute!

  • Koolz

    I wonder where or what happened to MH-17’s passengers? Now if a plane is flying at 30,000 feet and is traveling at 500 mph you aren’t going to be falling out of the that plane as it falls to the ground. The impact wouldn’t leave a single object untouched and the force alone would destroy pretty much everything in the plane unless, unless in mid air the plane broke in half.
    All the pictures I have scene look set up. Nothing looks real. Bodies, passports, crash site. Russia knows the truth.
    This is about as believable as plane being able to destroy and knock down a skyscraper on impact from the top of the building *that is simply never going to happen*

  • Nijesh

    The so-called video evidence that the so-called ‘rebels’ shot down MH17 which shows a BUK truck ‘scurrying’ away with one missile missing may turn out to prove that the ‘rebels’ didn’t shoot down MH17. Last week the world was told that a high-flying Antonov military aircraft was shot down by the ‘rebels’ – which may account for why there was only one missile missing from the Buk truck… If they had shot down MH17 too, there should have been two missiles missing.

  • wlawlor

    dissinfo, plotting of 911 happened in D.C. not Kuala Lumpour

  • Spongebob

    I think maybe,, they switched planes and this was Flight 370 that crashed.. they took all the passports and killed the people,, and a bomb blew it up from inside, I saw where they said the side was blown out instead of in like a missle, and the plane was fll of diseased dead bodies , Im curious what happens when investigated,, but they may never tell us the truth

  • Brian Geary

    CIA and Mi6: unlikely. Mossad, definitely.

    • farang

      I’d have to disagree. There were over 20 MOSSAD agents listed officially as on-duty at Langley on 9/11/01. I will state on the record I believe Nuland is a MOSSAD agent. Masqerading as a US State official.

      In other words, I think you are half-right. More likely they are as ONE now.

      American needs to come to grips with the fact a foreign entity, an evil entity without remorse, controls it’s destiny. However, that entity is comprised of humans.

      Destiny can change directions. The Kali Yuga is coming to an end: these occultist nutcakes think they must “Quicken” events of death and destruction, blood sacrifices made to bring their “god” to Earth.

      That is where they misunderstand: they are believing their own twisted and false history of past events.
      They are failing. They are desperate. Their time is about UP.
      And what is the infallible weapon used to rid us of this entity?

      Education. Dogged persistence of enlightment of the People.

  • Thai Nguyen

    Remember the first Malay airplane sitting in the hangar in Tel Aviv for a 1 month period to have a PM overhaul performed before the first disappearance. I’m surprised no one has written about that correlation yet.