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Hollywood Shooting: Was the Isla Vista Gun Rampage Another False Flag?

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire 

22-year-old Elliot Rodger has been named in an apparent drive-by-shooting incident near the University of California in Isla Vista involving some twelve crime scenes at ten different locations, including three stabbings at the alleged shooter’s apartment complex – all prior to two separate shootout with police according to reports. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

As this story unfolds, it could very likely prove to be another choreographed event in order to demonize the gun lobby that will attempt to pull back gun rights in the USby the looks of it, that’s exactly what is happening…

In a YouTube video that was posted days earlier on Reddit – allegedly by actor Rodger entitled, “Retribution”, he lamented ‘being a virgin’ and blamed women for rejecting his advances, outlining a premeditated plot to kill women at the nearby campus for their lack of interest in him through a misogynistic tirade. It was like a plot straight from any teen Vampire TV episode. Rodger appeared to play the dramatic part of a tortured loner, as his lack of sexual gratification and appeal to the opposite sex seemed to be the object of his rage but upon closer inspection the video’s apparent scripted feel could be seen as yet another American psyop meant to distort the public’s perception.

With an already heavy communitarian policing operation on social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, how could Rodger’s get away with posting a video plotting murder a few days before allegedly committing the act itself?

The rest is #hashtag history, or is it?

To the majority of  the mainstream viewing audience out there the so-called #IVshooter’s video message of hate and violence will seem very real, however as new information continues to emerge I believe certain tell-tale signs will expose the true nature of this Hollywood-style event. This seems evident in the overwhelming pleas for gun control following the incident at a press conference this past Saturday.

IMAGE: Less Than Zero – Elliot Rodger, appearing like a faux Bond villain, is the alleged killer in the Isla Vista rampage, he is seen here posing with a Cosmopolitan cocktail. He’s said to be the son of ‘Hunger Games’ assistant director Peter Rodger. Police supposedly met with Rodger when his parents became concerned about his vlog habits. We’re also told Rodger has Asperger’s syndrome. However some reports have suggested his video uploads don’t make sense with the timeline with the murders, as one was added around the time of the shootings (static01.mediaite.com).

The dark surf of Hollywood nightmares comes to mind examining the apparent elaborate violent scheme in Isla Vista, echoing some of the most improbable happenings in the past few years across the country such as the highly propagandized Sandy Hook incident apparently carried out by fellow autistic spectrum shooter Adam Lanza the Boston Bombing duo Tsarnaev brothers, the Chris Dorner shootout-chase in L.A., the LAX shooter Paul Ciancia, James Holmes‘s paramilitary ‘joker’ theater killings and Jared Lee Loughner‘s apparent political targets in Tuscon. 

Ever wonder how quickly these stories come together with the help of mainstream media?

There seems to be one thing most of these events have in common – eyewitness accounts of multiple shooters, this was also the case in the Sikh Temple shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, that left 7 people dead in August of 2012 in addition to all the events listed above. The same thing appeared to be reported by KEYT in California as reports of the shooting in Isla Vista came in. An apparent target of Rodger’s rage in Isla Vista was Sierra Swartz, she told reporters she saw two men in the BMW and she ‘walked away’ from the vehicle while being shot at.

Another thing these alleged shooter’s and violent rampages have in common is that the person or persons named as responsible are – never able to speak to their suspected crimes, as they supposedly either take their own life or they’re found dead or drugged.

Perhaps the most egregious part of this seemingly crafted drama was the 140 page manifesto entitled ‘My Twisted World‘ allegedly written by Rodger prior to his blaze of bullets ride through the streets of Santa Barbara. In its contents it apparently describes a person at the edge of his rope, narcissistically going over life events that supposedly lead him to the point of despair. 

The entire manifesto reads very stiff and empty, bringing to mind the Chris Dorner manifesto this past year.

IMAGE: Blood Drive – One of  the twelve Isla Vista shooting spree crime scenes – notice the well-placed bright red blood (Boston-style paint?) that last seen in the aftermath of the Boston bombings, the LAX shooter and by the machete wielding Woolwich butchers. No apparent footprints or body near this scene – and the police did not even bother to tape off the painted blood area? Clearly, this is not a real crime scene then (photo s.yimg.com).

IMAGE: Store Cleanup at the IV Delimart – Notice the wooden boxes labeled glass and the swirling mess of blood being hastily cleaned up. Wouldn’t the scene be closed off for forensic review? How would they have new glass just minutes or hours after the crime taking place or is it just a coincidence? (photo s3.yimg.com)

IMAGE: The Final Act – Elliot Rodger’s BMW with tagged evidence and debris surrounding the vehicle. A high speed chase leading to two separate shootouts with police – leaving a trail of blood at ten different locations – does this sound hard to believe to you? Rodger’s has also been reprimanded for apparent racist comments by the SPLC. The SPLC was also seen meddling in the aftermath of the LAX shooting.

This YouTube video depicts CCTV footage at the IV delimart during the supposed shooting spree. Strangely, a girl close to the counter doesn’t seek shelter while the shop is apparently under fire…

Here’s another Youtube video with the shop owner of the IV Delimart around the 1:05 min mark he describes the traumatic event without out much emotion at all.

And of, course, the mainstream narrative wouldn’t be complete with the gay/transgender component getting maximum penetration into public minds…

This is a YouTube featuring Fox News’s television psychologist Dr. Robi Ludwig examining Rodger’s sexual orientation “is this somebody trying to fight against his homosexual impulses.”

Truth Frequency Radio gives their thoughts about the case…

As this story is so closely connected to Hollywood, we cannot ignore the well-placed story line and theatrics.

More information will most likely continue to trickle out over time, shedding more light on this seemingly staged rampage…

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  • james ha

    the shooter’s father was a director of ‘the hunger games’ and suzanne collins, the author of ‘the hunger games’ resides in newtown, ct. (sandy hook).

  • Spychiatrist

    Somethings rotten in Denmark, er Hollywood.

    This seems to be yet another Hollywood psychodrama meant to inculcate an agenda into the minds of the haplessly gullible.

    • This is nonsense

      A tragedy has occurred and you believe that this is a Hollywood ploy? Are the dead students just acting? Go back to normal conspiracy theories, this is ridiculous.

      • wildmorgan

        Can I just ask; have you seen any dead bodies? It’s easy for someone to go on the news and say three people have been shot dead and another three stabbed without actually showing you any proof of it. And you’ll sit there and eat the shit you’re being fed.

        I’m not saying I believe this particular conspiracy theory. But there is a motive for the US government to stage a false flag and obviously not all the details here add up else there wouldn’t a be a conspiracy theory in the first place. To top everything else off, there has been an extraordinary amount of ‘mad lone gunman’ cases in the US over the last couple of years and it’s becoming a little too hard to believe.

        When all is said and done, whether you buy into this or not, there’s nothing wrong with asking questions, and you should ask questions, instead of just swallowing what the media shoves down your throat.

        • othman

          yes I’m from isla vista and i was downtown at the time of the murders, it is very fucking real and if you don’t believe it come on down to santa barbara and try telling us all that this was a “hoax” fuck you bitch.

          • David VanMeter

            Ok you were there! Is that all the American people need to know in order to know this is the truth. Think about it asshole! And I hoe you don’t kiss your mom with that mouth.

      • Spychiatrist

        Sandy Hook?
        Gabby Giffords? ect, ect, ect.

        Don’t you think we have the right to be skeptical?

        Perhaps this isn’t a psyop but I have my suspicions.

        • marinette

          There’s no way of knowing if this was a genuine crime or not when you’re sitting at a keyboard many, many miles away. You can reel off as many similar scenarios as you like…it really proves nothing. Of course it is possible that it’s all one big conspiracy. However, it’s also possible that this young man took on board information about … say… Adam Lanza,.. and the idea grew in his mind and he began to relate it to his own situation. Copycat crimes do happen sometimes, I think.

          Not exactly a crime, but someone on this site was just recently discussing the sad fact that a number of young people were so influenced by the suicide of a rock star that they contemplated ending their lives in the same way. Similar to a copycat crime, perhaps – copycat suicide? Very tragic indeed, but I have no reason to doubt that it might happen.

          Only a minority of people are in a position to know the true facts about this case – the rest is pure speculation.

          • wildmorgan

            I completely agree with you. None of us can say for sure about this, or any other conspiracy theory for that matter. But my point is that people should keep an open mind and not just follow one version of a story when they’re not in possession of all the facts. It alarms me in a fairly profound way when people get angry over other people questioning the official version and vice versa. It’s not healthy. And it’s a shame.

          • uncle karl

            We CAN be sure.
            Its fake.

          • Padraigin Eagle

            Speaking to yourself again, marinated on the barbecue.

          • Padraigin Eagle

            And you’re a primary main stream speculator, attempting to lead the sheep away from the Truth. Marionette on a string, go swizzle another fantasy on your shtick, very non-tragic indeed, a stroller alert to all who might be taken in by marie antionette’s faux “analysis”, she who be a consort to the Chosenite’s Cabal.

      • Padraigin Eagle

        Ah, sweetie pie, caught “out-lying” again, you be part of the Bollyweird disinformation charade, and, of course, you tell us in plain sight that whatever you say is nonsense, not so, thisisnonsense.

    • Justin Deal

      Bilderberg was held in Denmark last week!

  • davol

    He really hated women. So you women did this. You women are responsible for this!!! You women and the NRA!

    • Spychiatrist

      White males are responsible for all evil in this world. Just ask the left.

      • marinette

        I always thought ‘the left’ WERE mainly white males!

        • Rogoraeck

          marinette/ Just “self hating” white & wannabe schwarzas!

        • Spychiatrist

          The left is composed of limp-wristed white males, feminists, and many other aggrieved groups. The left is a big-tent of stupidity, but that’s just my opinion so don’t give me a lecture, cause I don’t need one. I critique ‘the left’ because the President and his cadre present themselves as left-liberal. When Shrub Bush was in office I critiqued the ‘right’ too.

          Besides ‘the left’ are a bunch of self hating, self loathing, self denying morons. So yes, the left probably are mainly white (not necessarily male) and so what if they are?

          • marinette

            Not sure why you think I might want to give you a lecture. My opinion is that the ‘proper’ left would die laughing at the idea of your president being one of them, but there you go.

  • FrankTalk14

    To portray every single tragic event as a conspiracy does a disservice to those who want to investigate and analyze real government-corporate conspiracies. There are conspiracies, but then there are also those all over world who do evil acts for whatever reason. And they do such evil acts with guns, or knives, or baseball bats or even with their own bare hands. This type of article smells like a piece of CIA or FBI disinformation itself.

    • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

      Not a chance Frank – the only disinfo that’s being pushed is by mainstream accounts and other government trolls. Btw – if it was CIA or FBI they wouldn’t be discussing this as a false flag on guns… they would carry the mainstream agenda.

    • Christy319

      Can you explain how all these stories dried up very quickly in the media? This young man and his videos should have been discussed ad nauseam by the likes of CNN who will milk a real tragedy for MONTHS. Yet Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing and now this one just evaporated within days. (I’m not talking about victims doing the talk show circuit, or testifying at hearings for gun control, I mean real in depth investigation of the stor(ies) which arguably never took place.) I find that very strange.

  • Ideas Time

    Looks like another staged hoax to fool the masses and morons. It will start coming out now that everyone who is paying attention will look for the real evidence and not believe actors and the MSN who have an agenda to sell you.

    • ZeroTheHero

      Looks like another tinfoil hat wanker trying in vain to seem smarter than others and exploit a tragedy for self-promotion!

  • Rogoraeck

    Another jahoo upset that white blonde girls didn’t want to exchange bodily fluid with him!
    BTW. Don’t tell me that he’s not a jahoo, cause he went to a catholic school!

  • NatalieMin

    The stabbings made me think something was wrong with this story. How does one “skinny and effeminate” man stab three other men to death? Why didn’t the others try to overpower him or run to get help when he started on the first one?

    Also why did the police allow the whole manifesto to be made public when it could hold vital evidence, especially as the stabbings indicate that there might have been others involved, and eyewitnesses reported seeing two people in the BMW?

    Also I’m not a psychologist, but the manifesto was quite sensitively written, although bizarre. I would expect someone in a tortured mental state to write quite erratically.

    He is said to have stabbed his male flatmates, yet it was women he hated. Maybe they were killed to keep them from telling the truth about his love life.

    • wildmorgan

      All good questions 🙂

      And I thought exactly the same about the stabbings. Something doesn’t add up there, unless Rodgers killed one separately before turning on the other two.

      Then again it depends what sort of personality his flatmates had, it takes a certain type of person to throw themselves at someone holding a knife. Maybe none of them had the balls to tackle him. Hard to believe, but possible.

      • NatalieMin

        Even if his flatmates had the most docile personalities possible, at the very least they would have tried to run away or get help. When I initially heard this story and had no reason to think it was untrue, I kept turning it over in my mind – did he gag the flatmates he stabbed, to stop them from screaming? Did he “expertly” slit their throats, one by one, in different rooms? Did he drug them first? Stabbings often end up wounding but not killing. Was there any evidence of how he had learned to kill so expertly – for example, books that describe murder by stabbing, or websites?

        • wildmorgan

          Well when you put it like that, it is indeed very odd. If I was the naive sort I might wonder why the media doesn’t ask these sorts of questions. But I’m not all that gullible, so I don’t ponder on it at all. It’s quite obvious why they don’t.

    • ZeroTheHero

      He could easily have done this by attacking the first victim from behind and stabbing him in the neck. Obviously they weren’t all there at once ganging up on him nor did he attack the 3 of them when they were together.

    • Justin Deal

      Natalie I was trying to explain the same scenario in another blog and I got put down. Two of the roommates were already having issues with this weakling. I guarantee you if he was in the apartment their guard was up. They would not be allowed to have a drink spiked or have him sneak up with a weapon. These were healthy males!

  • inwordsdrowni

    At about 1:10 the store owner sounds like he referred to his security footage as a movie. That’s suspicious as well. And what good looking son of a Hollywood director driving a bmw can’t manage to get himself laid?

    • othman

      just because you have a BMW and a rich famous dad doesn’t mean you get pussy thrown at you. elliot was deranged and obviously had mental issues. no girl would go for a freak ass kid like him

  • decathelite

    “As this story unfolds, it could very likely prove to be another choreographed event in order to demonize the gun lobby and pull back gun rights in the US – by the looks of it, that’s exactly what is happening…”

    Given that mass shootings such as this one have occurred at least once a month for the last 5 years, and gun rights now are no less now than they were 5 years ago, by the looks of it, pulling back gun rights is exactly not what’s happening.

    The NRA consists of 1.5% of Americans, but they control 100% of the gun control debate. Guns aren’t going anywhere, as long as the NRA exists.

    In case anyone needs it more more spelled out – If an event like Sandy Hook or Aurora weren’t enough to get gun control legislation passed, nothing will.

    • wildmorgan

      Hardly once a month for the last five years, but there has been an extraordinary amount of ‘mad lone gunman’ cases in the US in recent times.
      That said, the objective of the supposed agenda is not to try and get guns banned after just one dispicable event (such as Sandy Hook), but to stage multiple events, frequently and with massive main stream media coverage until the more naive of US public (90% of the population) just suddenly becomes utterly disillusioned, snaps, and then NRA find themselves pressured into a one option scenario; ban guns altogether, or else.

      • decathelite

        Or the NRA could be taking these mad lone gunman stories and twisting them into conspiracy theories to scare people into thinking the government is going to take away their guns, so that they will go out and buy more guns. Follow the money.

        • wildmorgan

          Whatever man, I’m not buying into either the official version or the “conspiracy theory”. I’m just keeping an open mind. At the end of the day, we’ll never really know for sure…

    • Christy319

      “If an event like Sandy Hook or Aurora weren’t enough to get gun control legislation passed nothing will.”
      This is precisely why you will continue to see these events. They will become weekly if necessary. Whatever it takes to get gun control passed. Please begin to pay attention to the lack of evidence in every case. Remember, people do fake death every day for insurance money or to avoid prosecution; so grieving relatives and funerals are not proof.

      • decathelite

        I have a different take on it. I think the NRA organizes these shootings, so that they can sell the story that the government will pass legislation to take away guns. Then people get afraid and go out and buy more guns. Gun sales have risen by 5.7% every year since 2007, and in 2012 alone totaled $11.7 billion with nearly a billion dollars in profit. Almost a quarter of those sales (an unprecedented amount) were new gun owners, who have been convinced that if they don’t buy one now, they’ll never be able to get one.

        Then, the NRA advises the government that people are stocking up on guns, which makes the government order assault rifles for departments like the DEA and FDA in case there is an armed rebellion. More profit. And as I said, the NRA controls 100% of the gun debate by financing politicians, so no legislation will actually happen.

        Do a Google search for gun sales. They’re “exploding”, “soaring”, “skyrocketing”, “breaking records”, etc. When you see that, it’s obvious who is behind it all.

  • Oh yes….the MSM media will make this news for weeks just to fulfill their personal agenda of taking our guns away from the decent, law abiding Americans and continue to arm more federal employees.

    Who is the real domestic terrorist?

  • NatalieMin

    Another thing. “Multiple witnesses said they saw two people inside the suspect’s vehicle,” according to this news report: http://www.keyt.com/news/shooting-in-isla-vista/26152454

  • fuckyou

    are you fucking kidding me. I don’t know why I’m even wasting my time here other than to hope you all can give a little more respect to a tragedy like this. I live in isla vista on del playa about a half block from where he crashed his car. two friends of mine were shot, both not fatally, they’re both fine now. Two of the fatalities were friends of neighbors or friends. I even got snapchats from people picking up bullet casings off the ground before the police could contain everything. I go to IV deli mart weekly and know the guy who owns the place personally. I assure you this was no hoax…

    • fuckyou

      also if any of you have any decent questions you’d like answered as i have first hand experience with all that happened, go ahead.

      • Wow

        Can you upload the snapchats?

    • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

      Eyewitnesses also reported multiple shooters….that points to a false flag.

    • wildmorgan

      First off, you don’t have first hand knowledge. Although you live in the area where these attacks ocurred, you didn’t actually witness anything yourself. Everything you know about this event you have learned from other people so your “knowledge” is second hand at best.

      This article is not saying the whole event was a hoax, it is saying it was a false flag. In other words, yes, someone may well have gone around in car shooting guns and people may well have been injured or even died, but there is a question mark over whodunnit. The theory is that this attack was carried out by a US government agency and that Elliot Rodgers is no more than a patsy, manipulated into making those videos. Many people have said there were multiple shooters.

      I’m sorry to have to break it to you, but the US goverment lies all the time and manipulates the general public with its media white wash. Edward Snowden’s douments aren’t fake, your communications activity is being monitored, your God given rights as a full-blooded American are being eroded everyday, you can now be thrown in jail indefinitely without due process and you can be killed indiscriminately by unmanned aerial drones. These sly laws are being passed all the time which allow the government to take liberties with the American people. False flags do happen, look up The Gulf of Tonkin incident. This is no longer the realm of fantasy and make believe, this is happening right now, it’s reality.

      The people asking these questions are well within their rights to mistrust such an overbearing and corrupt government and they don’t do it to disrespect the loved ones of those who have died, they do it because something doesn’t add up and they need to know WHY. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I don’t necessarily buy into this particular event being a false flag, but I’m not going to be spoon fed the utter horse shit that the box in the corner of my living room dishes out on a daily basis. It is a GOOD THING to keep an open mind and ask questions where they need to be asked. You should try it some time.

      • Captain Obvious

        So let me get this straight, the guy who lived right next door to this and knows people who were shot only has ‘second hand knowledge’ while you and your derptasticly elaborate and silly conspiricy theory are somehow magically more informed than he is. Time to move out of your mom’s basement.

        • Padraigin Eagle

          And you are your mom’s debasement.

        • wildmorgan

          Yes, he didn’t see the crime being committed so his knowledge is hardly first hand is it, it’s only first hand if you’re an ACTUAL witness and saw what happened. Haha, you fucking retard. Also, I missed the part where this was MY conspiracy theory? Did you actually read my comment? Oh. Wait. You’re a retard…

        • David VanMeter

          If people were shot and killed or injured, it was a just part of the script that the government was following, the fact that people were actually killed through government action is nothing new, this puppet rigime has no qualms with killing innocent people to get what it wants. Think about it. If everyone believed that the government was killing people what would the people do about it. They would do what they are doing now, not a fucking thing. I believe the government killed all those innocent people on 9-11, why else would key people that would normally have been in the building be strangely absent. I know in my heart this to be true and I am not doing a thing about it. But if enough people come together I will be there, taking or shooting the first bullet either way.

    • Padraigin Eagle

      Giving a little respect

      Liar. And fuckyou.

    • David VanMeter

      I know a guy who has a friend, I have a friend who knows a guy, eat shit and die, cocksucker.

  • fuckyou

    hahahahahahaha you guys actually deleted my comment because i was there when it happened. you are the biggest fucking hypocrites. that’s actually hilarious.

    • disqus_0bRejDWmsL

      No one deleted it…

    • Wow

      I have questions.
      There were early reports of multiple shooters, where is the second one?
      Why was Chris’ dad eager to talk about gun control instead of reprimanding his son’s killer?
      In multiple pictures we see the BMW driver door wide open and we can see inside. There is no blood anywhere. The gunshot wound to the head is indicative of a messy crime scene with blood and brain matter, yet nothing. Do you have pictures of any blood or his body NOT COVERED by the body bag?
      WHY would the Deli Mart owners clean up the crime scene when you are NOT allowed to clean a crime scene unless you have proper gear on and are certified? Them cleaning with a broom and Bounty paper towels is freaking hilarious and so untrue of any crime scene.

  • Darkthoughts

    From my view-point in Australia it certainly looks like it has all the hall marks of a staged and controlled event. I have doubts whether he was the only shooter, going by the initial reports. Possibly a controller, who was there to make sure he acted as intended. I’ve had my own personal experiences of trauma based mind control/chaos, triggers and pull-downs/shutters. From those experiences I say that even those who THINK they are out of reach of these techniques are mired deep in the process.
    Every time you feel that patriotic fervor making you hate who they tell you to…. Well, there you go.

    Read or re-read 1984. It’s all there.

  • Seriously…..idiots

    Omg, you people are idiots!

    • wildmorgan

      …Said the pot to the kettle…

  • richardmullins

    In terms of Bayesian probabilities of a false flag event, surely a major flag is that the father had worked on a piece of fiction (Hunger Games) about ritual killings. Are the son’s televised rants another piece of fiction?

  • Captain Obvious

    Gosh, you’re really putting a whole lot of time and energy into something completely stupid and wrong. Sorta reminds me of the ad campaign behind “New Coke”.

  • Jamie James

    He stabbed his housemates. No one is on thier guard when they are at home so that would be easy if they were all in different rooms. Elliot Rodgers was troubled his whole life and I saw what he did the IV first hand. I was at work when this all happened hiding customers hoping I wouldn’t be the next victim. To say this is a hoax is beyond fathomable. Think of the bigger picture here: 6 innocent people died, a lot survived but could have easily died, you are alive. This can happen anywhere and when you are all talking about it being a hoax you could be out there doing something to prevent it from happening again

  • othman

    websites like this are a fucking fraud. if i hadn’t lived in isla vista at the time of the crime and seen the dead bodies and the victims families i would have bought the bull shit that is being claimed on this site.

  • Reuben Schwartzschild

    Elliot’s still alive, it’s obvious

  • David VanMeter

    I like the Gabby Gifford speech where she speaks perfect English, except that she can’t say the word courage, she uses her best try at the word which is curge, then at the end of the speech is able to enunciate word courageous perfectly. Her speeches must be given under a controlled environment, no one could listen to her speak and not laugh out loud, If Hollywood were to present to us a movie about this farcical Gifford event, they would not see a dimes worth of profit. Why?because it is too stupidly funny. This woman was shot in the front of her head with a high calibre gun, at a distance of three feet. And we are to believe she has no scars or hideous facial deformities, truth is stranger than fiction, but fantasy can’t be construed as being true.