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The Boston Bombing: Hard Questions, Answers Explained

21st Century Wire says…

As the one year anniversary of the Boston Bombing approaches, the US government and the FBI – with the help of the US mainstream news media, are all working very hard right now to put the Boston bombing story to bed.

If you still think it really happened the way it was reported, then you should probably revisit the impressive camaign of lies and misinformation being put forth by US autorities and give it your attention.

Not to mention the obvious point which seems lost on a government desperate to sell the WMD kitchen ‘pressure cooker’ story to the public – even their own contrived CCTV footage of the Tsarnaev brothers walking around with their backpack clearly indicates that they were not carrying kitchen equipment around the scene. If you doubt this point, then go visit your local Wall Mart and take a look at a range of kitchen pressure cookers and then try and fit that into one of the small backpacks supposedly carried by the alleged Boston Bombers. Let us know if you have any success there, please.

Boston was a crime alright – but not how, and by who, we are being told by US authorities. The public facing depiction of this event  is a total and complete fraud.

Here’s a few facts that might change yours, and your friends’ mind about the story…

Here’s some highlights about extraordinary irregularities surrounding this case. These are the facts of the case:

1. It’s now admitted (June 2013) that there was a police bomb training at the EXACT time and location where the “bombs” when off
2. The captured brother was videotaped carrying a WHITE backpack, not a black one
3. An eye witness reported that the elder brother (Tamerlan Tsarnaev) was hit by a police car and then shot – he was not run over by his fleeing brother
4. The captured brother (Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) was photographed functional and non-bloody when he surrendered. He went to the hospital on a gurney, covered in blood with a wound to his throat so serious he was put in intensive care.
5. One of the friends of the accused – who was unarmed and on crutches – was shot and killed by an FBI agent SEVEN times during an interview and this murder is still unexplained.

The original report said he ‘attacked the agent with a samurai sword’. Another mainstream media lie.

If you are skeptical of some of the over-the-top media narratives, or if you still think Boston was real, watch this: The Story of the Boston “Hero”

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue