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NSA and Disney Drone Cartoon Grooms Children for Total Big Brother and ‘Big Nanny’ Society

21st Century Wire says…

We’re sure that when adults glance over to see what their children are watching on TV or on the internet, they are not playing very close attention to the hard-core propaganda messaging baked into the productions.

21WIRE has already covered one of the NSA’s in-house child and student indoctrination programs entitled, ‘Crypto Kids’, designed to groom children by promoting skill sets for careers in domestic surveillance and spying trade craft.

The level of sophistication is fairly average in Crypto Kids, centering more around game formats that explore symbology, identifying out layers, and code-breaking exercises.

‘Ladybug Drones’

The NSA are clearly trying to make an agency career an aspiration for young people , but the material itself is harmless enough when compared to the subtle propaganda embedded in the Disney-type animation entertainment production, entitled, ‘Special Agent Oso’ and its ‘Shutterbug’ segment (see report below). In this segment, a mother leaves her child in a parked car, where the child has no seat belt on. This infraction is picked up by Shutterbug, a nano-spycam and then transmitted up to an NSA satellite and then back to a central data fusion center.

The level of programming in this children’s production is breathtaking in its detail and scope. It’s nothing less than complete indoctrination into a dystopic future of spycams watching your every move, and where Big Brother and Big Nanny takes precedence over self-responsibility and family.

Guerrilla Media Network

Watch this entire jaw dropping video. It speaks for itself.

Everyone should come away from this experience with a sense that there is absolutely no hope for humanity, as long as DARPA, NSA and the U.S. Gov’t take our tax dollars and pay Disney to infiltrate the minds of future generations.

If you think it’s difficult now when you try to share with family members how terrible the world is, just think when your child or grandchild hears you tell them drones and surveillance are bad for humanity. They’ll probably have you droned…

READ MORE NSA NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire NSA Files



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  • Melissa Melton

    OH MY GOD… is that…real? THAT’S HORRIFYING.

    • Predrag J. Maranovic


    • Blesski

      There was also an episodeof Peppa Pig where the teacher medicated the ‘children’ without the parents’ permission or knowledge. The kids told the parents at the end of the day when they picked them up for school and they all were so accepting of it!!!!!!!

    • Guerrilla Girl Ashes

      Yes, it’s very real, and very scary

  • nofearorfavor

    Hope all American parents and for that matter parents all over the globe are aware of this brainwashing and make it their business to have more family time without switching on the TV! But what happens in children’s schools? No it is time to stand up against this sick to the soul type surveillance, which is designed by sociopaths bent on controlling the planet and kicking off with the young and trusting minds of innocent children. Nobody, but NOBODY is allowed to mess with our kids, least of all a fascist government!!

  • Defiant

    I have to admit…when I played the video I was already formulating some wise-crack response…but IF this is real…I mean, can it be any MORE blatant!? Amazing. Glad I don’t have kids.

  • Defiant

    Not the first time Disney has been caught in bed with the US government. Remember the UFO disclosure documentary?

  • the one

    The “shutterbug” song and video are downright hypnotic. Classic mind control from the masters of spying… Parents, please do not let your children watch Disney programing.

  • weareallhuman

    Thats cool….(shits himself) Dj Doom approves this message

  • Max_1

    One part terror, one part fear, one part h2O and one part detergent…
    … Shake it all up and you get brainwashed kids for life!

  • teller123

    Disney is one of the most trusted companies in the world. This is horrifying what they are doing. Don’t take your kids there EVER.