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Gore’s Odyssey: Another record-breaking freeze, still cult followers cling to climate mythology

PHPatrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

Cults and technocracies go together it seems, like peanuts and beer.

No matter what is happening in the real world, zealots and mandarins still carry on, filing their green reports, making incredible claims – in a fit of religious intoxication, in a never-ending compulsive melodrama. It would be a funny thing, if it weren’t so darn expensive. 

In the United States, a ‘polar vortex’ has swooped into the Midwest, bringing with it a record freeze. It’s a deadly freeze too, and stark reminder of how low temperatures – not ‘warming’, poses the greatest threat to human survival in the Northern hemisphere.

Still, this reality remains lost on the legions of faithful climate cult followers still clinging to pastor Al Gore’s (image, left) religion of global warming. and the UN’s attempt to implement its climate technocracy, coloured by more wild tales of drowning polar bears.

This year’s freeze is no laughing matter. Millions of Americans have been forced into virtual hibernation as a result of the latest arctic wave, which is now pushing its way from Midwest states like Minnesota, down to the south and over to the east coast. It is so cold that skin exposure to sub-zero elements can result in instant frostbite. In Minneapolis, low temperatures are predicted to reach minus-24 F, with a wind chill factor of minus-50.

While Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport has seen some 1,200 flights canceled as of Monday, New York’s Kennedy International Airport saw one if its arrivals on Sunday slide into snow as it turned from an icy runway to taxi. Other incidents have been reported around the country.

This is not the first record-breaking cold snap in recent years. North America hit record lows in 2012 along with record snow falls, and record blizzards and ice storms in 2011 . Before that, 2010 saw record low freezes as well. In fact, according to the UN own data, the planet has been in a global cooling cycle for the last 16 years.

And no kidding, it’s snowing in Egypt.

Cold Snap: Gore’s Odyssey continues (PHOTO: Patrick Henningsen)

According to one report from earlier this year, “The world added roughly 100 billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere between 2000 and 2010. That is about a quarter of all CO2 put there by humanity since 1750. Yet, still no warming during that time. That is because the CO2 ‘greenhouse effect’ is weak and marginal compared to natural cause of global temperature changes.”

What about the melting polar ice caps? Well, US space agency NASA has just announced that sea ice around Antarctica (South Pole) has surpassed ​​19.47 million square meters as of September – the highest since measurements began in 1979.

How about the North Pole? Despite it’s earlier attempts to hide this news, the UN’s own reports have had to admit how a chilly Arctic summer has left 533,000 more square miles of ocean covered with ice than last winter – an increase of 29 per cent.

It should go down in history as the greatest scientific hoax of our times. Gore said many times that, “the science is settled”, but the reality was that there was never any science to popular global warming theory.

As the UK Mail rightly points out, “The rebound from 2012’s record low comes six years after the BBC reported that global warming would leave the Arctic ice-free in summer by 2013.” Of course, that 2007 BBC’s report relied on one of those ‘green expert’ scientists, Professor Wieslaw Maslowski, who based his conjecture on super-computer models and the fact that ‘we use a high-resolution regional model for the Arctic Ocean and sea ice’. Yes, another computer-generated reality.

So where does this leave the global warming zealots who are still insisting that Al Gore and the UN’s IPCC hacks’ prophecy of CO2 doom is real?

At some point, even the most faithful cult followers will have to admit they’ve been sold a pup. The computer-modeled, academic concept man-made CO2-induced global warming, or rather, as it has been rebranded for more flexibility, as “climate change”, was simply a creation of high-flying think tanks, egged on by bureaucrats and green opportunists who saw new careers and easy billions that could be conjured out of thin air.

The concept of global warming as a tool of economic and social engineering emerged into mainstream policy in 1991, by way of The Club of Rome ‘think tank’. In their own words:

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill… All these dangers are caused by human intervention… and thus the “real enemy, then, is humanity itself… believe humanity requires a common motivation, namely a common adversary in order to realize world government. It does not matter if this common enemy is “a real one or… one invented for the purpose.”

Here was a neatly packaged ideology ready just in time for the UN’s 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

People should consider the ridiculousness – and complete waste of state money and resources, of still maintaining whole government departments of Climate Change, staffed by ‘Climate Bosses’, working to implement more ‘Climate Policy’ and ‘Climate Legislation’. This incredible charade is costing us billions, if not trillions.

Sure, it’s beyond a joke when you look at it all through the lense of reality, but it’s important to understand the context in which this climate drive was put in motion. Aside from the failed Carbon Trading markets, it was a well-placed distraction at a specific place in time especially in the United States, Australia and Great Britain. Look at the timing of the climate movement which went mainstream in 2003-2005. By tying up millions of ‘green’ activists and controlled opposition organisations like Greenpeace, all three of those governments were able to aid industry in making substantial headway in the hydraulic fracturing shale gas, or ‘Fracking’ industry – in a quiet takeover of large areas of rural land and with little or no public resistance. By the time activists copped on, plans were already too far down the road and all the relevant civil servants, politicians and journalists were already bought and paid for. City fat cats and multinational energy consortiums have been laughing ever since.

No Greenpeace ships circling Japan over the Fukushima disaster either. Funny that.

If you want to gauge the disfunctionality and insanity of the Climate Cult, just take at look at how climate zealots are now claiming how, “global cooling is expected because of global warming”.

Humanity is no stranger to mythology. Climate Change is simply the latest mythology for this current epoch, and the elites who control the mythology have always profited and consolidated their power and social control through it.

In the 21st century, you might have thought modern man would surely have advanced past this handicap, but alas… old habits die hard.

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  • Andy Boomer
    • Waylen Frederick Jr.

      We have all seen this link and frankly the majority of us are tired of all the BS lies. These folk’s are pushing to keep they’re funding. STAY OUT OF MY POCKET!!!!

      • lifeofliberty

        Yep – you’re CERTAINLY more qualified then the scientist at NOAA. I’m sure your CREDENTIALS are impeccable. And we can ALL be certain that you did the RESEARCH and INVESTIGATION along with publishing PEER REVIEWED articles that have been EXAMINED by other EXPERTS such as yourself.

        Please post and excerpt from your most recent paper you fucking nitwit.

        • Dave Kube


        • Eileen Kuch

          Just wait; NOAA scientists will be changing their tune after this deep freeze envelops nearly the entire US. A number of them in the UK have already re-evaluated their findings and admitted that this “man-made global warming” is, indeed, a hoax perpetrated by the money-grabbers to fill their coffers.

          • MiniEquine

            That’s because it’s not global warming; it’s global climate change. The climate is changing and the heat is being redistributed. They are not claiming that the weather patterns are not changing.

        • iceboxjones

          “Please post and excerpt from your most recent paper you fucking nitwit.”

          You first MR P.hD!!!!!

  • claudine long

    we are fracked 🙁

  • Jarrod Dowell

    A few things to help you be a better person. Don’t litter, put your garbage in the garbage can you filthy pig. Next recycle when you can, if your trash pick up offers recycling take them up on it. My recycle bin is always full and my trash bin only has 1 bag of trash on pickup day. When you have to drive, combine trips and plan your route to minimize milage, this will save $$$$$ as well as being green. Shut off lights after you leave a room. Use programmable thermostats to save money on your utility bills and reduce CO emissions.

    All these little things add up when you multiply it by 7 billion people. It’s the little things that really do help more than the big things, especially when everyone is onboard with it.

    • Eileen Kuch

      Jarrod, you were making a lot of sense until you came to the reducing carbon emissions part.

      Hello!! Without carbon dioxide, there would be no life on this planet. Flora (trees and all other plant life) need it to breathe and for photosynthesis; fauna (all animals, including we humans) exhale only a small portion of the total that’s in the atmosphere. Without the flora which exhale oxygen, no fauna, which inhale the oxygen, could not survive. Both carbon dioxide and oxygen are gases in the Earth’s atmosphere, along with others such as helium, hydrogen, and nitrogen.

      Putting garbage in the garbage can and recycling all recyclables are great ideas; so are conserving electricity by shutting off lights and appliances when leaving a room, and combining driving trips to minimize mileage, save $$$$$$$$$$, and being green. However, CO2 is a life-sustaining gas to all life on the planet.

      • MiniEquine

        Yes, but CO2 is not the only thing we put into the atmosphere. Soot (benzene rings), NOx, and various Hydrocarbons are all by-products of our combustion processes. We need combustion still to power nearly everything that we do, but CO2 is not the only thing we make.

        Also, too much CO2 and non-plant organisms start to perform worse. At my job, one of the things we do is control CO2 levels in buildings. The average outside air CO2 levels now are around 400-405 parts per million (ppm). At around 1000 ppm, we get sleep and by 2000 ppm we can die, if we don’t get enough oxygen in time. While we are *tremendously* far from that ridiculous level in the atmosphere, increases in CO2 levels in the atmosphere do slightly increase the atmospheric opacity and traps just a little more heat whenever it makes it through.

      • Jarrod Dowell

        CO is carbon monoxide (poisonous) CO2 is carbon dioxide (not good for animals). I should have clarified that. I understand we need CO2 but be also need to better stewards of one and only planet. In all reality “$$$$$$” is the main motivation for anyone, we need to make recycling and clean power cost effective not cost prohibitive.

        • Eileen Kuch

          This, I agree with you, Jarrod. We certainly do need better stewards of the one and only suitable planet. We also, as you said, need to make clean power and recycling cost effective, not cost prohibitive. I will also add that, instead of corn ethanol, which doesn’t live up to its billing and damage engines in the long run, that we use fermented yeast as a fuel for lawn mowers, cars, trucks, all the way up to the most advanced jet planes. The greatest advantage of fermented yeast is its adaptability to all engines – from lawn mowers all the way up to the most advances jet engines – making it the least expensive fuel to use; and, it doesn’t harm the environment; nor does it affect food prices the way corn ethanol does.

          Imposing a carbon tax is definitely not the solution. It will send industrialized nations that cannot afford to upgrade their industries from fossil fuels to solar, wind, or some other expensive method back to pre-industrialized stages. That, certainly, is not the way to go.

  • Rick Bauer

    “No Greenpeace ships circling Japan over the Fukushima disaster either. Funny that.”

    Why aren’t the activists down in the rain forests of Central America, where acres and acres of the rain forest are being plowed under so Cargill can grow soybeans? A double whammy because this directly affects our ecosystem and grows what is one of the worst foods human beings can put in their mouths.

    • Rogoraeck

      Greenpeace is the biggest International Crime Organization!
      Name any “criminal” activity, they’re in it!

    • iceboxjones

      Of course they would die no more money then! They know darn well that IEAE will not fund them so hey might as well go about the funding the normal way by lying their asses off!

  • Rick Bauer

    Nutrition scientists = climatologists. Follow the money.

  • lifeofliberty

    The idiot that wrote this disinformation piece should be fired. Global warming increases evaporation, which causes a huge disruption in the jet stream and amount of water that will come down from the skies. Extreme cold is a fact of global warming for this reason.

    Try telling the people of the world who are being directly affected by global warming how “untrue” it is and you will probably get spit in your face. Australia just recored the hottest year EVER. Massive floods, extreme rain events have impacted countries all over the world. Extreme cold in the U.S.? Caused by global warming.

    Not understanding the dynamics or the science leads people to simply accept idiotic hit pieces like this garbage posted. The qualified SCIENTISTS versus some paid hack to write a crappy article, all say that these EVENTS can be directly caused by global warming and the increased / accelerated hydrological cycle.

    • shortbusbob

      give it up this is just a taxpayer funded fraud that must be kept up or the money would dry up and all these wonderful brainiac climatologists would not ever believed about anything again

    • Dave Kube


    • Rogoraeck

      So you’re making Ice cubes by boiling water. Right?? Quantum physics??
      You must be another “respected” academic/scientist!

    • iceboxjones

      God more liberal diarrhea of the mouth here! Drivel, all of it drivel!

      “Extreme cold is a fact of global warming for this reason.”

      Please explain to me how something that is heated becomes cooler. Please show your math!

      Only low information voters believe this stupid comment, that goes against the laws of thermodynamics!

      You know heat flow!

      LIFE OF LIBERTY is a global warming pr shill!

      • MiniEquine

        Firstly, what makes you think that any of this is political? Science is not politics; it is merely observation. Attaching “liberal” to something without knowing the definition of liberal ( http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/liberal ) is pretty much a trite attempt at ad hominem and doesn’t contribute to the conversation. (I’m a moderate, scientific-minded mechanical engineer, you can’t pull that with me, or you can try, but it’d be a waste of time on your behalf).

        If a certain part of a (mostly) closed system becomes colder, that means that another part somewhere gained the “lost” heat. He wasn’t lying; the southern hemisphere is being hit pretty hard with heat. That is basic thermodynamics and heat transfer. We have two sources of powerful heat on Earth:

        1) The Sun, which is our primary source of heat in the atmosphere, and some of which stays in the atmosphere if it gets reflected back down to Earth when it tries to escape


        2) The Earth’s Core, which is our primary source of heat underground, but doesn’t do a whole lot atmosphere-wise.

        If you look at the US *alone*, then yes, it looks like the world is getting colder. However the US is not the only place on Earth, and it’s not even the largest place on Earth. It disappoints me that you’re trying to use heat flow and thermodynamics to make a claim, yet are using it incorrectly in the first place. Much colder winters mean much hotter summers, and since it’s summer in the North when it’s winter in the South and vice versa, the world is in fact getting both hotter and colder and further out of balance; that seems pretty simple to me.

        Also, if you haven’t noticed, it’s not “global warming”, it’s “global climate change”. If anybody tries to dispute that the world global climate is not changing, then it’s too bad that they can’t read a thermometer.

    • brtanner

      “Try telling the people of the world who are being directly affected by global warming,,,” No, you try telling the people who have frozen to death that it’s caused by “carbon pollution. This year NASA released a report showing that their research indicated that CO2 COOLS THE ATMOSPHERE shortly before their chief climate scientist, a global warming maven, quit

      NO ONE who parrots “climate change” religion EVER talks about 1) EMF weather modification – HAARP arrays, X-Band radars, etc. 2) MASSIVE global Geoengineering, which is causing global dimming, warming the atmosphere, and poisoning us all. “Disruptions in the jet stream?” – “Experiments” at HAARP are focused on that, specifically.

      The ultra-cold air that is being sucked off the Arctic is being driven by HAARP, as indicated by EMF radiation maps. I think that there are desperate efforts underway to keep the Arctic ice from growing over the Winter.

  • james coghlan

    I think this is quite lacking in much detail. Look at the curve in drop for last 5 years. Look at the fact ice age scenario been expected for years. Look at fact only in 1982 did NASA start Ocean temperatures (in part) – ask Ames Research yourself. Look at fact you have chemtrails that never existed 200 years ago. Plastics, polyesters etc. etc. Now if you can overlook the melting ice in Nepal, Arctic and Antartica on top of all the pollutants that never existed before (remember CFC’s being banned for a reason?) then yes, deny climate change. The cooling effect is the inversion of too much heat. What do you do when you get ill? Hot, cold, hot, cold with your fever…Not rocket science, is it? Nuclear power, population increase of whole planet? More methane from larger quantities of animals. What of all the planes in the sky? Measured impact there? How? Compared with 1790? How?… YEs, let’s just overlook all this evidence…See a connection between…Wilberforce and darwin argument myself…But please continue to support those who want no green taxes, who will not put it in writing to reduce carbon emmissions because they are in too much debt for their economies to take a hit like that. Industry causing further harm to rivers like the Amazon and Mississippi will sort the problem how? Lifeofliberty has it right. Not into hocum. I did my own research and was invited by UNESCO to go to the Pacific. Do your own research too. This article is opinion it is not substantiated with provable and verifiable evidence. What do you think happens to farming areas that are low level when the waters rise as a result of global warming? Look at floods in last deacde alone compared with last 100 years globally. Too much evidence that some want you to ignore cos there is a buck in it for them. Let’s talk thermodynamics. Too much heat, less cloud. Less cloud for the scientists amongst us, cooler nights. Space seeping in. So, for all those shouting this down. Do the math. The important thing that the “No such thing” lobby ignore? More pollutants since 1790 – cars, planes, bleach, chemtrails…no scientific explanation with verifiable data to support their claims of effects on planet. No explanation of decalcification of oceans due to rise in acids from bleach? Oh, wait bleach never existed in 1790! We don’t have to pretend things do not exist…like plastics floating in the oceans. We don’t have to pretend deforestation does not matter. And we can ignore all the plastic bags etc too… If you wish to challenge this argument in any way then give me the data I asked for above. Until then…sshh and let the grown ups talk.

  • Irv Spielberg

    Gore’s Global Warming Secret

    You’ll never guess what initially inspired Al Gore’s “temperature” mania – the one that’s raised our tempers.
    Well, Gore is from Tennessee where you can hear Bible belt preachers warning about “Hell fire” in the next life.

    And Gore, concerned about this life, is surrounded by those who also
    know about the prediction in Revelation (chapter 16) of the coming time
    when a change in the sun will result in humans being “scorched with
    great heat”!
    It wouldn’t be convenient if folks were to discover
    that Gore, a liberal, was influenced by the handbook closely associated
    with Christian fundamentalists!
    If Tennessee fundy preachers
    could look at the same predictions-packed apocalyptic book and stretch
    forward in time some future events, Gore could surely do the same thing
    and stretch forward the “great heat” and turn it into cold cash.

    All of us are well aware of the incredible influence that the
    Gore-orrhea plague has had on the whole world including the White House!
    But Gore’s overlooked another Bible verse which says that “there is nothing hid that shall not be revealed.”
    The real “inconvenient truth” is that the SS Al Gore is now stuck in ice – and what we need is a Gorebreaker!

  • Claudine

    brilliant 😀 highlights the illusion of our constant belief in the system… re-roll out the well versed weather terrorism stories which most fall for *HeaddeskHeaddeskHeaddesk WILL THEY EVER GET IT?

  • Chemtrails. Geoengineering. HAARP. Natural Causes. These are the causes of Climate Modifications. There is no Global Warming. ANything praised by billionaires, politicians and mainstream media is propaganda. Who benefits? The one that causes the problem, as usual. This is ABC – 123 of politics for the last 12 000 years.


    Greenpeace ??