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Oxford Epidemiologists: UK Gov’t ‘COVID Suppression’ Strategy is Not Viable

21WIRE + UnHerd | US, UK government is getting more strident and aggressive in pushing masks and vaccines, but it doesn’t reflect the real science.

Will COVID-19 Regulations Kill Off the British Pub?

21WIRE + UnHerd | Will red tape make business unsustainable for these public venues?

Guide: How Social Distancing Rules Are Created

JP Sears | Of course, social distancing guidelines are always created by the most intelligent people with the most amount of common sense.

US Professor: ‘There’s no scientific proof social distancing prevents spread of COVID-19’

21WIRE | More academics are coming out to oppose governments’ hysterical claims about the lethality of Coronavirus

Made in USA: The 2006 Origins of the Lockdown Policy

Jeffrey Tucker | Few are aware that experimental policy of ‘lockdown’ and social distancing were ideas dreamt-up by the Bush Administration, which was never really road tested – until this year.

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