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WAR PIGS: GOP’s Boehner, McCain, Graham conspire with Obama’s globalist push war in Syria

21st Century Wire | The war-machine of yesterday seems to be on repeat.

Most Americans oppose Syria strike, says latest Washington Post-ABC poll

POST + ABC | It looks like more chemical weapons propaganda is needed from the mainstream media.

Obama, the benevolent dictator: ‘I will allow Congress to vote on military action in Syria’

Patrick Henningsen | With language befitting of a true dictator, the President pauses to gives lip-service to the democratic process.

The Stampede of Lies That’s Pushing the West Towards War in Syria

21st Century Wire | The shift has just hit the fan.

John Kerry Delivers Obama’s War Declaration Against Syria

21WIRE + YouTube News | John Kerry will go down in history, along with Colin Powell, as a legendary liar for war.

LIARS CLUB: Ten Years Later, They’re Still Fighting Over Colin Powell’s WMD Speech

21WIRE + WP | Former Secretary of State Colin Powell went before the United Nations and made the case for Iraq’s WMD, and it was a low-point in American history from which we’ve never recovered.

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